My Personal Growth As a Lifestyle Blogger/Influencer – You Can be One Too!

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I’m Christian Foremost, a Filipino Blogger/Writer/Podcaster and mental health advocate who writes personal stories of growth, life advice, and refreshing perspectives to inspire you to love yourself. I promote daily journaling as a healthy outlet to express and explore one’s honest thoughts and feelings. The path towards self-discovery and actualization starts by acknowledging your truths and facing your problems head-on.

Having a platform to share your life with the world is what makes a Lifestyle Blogger or Influencer. By sharing your stories, thoughts, insights, and research with your followers, you influence and help them in making decisions, gaining perspectives, and learning new things. Whether it be life advice or even a review of a product you want people to check out, you are getting your information out there. You have a voice and you are being heard.

My Personal Growth As a Lifestyle Blogger/Influencer - You Can be One Too!

My Personal Growth As a Lifestyle Blogger/Influencer

Being a Lifestyle Blogger and Influencer for the past couple of years has been a rewarding journey for me. Aside from being grateful for the support of my readers, I’m also proud of the personal growth I’ve gone through. From a shy guy who keeps everything to himself, I have evolved into a confident man who openly shares his thoughts and opinions. The blog has also allowed me to reflect and see life through bigger lenses. The experiences I’ve been through, and the lessons I’ve learned, I share them all with my readers in hopes that they’ll find my content helpful. And to my delight, they do!

My Personal Growth As a Lifestyle Blogger/Influencer - You Can be One Too!

Having a blog has motivated me to keep working on myself and go after what I want out of life. Having an audience to write consistently for holds me accountable to deliver every time. I’m responsible to come up with not just a blog post, but get an actual result for them to see or come up with advice they can consider. It instills discipline which keeps me aligned to my goals and also a sense of wonder. With life’s countless possibilities that await, what could I share with my readers next? 

It’s fun, exciting, and a bit unpredictable. The blog is always pushing me to explore, step out of my comfort zone, seek out challenges and keep trying new things. There’s always a brilliant idea that pops up in the middle of the night that I just can’t wait to start working on it. Yes, there are risks and challenges that come into play, but I’m willing to go through them. When you’re running on passion and love for the thing you’re doing, there seems to be nothing you can’t do!  

What makes a Lifestyle Blogger/Influencer?

The most important lesson I’ve learned as a Lifestyle Blogger or Influencer is to value the trust of my readers. With every article you write, video you film and post you publish, it’s vital to consider if your audience will get any value from it. Will your followers find what you’re about to share helpful, beneficial, or entertaining?

My Personal Growth As a Lifestyle Blogger/Influencer - You Can be One Too!

What could you share about yourself that will help other people in any way? As hard as that question sounds, one can possibly come up with several answers on the spot. This is because each person is different and has a unique perspective that other people could learn from. And yes, this means that even you can be a lifestyle blogger or influencer too!

According to an article by Adam Viener, titled Anyone Can Succeed In Influencer Marketing – Here’s How to Get Started, everyone has influence so anyone can be considered an influencer. If you’re an expert on a certain topic or you have a passion that you want to share with the world, you can create content and post them on a blog/website or across your social media accounts. There are people out there with similar interests who will consume your content and find it useful. They need you and the content you’re about to produce.

Diana Rose Rosqueta is an example of a Filipino Influencer who started her blog as only a hobby. You might know her as the girl who runs marathons barefoot. Through her platform, she shares her story and her first-hand experiences as a bare-foot runner to the world. She also writes helpful posts about running tips and has collaborated with several big-name brands throughout her years as an influencer.

Are you ready to be a Lifestyle Blogger/ Influencer?

No matter the content I produce for a week, the one message that I want my audience to receive is “If I could do it, you could too”. If there is something in life that you’d want to do, go after it and give it your all. You will succeed!

If you want to be a Lifestyle Blogger or Influencer as well, don’t be scared. You can do it! Everybody starts small, but as long as you’re consistent on becoming better, growth will follow. Remember that the number of followers or the size of the audience does not make an influencer or content creator, but the quality of the content he/she creates that people can rely on and would want more of. Goodluck!

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My Personal Growth As a Lifestyle Blogger/Influencer - You Can be One Too!

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25 thoughts on “My Personal Growth As a Lifestyle Blogger/Influencer – You Can be One Too!”

  1. I hhave just started blogging and monetized my website. To be honest, I admire you. I hope I can be a lifestyle blogger and influencer like you! Congrats and keep it up! 🙁

  2. Blogging is rewarding for our personal growth when it is your passion. Getting your blog monetized is an additional reward and motivation.
    Various social media exists but blogging still stays and will never say bye bye.

  3. I personally think you are an inspiration to everyone. I love this!! I’m so happy for you. I’m still trying to get to a place where I’m writing that much. I love writing and it is also very very therapeutic to me. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  4. “From a shy guy who keeps everything to himself, I have evolved into a confident man who openly shares his thoughts and opinions.” Love this glow up!

    I have been blogging since 2014 but until now, I can’t grasp the “idea” of an influencer. 😀 I just know I love writing and it makes me happy when people can resonate with my words/thoughts/experiences. I think it’s really just about what we can offer to our readers in a way that can either add value or just simple joy to their lives. And in the process, they get to fill our cups too.

  5. Hi Christian! I love this post. Being an influencer is not just about the huge following or the popularity across social media platforms. It is also being accountable on what you write, committing yourself to delivering valuable content to your readers. I firmly agree to that. And you guys are also one of the reasons why I want to push myself to writing consistently. Because I know this support group also reads my articles. Hehe.

    This is inspiring. Let’s keep writing!!

  6. Im glad to know the story of each blogger how they started and tips how to keep it up..just started over a year and im happy to know more people with in this community

  7. I am glad that you mentioned growth here because I agree this is probably what we have learned and experienced that matters.
    it’s wonderful to read about your journey and keep it up! – Knycx Journeying

  8. As a blogger myself I keep myself updated and always making room to meet fellow bloggers. This is my way to learn from their experiences in this field we are into, thank you for this post!

  9. I just took a leap of faith and started my blog 3 years ago. My SEO skills is still amateur. I’m happy how my page turns out, till now it’s still a hobby.

    Glad i cam across with your blog. I’m a mental health advocate too

  10. I’m not sure I want to be a lifestyle blogger. However, I enjoy inspiring people to travel and experience other cultures, eat other traditional foods, and meet new people around the world.

  11. Love this post! Very inspiring for someone like me. I started last September 2019 and it was more of a hobby until now. I’d love to earn more doing my hobby someday.

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