christian foremost mental health

Every day is tough. Life doesn’t exactly stop giving you problems.
Don’t worry, okay?
You can do it and besides, you’re not alone.

I’m Christian Foremost, your gay best friend who wants you to be your best self! I write about personal stories of growth and advice on mental heath to inspire you to love yourself.

Finding Inspiration, Growth Mindset, and Self Love in

LIFESTYLE – Join  me as I  share my passions, try new things and go after everything life has to offer

MENTAL HEALTH – Come for a walk through life and let’s figure out our purpose, one step at a time

DATING – Help me navigate the way through the realities of modern dating and relationships

TRAVEL – Tag-along the journey as I travel to different places for the first time

EVENTS & PROMOS – Experience exciting events, support important advocacies and learn about helpful brands you can trust

CREATIVE – Dive into a world of make -believe and the unfulfilled fantasies of a wishful masochist