Christian Foremost, Blogger/ Writer

I’m Christian Foremost, a 23-year old Gay Filipino Blogger/ Writer.

I mostly write about personal stories of growth and advice on mental health to inspire others to love themselves and tackle life head on!

Aside from creating content for my personal blog, I also manage an open lifestyle blogging platform for aspiring writers called Sewer Rant. My other literary pieces were also published on Thought Catalog, Astig.ph, Meg and other media publications.

My ultimate dream is to write a best-selling Young Adult novel. You may check out some of my works on Wattpad: The Songs You Love: A Spoken Word Collection and Contain My Crazy: A Stupid Short Love Story.

My Story

An interesting fact is I’m gay. And for a really long time, I was in the closet. The paranoia of constantly fearing what people would say if they found out, made me guard  my every action and every word that had to come out of my mouth. I spoke very little and acted only in accordance to what was expected of me. People thought I was shy and even mute. But in reality, I only kept my mouth sealed tight to prevent any of my thoughts from getting out of my head.

Writing saved me.