Christian Foremost

Christian Foremost is an openly gay Filipino blogger, podcaster, and content creator who shares about living the queer life outside the closet. He has written for Thought CatalogCollective World, Astig.phBookshelf PH, MegWattpad, and other media publications. Christian Foremost also ranked in Feedspot’s Top 100 Gay Blogs for 2021 to the present. Aside from his online presence, Christian works a typical 8-5 job as a corporate slave like the rest of us.

Christian Foremost promotes daily journalling as a healthy outlet to express and explore your honest thoughts and feelings. The path toward self-discovery and actualization starts by acknowledging your truths and facing your problems head-on.  

You can also check out his open-journal podcast called The Big Opening with Christian Foremost where he unfolds life lessons by asking only the hardest existential questions to his guests! By opening ourselves up and also being open to other people’s perspectives, do we get to have meaningful and profound conversations that inspire us to change for the better.  

Christian’s ultimate dream is to publish best-selling novels during his 50’s. But before then, there’s lots of life to live, love, and experience like traveling, queer culture, online dating, relationships, online shoppinghobbies, working out, food, series, and exciting events! Certainly, he’ll do all of them, and stay tuned because he’s gonna write about every single thing!  

Christian Foremost
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His Story: Finding My Voice

Everyone thought I was mute, that I physically couldn’t speak. For 20 years in the closet, I barely spoke a word because I feared that if I opened my mouth, people will find out that I was gay. I kept everything inside, closed myself off to the people around me, and never saw a future where I could actually be happy.  

My life has changed so much since then. I’ve come out of the closet and into the exciting new world that awaits! Everyday, I’m thankful for the chance to get to experience life and use everything I’ve learned not only for my own growth and personal development, but to help other people in this journey as well.  

What exactly happened between then and now?  

I heard my real voice through the words written by my hand. 

It was writing that saved me.