Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa in Antipolo – Day Pass Review

Day Pass at Luljetta's Hanging Gardens Spa in Antipolo - Review

Do you guys want a quick spa weekend getaway? Well, if you’re currently living in Metro Manila, you don’t really need to go too far. Right in Antipolo City, you can find a mountain-side spa that gives you all the Bali feels!

Luljetta’s Hanging Garden Spa in Antipolo is a prime destination for anyone looking for a secluded and peaceful space to relax and unwind. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the Manila skyline and Laguna de Bay while chilling in Luljetta’s infinity pool. Give in to the pleasing sensations of your body with Luljetta’s signature massage and scrubs. Take countless Instagram-worthy pictures with backdrops featuring indigenous Filipino interior design and architecture dotted across the side of the mountain.  

Finding Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa in Antipolo

I discovered this hidden gem as I was scrolling through things to do in Antipolo City in a Facebook Group for DIY travelers called DIY Travel Philippines. I wanted to do away with the usual “Beach or Mountain” options for traveling since we wanted to go somewhere near and not exert that much energy. Don’t get me wrong, I love being active and going on adventures, but at 24, I must admit that I’m already exhausted. This whole adulting thing sucks the life out of a guy, and sometimes, the best thing to do is nothing.

We rented a van for the weekend and it only took about an hour’s drive to get from Mandaluyong to Luljetta’s at Antipolo City. As aesthetic and captivating as Luljetta’s pictures looked on the internet, this did not prepare us at all. Setting foot in Luljetta’s Hanging Garden Spa is like entering a portal to a secret oasis. I immediately felt like I was in Bali and we didn’t even have to suffer through the stress of a cramped flight! Everywhere we turned, there were flowers, traditional prints, or indigenous Filipino furniture. The whole place gave such a peaceful and relaxing vibe allowing you to feel right at home.

I Recommend Luljetta’s for Couples (*cries in single*)

I went to Luljetta’s with my cousins, but we kind of noticed how most of their clientele were couples. Most probably booked for the entire weekend and were also scheduled for couples’ massage. I held in my jealousy and waited for the onset of depression as I saw more and more couples holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes. I wondered how it must feel to fall in love with someone in such a magical place. You can totally have loving moments and create sweet memories may it be in the infinity pool overlooking a commanding view of Manila or even while sitting on those simple crocheted hammocks. A lot of my girlfriends have gotten engaged in the last couple of months They’ve found the person meant for them and I can’t help but wonder who was mine…

Sorry! Enough of the sappiness of a hopeless romantic. I will say that even as single people, my cousins and I did enjoy our stay at Luljetta’s. There were a lot of things to do and places to hang in.

Day Pass Inclusions for Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa

The package that we had was the All-Day pass from Klook that only covered the use of their amenities like their 3 pools, lounges, and a complimentary snack. The complimentary food that Luljetta’s had prepared is their famous Sumaka or suman, mango, and kasoy paired with Lemon Grass Tea. They have a sauna and it’s supposed to be included in the package, but they were closed due to pre-cautions because of the pandemic.

Luljetta's Hanging Gardens Spa in Antipolo Pool
Infinity Pool
Luljetta's Hanging Garden Spa Infinity Pool
Infinity pool with an overlooking view of Laguna de Bay and Metro Manila
Luljetta's Hanging Garden Spa Hydro Massage Pool
Hydro Massage Pool
Luljetta's Hanging Garden Spa Jacuzzi
Heated Jacuzzi
Luljetta's Hanging Garden Spa suman, mango, kasoy
Sumaka or suman, mango, and kasoy

Upon entry, we were each given a towel, robe, and a key to our locker where we can leave our stuff. You could also ask for a pair of slippers if you’d like.

The mistake we made was not booking for a massage or any of their spa services beforehand. Since we visited on a weekend, there were no longer any spa schedules available.

Luljetta's Hanging Gardens Spa in Antipolo prices
Luljetta’s Spa Services and Price List Onsite

Online Booking Experience

Just a word of caution when booking at Luljetta’s using the Klook vouchers. They do not allow walk-ins at the moment. You must book your stay at least 3 days prior to your intended date of visit by sending them an email at Include your Klook voucher in the emails with your desired date of visit. You will get a confirmation email from them with a couple of forms that you and your pax must fill in with a couple of reminders. Once all forms have been filled up, you must report this back to them via emailing and, along with the names of your pax, valid ids, and email addresses used in all the forms submitted. You’ll get a final email acknowledging receipt of requirements and you guys are good to go.

It was actually not so much of a hassle. Once we were at Luljetta’s already, we were no longer burdened with forms and registration. We were able to enter easily since all the information needed was previously sent and settled online already.

Our Experience Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa in Antipolo

Luljetta's Hanging Garden Spa Jacuzzi

We made the most out of our 5-hour in the spa. We settled in the infinity pool albeit too cold to submerge your whole body in for a long period of time. The Hydro-pump pool was hard to find. Luljetta’s is kind of a maze made up of stairs leading up and down their many amenities. One has to work those legs climbing up and down the stairs just to get from one place to the other. The highlight of our stay would probably be at the end when we finally got the jacuzzi all to ourselves. Out of the 3 pools Luljetta’s had, this was the most relaxing. The high temperature was able to warm our cold bones which were already shaky from spending hours dipping in cold waters.

We totally missed out on a massage, but there will always be next time! I would totally come back soon and probably get overnight accommodation so that I’ll have more time to enjoy each amenity and actually slow down and relax.

Luljetta’s is a such beautiful and serene place! I could honestly just sit down by the mountainside all afternoon and look at the majestic view with a coffee or book in hand. I’m already looking forward to the next time we can escape the rush of city life. We all need a break from time to time to stop, appreciate the moment, and be grateful for how truly marvelous the world is.

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Day Pass at Luljetta's Hanging Gardens Spa in Antipolo - Review

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22 thoughts on “Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa in Antipolo – Day Pass Review”

  1. Jennifer Prince

    Lol! I chuckled at “cries in single” but it still looks like a great time. A day pass is a fun idea to have a chance to relax and indulge. Looks fabulous!

  2. This looks like it was such a relaxing and enjoyable experience. I am definitely going to have to plan a day here for myself.

  3. Lisa at Following the Rivera

    What a pretty place to visit! I do enjoy seeing places like this, and Luljettas hanging gardens are so unique too.

  4. Predrag Kovačević

    I don’t know about you, but in my country, a day spa pass is so expensive. Spa’s are not that popular in general though.

  5. Blair Villanueva

    Your jacuzzi experience looks very inviting. Thanks for sharing with us another reason to visit Antipolo. I’m saving this destination coz I love any kind of spa destination.

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