List of Must-Watch Filipino BL Series for 2021!

Pandemic romances, coming-of-age experiences, intense plots, or unnecessary-long shirtless scenes, the list of 2021 Pinoy BL’s that we got for you just about has it all. We’ve scoured every nook and cranny of Google and Youtube so hopefully, we captured every 2021 Filipino Boys Love series that’s ready to watch. Some BL series in the list were produced independently and cast with amateur actors, but even if there are some flaws with the overall production, we still truly appreciate the effort and hard work of every person behind each series. Let’s continue to support local filmmakers and production houses!

List of Must-Watch Filipino BL Series 2021!

Boys Love Series Booming in the Philippines

Two men falling in love on screen. For years, I never thought that queer relationships would be blatantly displayed on screen for the eyes of many. Gay men are no longer side characters to serve as comic relief but are now front and center with their own unique stories to share! It was both a surprise and a delight to see that people both queer and straight people enjoy this kind of romance and genre of series. A couple of friends of mine have completely turned into massive BL fans, totally invested in the stories and shipping the lead actors together. It’s wild and a whole lot of fun!

2020 was the start of the boom for BL series in the Philippines. If you’re new to the world of Pinoy BL, you wouldn’t want to miss Gaya sa Pelikula, Gameboys, and Hello Stranger. They’re so good that you’re going to be asking for season 2’s right after finishing them. More Pinoy BL series were actually released the recent years: List of 2020 Filipino BL Series and List of 2022 Filipino BL Series.

List of 2021 Must-Watch Pinoy BL Series!

This list contains series released online from January to December 2021. We’ll be including the plot from MyDramaList, the cast, and series poster! Browse through the list, read the plots, and go ahead and check them up online! Most of them are free to watch on Youtube. Filipino BL Series are limited which means that there are only 6-10 total episodes running for 10-20 minutes each. Try to watch the pilot episode of a series first and then decide whether you want to continue binging. Enjoy and please let me know your honest reviews and opinions on them!

List of 2021 Must-Watch Pinoy BL Series!

Love Beneath the Stars

Following the success of one of the first Pinoy BL movies, The Boy Foretold By The Stars (read movie review here) branches into a limited series continuing the story of classmates Dominic and Luke after the cliffhanger scene at the end of the movie.

After that kiss in the field, Dominic and Luke are now entering a new stage in their relationship. But being in a same-sex relationship in an all-boys catholic school is never meant to be easy. The pressure from their friends, their parents, and the school prove to be insurmountable obstacles for a relationship destined by the stars. Despite all that life throws at them, Dominic and Luke try to be strong and keep their love going. (Source: iWantTFC)

Cast: Adrian Lindyag, Keann Johnson

love beneath the stars bl series

B X J Forever

Jumping off from the story of Ben X Jim Season 1, Ben and Jim, who were childhood friends that became lovers, ultimately part ways. Jim, after throwing everything away because of the decision with Ben, now works as a barista, all the while looking for Ben, who went missing after the unfortunate ending. With the help of friends, Jim, tries to find Ben, while recounting all the good times he had with Ben, thru letters that will be revealed he sent to Ben, over the years, until June 5, 2015, his last letter.

Cast: Teejay Marquez, Jerome Ponce

B X J forever bl series

Why Love Why Season 2

Several years after the end of Why Love Why Season 1, this season continues the journey of Benjo and Emil. More mature and provocative but campier and fun, this Season welcomes a host of several other characters that will show the complications of the domestic life of two men who grew up in different parts of the society, while trying to hold on to a love that transgresses all adversities.

Cast: Johnrey Rivas, Carl Adaron

why love why season 2 bl series

Saan, Sana Tayo sa Himig ng Musika

After resigning from his job, Joshua wishes to escape from his stress and worries by refreshing his mind with a change of scenery. He calls his best friend Gerald to partake on a road trip, in which his friend agrees. As they both try to relieve their stress, a story of love and friendship, filled with rhythm and blues, starts to unfold.

Cast: Drei Arias, Gus Villa

saan sana tato sa himig ng musika bl series

Limited Edition

Mario, a naive and old-fashioned guy met Jethro, a goal-oriented fashionable heartthrob from New York at a dinner party. Unlikely as it may seem, they hit it off and soon becomes a couple. Mario thinks he has found the ideal man but finds himself on a roller coaster ride of anxiety, jealousy, and love when he learned that Jethro is only staying for a two-month vacation. It’s a bitter-sweet romance about finding that one perfect elusive love despite their differences. Would you take the chance even if it’s only for a limited time?

Cast: Jomari Angeles, Andrew Gan

limited edition bl series

Jack & Jill

Can you possibly fall in love after a one-night stand? Jack & Jill is an eight-part, original micro-Boys Love series inspired from true events about two guys bearing it through the beginning of quarantining together.

Cast: ZK Nakaoka, Mateo Velasco

jack and jill bl series

Stuck on You

We all have our fantasies. We’d all like to believe that dreams do come true. At least once in our lives, we’ve dreamed of having the perfect love story. But life isn’t a fairy tale. One hopeless romantic. One emotionally unavailable. What could go wrong? After what was originally supposed to be just a hookup, JM aka, and Reb aka @trueloveskiss are made to look beyond their desires and genuinely get to know each other better when they’re forced to lockdown with each other. Will 14 days lead to forever? (Source: Ride or Die Youtube)

Cast: Yves Flores, Iyo Canlas

stuck on you bl series


A chaotic story of love, compassion, honesty, lies, and the intertwined lives of young men, and the secrets hidden in the shadows of eyes too young to lie! A young man on the run, another who questions, a cousin with a secret, an ex-lover who can’t move on, and a brother who’s longing for answers. Who are they in this series?

Cast: John Kennedy Nakar, Paul Cervantes

turbulence bl series

Kumusta Bro?

This is the first ever Filipino interactive digital boys’ love (BL) series. This series is a weekly digital series that can be viewed live via the Kumu app through mobile devices. Streamed live straight from the houses of the actors, “Kumusta Bro?” is about old friends who get reunited through the live stream app, and together with the audience, the boys rediscover how it is to fall in love online. It is the first Filipino live BL series where the audience can interact with the characters of the story. In this series, the audience has the power to help shape the story. It is the first-ever series to use a live stream app as the main platform.

Cast: Sky Quizon, Kristof Garcia

kumusta bro bl series

Tie the Not

The Wang family suffers from tremendous loss after the death of the head of the family. From the Chinese-Filipino community, Blue and his parents finally reconnect with their long lost family in Xiamen, China. A journey to the discovery of their roots, Blue is unaware that an unwelcoming surprise awaits him. A story about romance, culture and tradition.

Cast: Niko Badayos, Elvun De Chavez

tie the not bl series

Meet My Angel

The story of a guy named Damon who doesn’t believe in the existence of Heaven and Hell. He doesn’t even believe that there is God because everything that happened to him leads him to be a victim of depression and he tried to kill himself several times. But everything changed when his Guardian Angel meets him in his dream and finally meet him personally to teach everything he needs to learn about how humans should value their life even if they are part of the not so fully accepted LGBT community. His angel taught him to love himself even if other people try to get rid of him because of his illness; which is HIV. But while his angel taught him these lessons to be a righteous person and to move accordingly to how he should associate himself with others, the Angel got the best lesson which is to fall in love with Damon. And they took the risk of being sinful because of their decision to love each other.

Cast: Enzo Santiago, Kaled Ong

meet my angel bl series

My Toxic Lover

‘My Toxic Lover’ is an exciting story of a famous movie superstar who falls in love with an ordinary young man.

Cast: Aki Torres, Kevin Salgado

my toxic lover bl series

Worth The Wait (My Toxic Lover Season 2)

This series continues the story of My Toxic Lover.

Cast: Aki Torres, Kevin Salgado

worth the wait bl series


PRE*SO tells the story of SO, a discreet gay man looking for love online, who meets PRE, a mysterious bisexual known as LONELY SOUL. PRE helps SO get over his heartbreak with his straight ex-lover PABLO, and in the process encourages him to take another chance on love.

Cast: JC Tan, Kevin Sagra

preso bl series

Love Is

A story about six individuals – Lemuel, Omeng, Vladimir, Epoy, Inton, and Shakespeare navigating their own separate lives but having their destinies intertwined through strange twists of fate that are mostly out of their control. Will all six boys still have a chance at a happy ending?

Cast: David Medina Revilla, Kaleb Ong, Axl Romeo, Benjo Montizo, Grey Ramos, RR Roque

love is bl series


Serpiente is a story about love, friendship, and betrayal.

Cast: Mitch Raymundo, Kerwin Billones, Kaleb Ong

serpiente bl series

Daddy Love The Series

Is True Love possible between a young innocent man and a mature gay man?

Cast: Rex Lantano, Victory Sy

daddy love bl series

Wheel of Love: Weekend to Remember

We all have that weekend that changed our lives, as if, the wheel and dials of destiny aligned at that exact moment we will never forget. When the wheel of love spins on the lives of the four Asuncion Brothers, they all step hard on the brake pedal. Unrequited love, daunting labels, cowardice, and fear keep them from moving forward. But when love strikes, there’s no holding back. To get the boys’ desires — they need to take control of their hearts. And to change everything, it takes one weekend to remember.

Cast: Enzo Santiago, Sam Cafranca, John Cortez, Hannah Balahadia, Gilleth Sandico

Wheel of Love: Weekend to Remember bl series

Between Us

A romantic comedy about love, lies, and sacrifices between two boys.

Cast: Kent Martin, Josh Brilliantes, Yori Pong, KC Gabriel

between us bl series

Inn Love

Gino Nathaniel Reyes, a writer who works in an advertising agency, aims to finish his script immediately for an upcoming digital campaign. Due to his current situation, he struggles to construct his piece. Alex Delos Reyes, a freelance model who often shows vulnerability, is trying to move forward from a heartbreak. The two men opt to visit Tanggap Kita or TK resort which is distant from the city — a place for them to accept possible circumstances. A close friend of Gino and the assistant manager of TK resort, Leslie Abad, helps him cope with his situation while staying inside the resort. Unknowingly, Gino and Alex stay in one Villa amidst having an unpleasant first meeting. Gino eventually develops feelings for Alex. Louise Katindig, the manager of TK resort, becomes interested in Alex and the situation turns out to be complicated for Gino.

Cast: VK Mendoza, Migo De Vera

inn love the series bl series

Paano Kaya Kung Tayo

Paano Kaya Kung Tayo is about boys from different worlds defying the impossible to make love possible

Cast: Allen Caguioa, Ivo Rosimo, Clark Blancaflor

paano kaya kung tayo bl series

For a complete BL Series from 2020- 2021, you could check out this list by egrey0711: Philippine BL Series, Short Films & Movies

Have you picked any Filipino BL Series that you like?

Hoped you guys liked this List of Must-Watch Pinoy BL Series for 2021! There was a whole load of them and let me tell you that I actually haven’t had enough time to finish them all. I do hope that some of the series get season 2’s and we can watch our favorite characters grow more in love with each other. I have a lot of Filipino BL series to catch up on and I’m sure you guys are also excited for more and more BL series in the future. Always looking forward to it!

Filipino Boys Love Series or Pinoy BL’s are on a continuous roll! More titles have been released to Youtube this 2021 by a variety of different production studios big or small! We love that more diverse stories of the gay culture here in the Philippines are being shared. You could also see support being shown not only by Filipino viewers but from fans in different countries across the world!

For up-to-date information about anything related to Pinoy Boys Love series, make sure to follow Pinoy Boys Love on Instagram. Special thanks to this account because it served as one of my sources for helpful info about the crazy world of Filipino BL series!

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List of Must-Watch Filipino BL Series for 2021!

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