The Best Pinoy BL Series List for 2023

For the 4th year in a row, we are giving you guys another list of Pinoy BL Series recommendations! The year 2023 has blessed us with more male-to-male series created by Filipinos, exploring more romantic gay stories from different walks of life. The BL industry in the Philippines has seen tremendous growth since the pandemic and we’re excited to see what another year has brought. This year our Filipino creators have produced new LGTQIA+ series and even new seasons of Pinoy BLs we loved in the past.

The Best Pinoy BL Series List for 2023

Pinoy BL Series Recommendations for 2023

Pinoy BL Series Recommendations for 2023

Sparks Camp

sparks camps bl

With the newest gay dating reality program from Black Sheep, you can find your spark in 2023! Ten single campers go on mutual explorations in the great outdoors with the ultimate objective of discovering a spark.

The Day I Loved You

the day i loved you bl

Eli has gotten into trouble at school and is required to help Nikko with prom planning as part of his punishment. The two are continually at each other’s throats despite having little in common. However, when they dance together, things change and Eli feels his heart skip a beat. Justine, Nikko’s best friend, who appears to have more than just platonic love for Nikko, complicates their growing romance even more.

#MyStory: The Series

#MyStory: The Series bl

A My Day The Series follow-up. A narrative of love, moving on, and sexual awakening, My narrative is heartwarming, adventurous, and enjoyable. A gentle reminder that each day should be enjoyed and that we are the authors of our own stories.

Love at the End of the World

Love at the End of the World bl

Four couples’ journeys through love, suffering, loss, passion, forgiveness, redemption, loneliness, and sadness are explored in an erotic suspense BL series. Priorities abruptly shift, and panic sets in as NASA reports indicate that an asteroid is scheduled to strike Earth in 7 days, causing a global catastrophe.

Teach Me How

Teach Me How bl

Jake has always been a desire of Russell’s. He has always had fantasies about Jake, and his mind is constantly thinking about him. What will he do if fate puts them together and makes Jake the catalyst for him to learn more about him? Will his perspective change when he meets the young man and learns a revelation? Because of what he learned, will he entirely forget Jake or will he keep getting to know him so that his fantasies and desires come true?

Tie the Knot

tie the knot bl

Because of his obligations in their bridal car business, Briggs, a straightforward guy, never had the chance to experience true love. However, when he met Shao, it happened. The issue is that Shao and Louise are scheduled to get married as a result of an arranged union. The narrative of Tie The Not is one of sexual discovery and acceptance. You’ll learn through it that our definition of true love is accurate. that falling in love can happen at any age and that it is worth fighting for.


stay bl

For Filipino filmmaker Andre Lee, receiving the Grand Jury Prize for a short film he directed, scripted, and produced at a film festival in Los Angeles is the fulfillment of a lifelong goal. He is eager to return home to the Philippines to share his success with his family and friends. On the other hand, he regrettably falls prey to a “professional scammer” on his final night in Los Angeles.

A Story to Remember

a story to remember bl

 A narrative about two childhood friends who were split apart by fate but will eventually reunite via music.

Out Story: The Series

Our story the series bl

‘Our Story,’ the compelling conclusion to the My Day The Series Trilogy, invites you to join us on an incredible trip. Follow Zeke and Fifth as they negotiate the difficulties and uncertainties of life in this epic love story. Will their love triumph over all? Get ready to be swept away by a story about passion, suffering, and the search for true love. Observe how their fates play out in the most unexpected ways. Take part in the emotional whirlwind and don’t miss it.

Si Andy, Si Lauren, O Si Peng

Si Andy, Si Lauren, O Si Peng bl

The story of four Magbuana cousins.

Which Filipino Boys Love Series will you watch next?

I probably gave you guys a harder time deciding which Pinoy BL to watch after you’ve gone through this whole list, huh? Well to help you guys a bit, I compiled a list of websites where you can watch Pinoy BLs! I’ll be sure to catch up on finishing all of these gay series. I wish that I also could dedicate a lazy afternoon to just binge all of these queer stories. It would totally compensate for my lack of a love life and definitely melt my stone-cold heart. I wish all of you some sweet gay love and kilig, both fictional and in real life. Enjoy watching everyone!

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