Watch Gameboys The Movie Right Now! – Movie Review

There’s more story after that happy ending at the end of the Gameboys Season 1. Gameboys the Movie unexpectedly brought even more depth to Gavreel’s character and showed us how stronger Cairo (Elijah Canlas) and Gavreel’s (Kokoy De Santos) relationship is, despite the challenges brought by their circumstances.

Watch Gameboys The Movie Right Now! - Movie Review

The movie takes us days into the couple’s respite in Gavreel’s house in Manila, before Cairo’s eventual departure to join his family to live in Bukidnon. Playing house and happily living in their own love bubble, the new couple tries to maximize the time they have being physically together. After months of only seeing each other through video calls and chats, being face to face feels like a dream. Things take a shift when a religious and conservative aunt of Gavreel pays a visit unexpectedly and brings news that may cause more distance between the couple. Reality starts to sink in and Cairo and Gavreel try to navigate into the unknown of their future together. It’s not all bad though, because we do get some delightful visitors like Terrence (Kyle Velino), Wesley (Miggy Jimenez), our main girl: Pearl (Adrianna So), and Achilles (Kych Minemoto) pleasantly disturbing/ encouraging the new couple’s honeymoon period before they all eventually part ways. 

Watch Gameboys The Movie Right Now! - Movie Review
GAMEBOYS THE MOVIE was selected as the Closing Film of the TAIWAN INTERNATIONAL QUEER FILM FESTIVAL last October 2021!

I’m writing this review a bit late since Gameboys The Movie was released a couple of months ago. I’m sorry. I’ve been busy with a lot of boring real-world stuff. I was only able to have time to catch up with the movie when I literally took a vacation leave from work. LOL.

Watch Gameboys The Movie Right Now! - Movie Review

Anyway, watching Gameboys The Movie reminded me of how much I loved the series even when it’s been over a year since I’ve finished season 1. I liked the original setup of the Gameboys series where the entire story happened online with social media posts, video calls, and chats. Living in this digital age in a pandemic, social media has become such a huge part of our lives already that we seamlessly transition from the real world to the online world. For the movie, Idea First Company proved to be a versatile filmmaker effortlessly transitioning mostly to the real world with top-notch cinematography. Ideal First Company is truly all about quality because each scene was taken excellently!

Watch Gameboys The Movie Right Now! - Movie Review

I admit that the first couple of scenes with both Cairo and Gavreel happily living together brought out some bitter feelings on my end as a frustrated single person dating in the 21st century. I did appreciate how those scenes were naturally and comfortably carried through by the actors. I applaud the raw emotion brought out by both Elijah Canlas and Kokoy De Santos. From blissfully happy to crying and sobbing nonstop, these actors know their characters so well that they’re able to showcase any emotion each scene required of them.

Watch Gameboys The Movie Right Now! - Movie Review

A vital scene that stuck with me from the movie was when they were having dinner with the conservative aunt, Tita Susan. You could see Gavreel shrinking, not being able to speak up as Tita Susan spews insults and offensive comments about gay people. I’m sure a lot of gay kids in and out of the closet felt very triggered by that encounter. Don’t we all have those judgmental and backward-thinking Filipino relatives in our families who can’t open their minds at all? I swear the lines being thrown were so familiar because I’ve heard them so many times before in my life. Props to Ash Malanum for such an incredibly beautiful script!

Watch Gameboys The Movie Right Now! - Movie Review

Another thing that I was at first unsure about, but grew to like unexpectedly was the tandem of Terrence and Wesley. It felt so random that they dropped by Gavreel’s house, but the tension and the unmistakable chemistry between the two kinda reeled me in. Like hopefully we’ll see more of them in season 2 of Gameboys. Their dynamic looks really promising!

Watch Gameboys The Movie Right Now! - Movie Review

It was also really heartwarming seeing all of the cast together. From filming alone from different locations to hugging together so tight! I’ve grown to love each of these characters and the Idea first company has done such a great job in shaping each of them, making us LGBTQ+ Filipinos seen.

Even when most of the movie was filmed in one location, I still felt like so much happened and there were a lot of areas covered. I find myself wanting more of the story because Gameboys The Movie just opened up more possibilities for things to happen in season 2. Let’s see what will happen as Cairo and Gav’s story continues. Will they give long-distance relationships a try, or just basically stay together regardless of people’s expectations of them? Will they make it work or will real life ruin everything? I guess we’ll have to wait for season 2. No worries, because I hear that it is coming soon!

You can watch Gameboys season 2 trailer here!

Another thing that I love doing after watching Gameboys is heading over to Youtube to watch Moon Consort’s reaction videos. She’s a Filipino-American creator who writes video commentary on LGBTQ+ media and social issues. Her sister, Haley joins in when watching Gameboys and I love hearing them talk about how much they love the series and everything that’s happening. She did a review and analysis of Gameboys the Movie as well and I feel like she further elaborated everything I’ve shared with you from this blog post.

If you guys would like to talk more about Gameboys the movie, you guys can watch Moon Consort’s video or type in your thoughts in the comment section!

Of course, I want Gavreel and Cairo to be together forever. But as much as we want the characters to be happy, they need conflict if we want the story to continue. That’s something I’m kinda observing from a lot of the ongoing series I’m watching these days. Happy gets boring and we need those conflicts, trials, and challenges to keep us excited and wanting to watch more. And yeah, I do know that all we want is more, more and more! 😉

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Watch Gameboys The Movie Right Now! - Movie Review

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19 thoughts on “Watch Gameboys The Movie Right Now! – Movie Review”

  1. This sounds like such an interesting movie. I am definitely going to have to add this to my list of movies to watch.

  2. Ive been hearing nga lots of raves about Gameboys! Free ba ito sa Ktx or need to pay? hindi ko pa masyado na explore ang Iwant app kasi dun din yun diba? im so curious i want to binge watch it all together!

  3. I think I’ve seen the trailer of this one, but I haven’t watched it. Is this on iWatchTV or on Netflix? Magaling nga ang writer if it was only filmed in one location and yet rich in substance.

  4. Blair villanueva

    Thanks for sharing your review though it is a spoiler to me, hahaha. I will check this soon, mukhang nakakakilig!

  5. Joaquin Eli Bacod

    Wow must watch this movie , ganda ng story niya . Ngayon lng dn narinig ang movie na to . Very inspiring story ❤️😍

  6. Hindi ko pa ntapos tong panoorin until now, pero grabe Yung Trailer plang nung unang panood ko noon, at ngayon na nakakailang Episode na ako, grabe dami rin learning na napupulot, at kikiligin ka rin tlaga sa ibang Episode. Dbest tlaga silang gumanap ng role, such a Nice Story .

  7. I haven’t seen this yet, I’m glad that I had a glimpse because of this blog.
    I like that the actors gave justice to their characters and how heartwarming the scenes are. I think the story is very relatable regardless of your gender. This is a must watch

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