7 Affordable Non-Branded Home Workout Equipment I Always Use + Fitness Progress Update

For a couple of months due to the pandemic, the gyms were closed. Even when they opened for a little while, it still didn’t feel comfortable being in a high-risk area for transmission of the virus. That did not mean that I was going to give up on my fitness journey though. I continued working out at home, using whatever spare space we have and equipment we had on hand.

Over time, and because of my impulsive nature when it comes to online shopping, I was able to collect some affordable workout equipment for the various exercises that I do. Mostly, I do weight-lifting, resistance training, bodyweight exercises, and boxing with the goal of getting stronger and having a leaner body and toned muscles.

This week, I’m going to go over with you guys the 7 Affordable Non-Branded Home Workout Equipment I Always Use which you may also check out if you’re doing your own home workouts. If simple bodyweight exercises are no longer enough for you, these accessories can allow you to do more variations of workouts, fix your formations, and also keep pushing your limit.

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7 Affordable Non-Branded Home Workout Equipment I Always Use

Having a garage, balcony or any free space around your house is ideal for home workouts. In my case though, setting up a home gym is physically impossible given that my family barely fits inside our tiny house. I also share my room with my brother, so we only got about 3×6 ft of free space to work with. I can only work out at certain times of the day and have to tuck all of my workout equipment away in a corner after use. But yeah, we have to make do with what we don’t have and work around what we do have. These items help me do just that!

Click on the names of the Home Workout Equipment or the buttons, if you wanna check them out on Shopee!

1. Wall Punch Boxing Bag, Pad Target

Wall Punch Boxing Bag, Pad Target

I wanted to continue boxing months after I took Booking Classes at Elorde Boxing Gym last 2019. The lockdown has also made me feel a lot of emotions, one of which is anger. I thought of buying a punching bag, but the sheer weight of that would make our ceiling collapse. When I saw the Boxing Pad online, I immediately ordered it up. The Boxing Pad is so easy to set up. You just have to drill 4 holes and stick it onto the wall, and it doesn’t even take up that much space. Do note that you’d still have to wear protection on your hands when you’re punching away on this thing!

2. Punching Bag Sub-Mitts

Punching Bag Sub Mitts

I do have Boxing Gloves, the ones they use in boxing rings during actual matches. My complaint about that though is you’d have to wear it with hand wraps. And wrapping your hand every time you want to do a quick boxing session is kind of a hassle, and is super time-consuming! Your friend here is lazy and wants instant gratification. LOL. That’s why I got this handy little item. You could just slip on your wrist and quickly take it off when you’re done.

3. Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

My yoga mat is well-loved because I use it all the time, especially when the workout requires me to be on the floor. I also use it when I do stretching, push-ups, and core exercises. I also recommend watching follow-along exercise videos on Youtube while you work out especially when you’re trying to learn new routines and forms. That’s where I also get to roll out this bad boy! Hahaha.

4. Resistance Bands Set

Resistance Bands Set

I’ve used resistance bands for a bit of time. They’re convenient because they’re lightweight, can easily be stored, and are very versatile. You can even pack it up inside a carry-on bag for a trip, and still do a variety of exercises with it. You could also switch up the bands depending on the exercise you’re doing, and how much resistance you want to work with. One may have some difficulty with progressive overload over time since the max resistance is a bit limited. A way to challenge yourself with resistance bands is to include them while lifting weights. 

5. Palm Protector Weight Lifting Gloves

Palm Protector Weight Lifting Gloves

Weight-lighting gloves prevent calluses from forming on your hands when you’re carrying heavy barbells and also provide support for your wrists. These particular gloves are my favorite out of all the worn-and-torn gloves I used over the past couple of years. This is easier to put on and also take off. The gloves also help keep my grip on the barbell when I’m doing pull exercises for the back muscles. Drying it off is also a way lot quicker. Less stinky…

6. Chrome Dumbbell Set 20kg w/ Longbar

Chrome Dumbbell Set 20kg w/ Longbar
Chrome Dumbbell Set 20kg w/ Longbar

My workout routine is primarily weight-lifting and pushing through heavy plates is fun and challenging for me. This particular dumbbell set only comes with plates weighing a total of 20 kg. If you’re a beginner, you can totally start with this.  For me though, I’m already at the point where 20 kg is no longer enough.

Chrome Dumbbell Set 20kg w/ Longbar

One thing that I do like about this particular set though is you can connect the two dumbbells together until you form a barbell. Neat, right? But yeah, I am on the market for heavier plates to level up my weight-lifting sets.

Chrome Dumbbell Set 20kg w/ Longbar

7. Adjustable Weight Supine Dumbbell Bench

Adjustable Weight Supine Dumbbell Bench

This weight-lifting bench has it all! I also like the fact that it is detachable and can be put away. For such a long time, I did my workouts on the floor or by the bed. Having this bench is such a big help in fixing up my forms. Even if you’re lifting heavy for a number of reps, if your form is poor, you’re only wasting energy. You must perform the full range of motion and have the right muscles activated for the workouts to eventually pay off. 

Adjustable Weight Supine Dumbbell Bench

The workout bench can be adjusted to several angles, and it also has so many attachments like a bar for doing bicep curls, and rest for your feet, specifically for sit-ups. It even has cable attachments! I know this thing barely fits in our room, but I am pushing my luck! Hahahha.

So those are all of the workout equipment that I use at home, all bought online at an affordable price. These are not name-branded items, but the quality is still reliable. You may look all of this workout equipment up in your favorite online stores to see if they’re available. I bought all of these from Shopee and Lazada. Make sure to read the reviews first and also try to ask if the items are available before putting in your order. I do recommend these items because I literally use all of them whenever I work out. Also, the great thing about them is I could easily clean them up and store everything back in a corner when I finish my workout.

My Home Workout Progress Update

My workout routine is three times a week, for an hour or two in the evening. I alternate between chest & triceps days and back & biceps days, supplemented by shoulders, legs, and abs workouts on both days. I’m still very consistent with my workouts because missing even just one session gives me crippling anxiety for some reason. Even if I have to force myself out of laziness and an awful mood, I push through with the workouts because it’s a certainty that completing the session with giving me the happy hormones that I need. I still do have a long way to go to arrive at my fitness goals.

christian foremost  workout progress

I am taking my time because workout out is not my main priority in life. I do hope that the little things I do to challenge myself every time I work out will pay off in the long run. I’ve also adopted the habit of paying close attention to my diet and nutrition which is super essential to body-building as well.

Just to give you guys an update. March 2020 was the last time I was at the gym because everything was locked down due to the pandemic. Since then, I’ve only been doing home workouts, until I was able to shortly come back to the gym again last February 2021. Because of another lockdown, gyms were yet again closed and I had to continue my home workouts and what you can see below is what I look like today, April of 2021. So weird to see that my body was still able to improve over the months even when I was only doing home workouts for months on end.

So if you wanna start working out too, but your plan keeps getting delayed because the gyms are still closed, you could totally start at home! Simple body-weight and follow-along workout videos on youtube are an excellent first step on your workout journey. Just remember when you take that first step, you have to keep going and not stop.

I strongly suggest investing in workout equipment, because the guilt of how much money you spent is enough to motivate you to your ass off the floor. Actually, that’s been my inspiration for most things in life, I have to face the consequences of my impulse online purchases because I worked hard for the money right? LOL. Enjoy!

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7 Affordable Non-Branded Home Workout Equipment I Always Use + Fitness Progress Update

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25 thoughts on “7 Affordable Non-Branded Home Workout Equipment I Always Use + Fitness Progress Update”


    Read your blog and also newly Subscribed on your blog☺️ looking forward to read more of your blogs po. Nice blog too especially sa mga mahilig mag workout,mayroon mga gym equipments na mas affordable yet good quality like yours po. ☺️

  2. I have done the same thing. I acquired inexpensive workout equipment that was in good condition at thrift stores for mad cheap. My fiance pays for a gym membership and he takes me as his plus one. You do what you need to do to get fit for yourself.

  3. I personally own a yoga mat on your list. I’m really having a hard time keeping up with exercise. I’m amazed at your transformation. How do you manage your time? Very inspiring.

    1. Christian Foremost

      Working out is just something you have to do consistently. Just do it, even if you have to force yourself out of laziness. And also don’t think of it as a chore, but more of an activity that will bring u joy because it will for sure. Haha goodluck

  4. Thank you for sharing with us your home workout equipment. I only have the yoga mat and a couple of dumbbells. Enjoy your workout!

  5. Apple Joy Camañero

    Wow thank you for sharing this . Tlgang very helpful ito sa mga mahilig mag work out 🤗❤️ kahit nasa bahay lng mkkpag work out na . Healthy pa tayo 🤗❤️

  6. It is great to have things to work out with at home. Especially because in some places gyms are open then closed often. I start my new workout routine tomorrow.

  7. Hey bro, looking amazing! I concur, I teach exercise classes and no-branded, but good quality equipment is super important. Branded can mean inaffordable, which isn’t cool. Great post.

  8. You are looking good! Good job buti ka pa. Tried to workout but I cant do it consistently 😅 like the wall punching bag. I think that one not just for exercise but also as a streas reliever, chos hehehhe.

  9. Pinakabet ko ung wall punch boxing bag, parang masaya pang alis stress 😀 I never considered investing in workout equipment ’cause I mainly just follow these easy YouTube workout videos. But your progress is inspiring!

  10. Hello Christian! Your post is very informative. And am impressed with your determination to work out even during pandemic and in the heat of the summer! yeah, stay safe first and avoid gyms. Plus, based on your post, your progress is doing well naman so keep it up! Discipline lang din talaga. Wish I can be motivated as you are. lol

  11. I don’t want to sign up for a gym yet! Like you, I got myself, resistance bands, through online shopping! I am obsessed! haha

  12. Looking good. Kakainggit kasi you’re young, so your body is easy to respond to workouts.
    I also invested in equipment (dumbells, kettle bell, yoga mat, etc.) It’s necessary at this time.

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