Bali in Balay ni Tatay

Written by Jastine Tumampo

A weekend getaway with my friends leads us to Bali not in Indonesia but somewhere in Leyte.

It all started with a notification of a tagged photo of a Farm resort with a Bali-inspired selfie spots and as we freed ourselves from our academic responsibilities, we decided to start our break by going to Balay ni Tatay to unwind ourselves from a stressful week in school. It is a farm with the amenities of a resort located at Villa Magsaysay, Babatngon, Leyte which took us 2 hours of travel from Ormoc to Tacloban City and decided to stay in downtown to fill our stomach with foods and rest for awhile to set ourselves for another ride going to Babatngon Leyte. Our trip was a bit skeptical due to sudden changes in weather and moving from one vehicle to another to finally reach our destination.

A homey mixed with vintage vibe welcomed us, plus lush greenery and mountains surrounded the whole place. A restaurant that serves delicious and mouth-watering foods and an open space perfect for team building activities that are already equipped with games is the first thing we tried, channeling our inner child-like personalities. Even for the long-time sitting in a van and dealt with each other’s motion sickness, we still had the energy to play with those stuff and a picture of those would never be forgotten to take, right?

To experience their Bali-inspired selfie spots which is located at the top of a hill. We have to hike for several of minutes and those minutes were very fun, at the same time exhausting since we’re laughing along the way. As mentioned above, the place was surrounded by mountains and as we’re walking through the trails, we talked about the scenarios that happened in the movie of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Final destination, and many other movies that created an imaginative scenes to scare ourselves. At last, we’ve reached the top and the view was really worth of travel . The whisper of the leaves as they dance through the rhythm of the wind and just by standing in between mountains is a superb feeling for me.

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