Let’s Go on a Smoothie Cleanse with The Delizioso Detoxify Smoothies!

Personally, I haven’t been eating very well at all. Even when I started going to the gym 2 years ago and then continued my workouts at home, my diet is not something I paid attention to. As delicious as fast food, processed meat, ramen noodles and gummy candies truly are, I have to face the truth that they are holding me back from achieving my fitness goals. So to restart my diet before managing a healthier eating habit, we’re going to go on a little Smoothie Cleanse or Detox.

Delizioso Detoxify Smoothies Metro Manila

What is a smoothie cleanse/ detox?

A smoothie cleanse is a type of diet that involves consuming only blended vegetables and fruits with the goal to lose weight and/or detoxify the body. The duration is usually within one (1) to five (5) days, depending on your goal.

What is the difference between a smoothie cleanse (blending) and a juice cleanse (juicing)?

Juicing involves squeezing the juices from fruits and vegetables and separating them from the pulp. Blending mixes all of the edible parts of fruits and vegetables, including the pulp, or fibrous portion. This makes smoothie cleansing more filling, easier to sustain and more affordable.

Okay so for 3 days, I will not be eating solid food. All meals will be replaced with smoothies. 1 liter of smoothie every meal for 3 days. This bring the total to 9 liters of smoothie during the entire cleanse! Won’t this be fun? And, I just found the perfect companion for this super tough escapade right here in Metro Manila. Trust me, they’re muy delicioso!

Let’s Go on a Smoothie Cleanse with The Delizioso Detoxify Smoothies!

Deliozioso Detoxify Smoothies is made from all fresh organic fruits and vegetables with no sugars or preservatives added. They’re vegan meaning no honey or dairy and have less water and more nutrients for the body.

Delizioso Detoxify Smoothies Metro Manila

They offer 4 different flavors of Detoxifying Smoothies and you can learn more and choose which ones are exactly right for you!


Apple, banana, cucumber, carrot, moringa detox smoothie

Ingredients: Apple, banana, cucumber, carrot, moringa

Benefits: Helps with Acidity, Heartburn, Constipation, Diarrhea, Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol. Boosts Metabolism and Immune System. Prevents the development of Cancer.

Macros (1 Liter):

Calories: 350 cal.

Fat: 0.9 g.

Protein: 5g.

Carbs: 73 g.

Fiber: 15 g.


Papaya, apple, banana, celery, moringa detox smoothie

Ingredients: Papaya, apple, banana, celery, moringa

Benefits: Helps with Diabetes, Constipation, High Cholesterol, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Acidity, and Heartburns. Boosts Metabolism and Immune System. Prevents the development of Cancer.

Macros (1 Liter):

Calories: 297 cal.

Fat: 0.8 g.

Protein: 3.5 g.

Carbs: 63 g.

Fiber: 14 g.


Pineapple, apple, celery, cucumber, ginger, moringa detox smoothie

Ingredients: Pineapple, apple, celery, cucumber, ginger, moringa

Benefits:  Helps with Diabetes, GERD, Constipation, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, Hypertension, and Arthritis. Boosts Metabolism and Immune System. Prevents the development of Cancer.

Macros (1 Liter):

Calories: 296 cal.

Fat: 0.6 g.

Protein: 3.3 g.

Carbs: 48 g.

Fiber: 15 g.


Strawberry, watermelon, cucumber, flaxseed, moringa detox smoothie

Ingredients: Strawberry, watermelon, cucumber, flaxseed, moringa

Benefits:  Helps with Dehydration, Diabetes, Heart Diseases, High Cholesterol, Hypertension, and Dull and Dry Skin. Boosts Metabolism and Immune System. Prevents the development of Cancer.

Macros (1 Liter):

Calories: 303 cal.

Fat: 4 g.

Protein: 8 g.

Carbs: 60 g.

Fiber: 10 g.

My personal favorite is the Work Smoothie which is made out of Apple, Pineapple, Celery, Cucumber, Moringga and Ginger. This was the greenest and healtiest drink I think I’ve ever consumed and I was surpised how I really loved it. I thoroughly enjoyed the drink and you can barely taste the celery in it! I sip through these smoothies feeling like Popeye while working or watching my favorites shows on Netflix. My second favorite would be the Clean Mix which has this strong banana presence.

You can place your orders by messaging The Delizioso’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/thedelizioso

Some Reminders when Going on a Smoothie Cleanse:

Delizioso Detoxify Smoothies Metro Manila


Diet: Start a light diet 2-3 days before your smoothie cleanse to put your body in an alkaline state. This will also help you lessen the hunger cravings during the cleanse. Avoid alcohol, meat, dairy, processed food, sugars, and caffeine.

Attitude: Set goals to help yourself commit to the cleanse. What do you want to achieve? Why do you want to be better? Be prepared with reminders of why you want to detoxify your body, including your mind and soul.

No Meat

No Dairy

No Alcohol

No Caffeine

No Sugars

During Detox

Diet: It is recommended to only consume the smoothies within your cleansing period. If you strongly feel that you must eat, choose organic vegetables and fruits.

Activities: Do not engage in extreme and stressful activities during your cleanse. You may find yourself more sensitive during these times. Your energy levels will change so pay attention to what your body needs. Take some time to meditate. Light exercises, such as yoga and walking, are allowed.

Post Detox

Diet: Slowly go back to eating solid food. You can start off with some salads, boiled vegetables, and fresh fruits. After 1-2 days, you may go back to your pre-detox diet.

Activities: Take some time to rest and heal after your detox. Reflect and plan your activities carefully. Try to eat clean from now on.

FAQ’s about the Delizioso Detoxify Smoothies

How do I serve and drink the smoothies?

Shake your smoothies well before drinking. It’s best to pour what you can consume into a glass with ice and keep the rest chilled inside your fridge.

What do the smoothies taste like?

They taste exactly like all the fruits and vegetables combined. The sweetness comes from the natural sugar content of the fruits added.

Can I replace my meals with these smoothies?

You may substitute 1 liter of smoothies per meal.

How long will the smoothies last?

Always keep your smoothies refrigerated! There are no preservatives added so we highly recommend to consume your smoothies within two (2) days.

Can I keep my smoothies for more than two (2) days?

You may freeze your smoothies for up to five (5) days, depending on the blended fruits. Pineapple would taste bland and acidic sooner than the other fruits.

Why is the taste not exactly the same with my previous order?

The sweetness and ripeness of fruits may vary. Rest assured, everything is organic and weighed properly before blending.

You may also check out The Delizioso’s Complete Menu. They also sell other healthy and vegan delicacies like Malunggay Puto and Soy Isaw.

Place your orders now by messaging The Delizioso’s Facebook Page: facebook.com/thedelizioso

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24 thoughts on “Let’s Go on a Smoothie Cleanse with The Delizioso Detoxify Smoothies!”

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  2. I have not tried any detox drinks yet but if there’s a chance, I will go for the Clean Mix! My caffeine intake is way too much and I should have something in my lifestyle that would help my acidity. Also, apple and banana tastes so good together!

    1. Interesting. 100% organic itong product. Gusto ko na din magdetox.Mukhang ang sarap nila. Mahilig Kasi ako sa mga fruits and vegetables.

  3. The dreamy mix really sounds delicious. I specifically like its color. Lol! I’m actually really happy while reading this because, despite the fact that the flavors have different benefits, they all help in metabolism and the immune system. They also can stop the development of cancer. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  4. This is so good po 💕 THIS IS WHAT I NEED 😍💕 Thank you for sharing this FAQ’S about Delizioso Detoxify Smoothies 💕 Waiting for your next blog po 🤗

    ig: @ Ester_Momshie

  5. i cant choose. feeling ko magugustuhan ko lahat to. its good nga na makapag detox ano. im thinking of having fresh fruit shake diet din pag nag simula na ako mag diet. when? lol. will look into this brand!

  6. Thanks for informing us about this! I love how these smoothies are very organic and natural! I need this more than ever now, kinda neglected my eating habits already huhu

    1. Woah! This is really what I need this past few days po kasi everyday ako umiinom ng softdrinks and mahilig ako sa mga processed foods which is not healthy and nagbabalak napo ako magdiet. Thankyou po for sharing this kuya. Im sure na magugustuhan ko lasa nitong smoothies. 😊

  7. blair villanueva

    Yes for choosing a better healthy lifestyle! Glad that many small businesses are pushing people to become healthy.

  8. I love smoothies! Such a great way to take in healthy fruits and vegetables. I really also need this right now hahah

  9. How does it taste..?hehe
    Im glad more and more healthy beneficials are coming out,.I myself produce one,..with our mushrooms.. Hoping more people will engage into a healthy lifestyle..Its not that easy to detox,but atleast give it a try.☺

  10. I do Juice Detox every 3 months. I must admit it’s not the most fun but it’s very beneficial, it’s like a reset button for your body. I hope more people get to try this experience. I’ll check out this brand. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  11. Super happy that more and more healthy options are surfacing, and they’re not expensive at all! It’s been so long since I went on a detox/diet run and I am feeling groggy as hell (but still energetic, so kaya pa!). Need to start making better decisions when it comes to my food! We may not have the same brand here, but I can make my own based on the ingredients listed, hehe.

  12. Nicole San Miguel

    Woah! They have different smoothies depending on your need 🙂 I hope you also document your before and after experience! How does it taste pala? I would like to this too kaso baka di ko keri and lasa. Hehe

  13. I am in need of a serious detox right now kase I haven’t paid much attention to my health lately. I even stopped working out and eating healthy. These detox smoothies are less hassle pag nag cleanse. UGH! I wish I could order these and have them delivered dito sa Mindanao without hurting my pocket with the shipping fee.

  14. So even coffee bawal if I’ll do this detox? Huhu ang hirap. Paano na! Hahaha! I tried something like this before pero di ko talaga sineryoso, like hindi whole day detox. 😅 I want to try yung 3 days din like what you did. What was the effect pala sayo? Did it help with your diet after? 😀

  15. Good morning kuya Christian 😊💕 we’re here to support your blog .. i really this kind of drink that having a different flavor, look so tasty tlga .. and super affordable tlga … thanks for shaing this

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