7 Valuable Tips on Creating Quality Blog Content

Almost anyone can create content and there is an endless well of ideas to pull from. And don’t worry, because someone out there is excited to read your work, may it be someone you know or a stranger from halfway across the world.

7 Valuable Tips on Creating Quality Blog Content

No matter your background, experience or expertise, you can be a blogger or content creator if you really want to be. You just need that passion and the willingness to learn and work hard for it.

I’ve been writing weekly blog posts for more than a year now, about several topics under lifestyle, mental health, dating etc. For every blog post I publish, I always make sure that the readers will not only learn something, but that they also enjoy every minute spent reading my blog.  This week, I’m sharing with you guys 7 Valuable Tips to Create Quality Blog Content.

7 Valuable Tips on Creating Quality Blog Content

1. Write about what you know

You shouldn’t force yourself to write about something you’re not interested in. Write about something you’re passionate about, no matter what that is. Do you love traveling? Write about it. Are you into plants? Write about it. People are suddenly into plants too these days. I mean, you can write about absolutely anything! What else can the readers learn from you? What do you know or what are you willing to share that can possibly help other people out there?

I also suggest creating an Idea Bank inside the Notes app on your phone. The best ideas come at the most random times so better type it down right away, before your brain complete forgets about them the next second. No need to be too specific, just type keywords and when you have the time to write, you can dive deeper into the ideas.

Sometimes though, we have no choice but to write about something we don’t necessarily know. That’s where research comes in. Take your time reading about the topic until you have it fully understood. Then, determine how to relay it to your readers. The message you’re putting out there should be reliable, at the same time digestible for the readers to understand.

2. Make it your own

A hundred other people could be writing about the same thing, but what makes your blog different is you. If you’re writing for yourself and not under another company or brand, share a bit of yourself in the blog you’re writing. You can feature your distinct and colorful personality through the tone of your piece, the little commentaries here and there or sharing stories. It’s heartwarming to read someone being genuine and authentic. That’s how people know that you’re real and relatable. Build that trust and relationship with your readers. You don’t need to copy other bloggers out there. Let your readers get to know YOU so that they’ll want to read more of YOUR work.

3. Use pictures to complement your blog

Enrich your blog post by sharing visually appealing photos relevant to the topic. It will help supplement the blog reading experience and also give the readers small breaks in between paragraphs. If you’ve got some photography or Instagram skills, showcase them in your blog. It might just make your post twice as better. Just remember to optimize your photos first. I would recommend Image Compressor. Also, don’t put too many pictures in your blog as it might lead to slower loading times.

4. Use Gifs from Giphy

This is another option if you’d like to add some visuals to your blog piece. This is also a great way to insert comedy into your blog posts. I tend to add gifs when I don’t have much photos on stock or if  I have personal blogs that get a bit too serious at times. Gifs help lighten up the mood and they’re just so much fun. Most blogging platforms have Giphy. You just need to type in the keyword and browse through which gif you think is perfect for your piece’s flow.

5. Keep your blog as short as you can

Well, keep your blog as short as the piece can get without letting the message suffer. People’s attention spans are very short these days. They won’t bother finishing your blog if it’s too long. Make sure to give the value to the reader right away. Give them what you promised and make sure your piece is concise. If you want the readers to go through a specific flow or journey, better pique their interest or curiosity right at the very first sentence. Secondary titles throughout the blog also help in this case.

6. Include keywords or clickbait phrases in your titles

The perfect blog title is important because this will determine whether or not people will click. This is where they decide to even read your blog or not. Now, there are so many tips out there in writing the best blog post titles, but I will give you the most basic ones. Use the keywords in your title that you think people search for in Google. For personal blogs, I suggest getting a phrase from the blog you’ve written that’s the most clickbait-y.

A bonus tip: Titles with numbers perform very well such as 7 Tips to Take Action and Achieve Your Dreams. But yeah, the most important thing is to make sure that your title isn’t misleading and that it captures whatever you’ve actually written.

7. Share your content everywhere

Congratulations. You may be done writing your blog, but you can’t rest yet. Writing a blog is just half the work. Now you have to market it. Aside from organic search through search engines like Google, you can also share the blog in all of your social media platforms. Let your friends and family read it and share it to their friends. Ask your readers to comment and get feedback on how you can get better at writing your blogs. After some time, you’ll also get to have a sense of your readers or what kinds of people read your work. That will be your audience.

You can also promote your content by creating other content like videos in Youtube, vertical graphic designs in Pinterest and animations that you can share in social media once again. Whatever you’ve written is yours and you can create anything out of it again and again and just let people share and share and share.

I hope you guys enjoyed going through the list with me. These 7 Valuable Tips on Creating Quality Blog Content are basically everything I consider every time I’m writing a blog post every week. I for sure have a lot more to learn as I continue blogging. I mean, my blog definitely has a lot more to improve on. Don’t worry though because I will for sure share all of them with you guys. I also hope that you can share whatever tips you have for me in the comment section.

Develop your own writing and blogging style. Go ahead and create that one of a kind content the people didn’t know they needed. Give blogging a try and with consistent hard work, everything else should follow. Just keep practicing and practicing and you’ll only get better.

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7 Valuable Tips on Creating Quality Blog Content

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26 thoughts on “7 Valuable Tips on Creating Quality Blog Content”

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  2. Ever since I started serious blogging 4 months ago, I always wanted to make sure that I would create quality content. So it’s like, quality content or nothing at all. That’s why I can’t be consistent when it comes to posting kasi there are lots of things to consider talaga when you say quality content. And for me ang pinaka top on the list is the photos that I will use. I make extra effort to shoot and edit para may pang blog photos talaga kasi isa yun sa hahatak ng readers. Of course, aside sa words which I’m still not that confident pa kaya ilalaban muna pictures. 😀

  3. I always go with number three. I love photography, and sometimes I know that words are not enough to get your point accross to the reader, you really got to show it to them too. I also love yung best Ideas come at random times, ako kadalasan sa car biglang nagkakaideas on topics or new articles for ze blog which is why punong puno yung notes ng cellphone ko hahaha

  4. I agree with you about ‘best ideas come at the most random times’. I always carry with me a notepad – old school, I know. Haha! But yeah, I always carry one since mahilig ako gumala and while on the road dun nag pop up and mga gusto ko isulat.

  5. this is soooo good! will definitely share to aspiring blogger friends. naalala ko noon sulat lang ako ng sulat. di ko pa nga alam ang salitang content. blog blog blog ganyan. mula noon hanggang ngayon. didnt even know na kikita ako sa pag bablog.

  6. blair villanueva

    Do you know why Buzzfeed has been one of the most relatable lifestyle and entertainment website? Because of their catchy (and almost clickbait) blog titles! Genius!

  7. Napakauseful ng tips na ito para sa mga bloggers/content creators. Madalas na problem ko yung nahihirapan ako mag-isip ng blog post titles. Kaya minsan nagpapatulong ako sa title kapag gumagawa ako ng article sa isang entertainment website.

  8. I have a hard time on following your pointer number 5: keeping the blog short. Recently, I was on a storytelling mode and was keen to place on the details of my trips. I would follow this on my upcoming articles.

  9. Agree ako sa lahat, lalo na yung sa length. Every time I write, I can’t control myself to pour out all the emotions I have. But I realized, may ibang tao, hindi ko nilalahat pero pag nakitang mahaba tatamarin na magbasa, kaya I try my best na as short as I can pero andun lahat ng points at tuloy tuloy lang from the intro, body, rising action, solution and conclusion wahaha ano to, writing101? Pero yun ang content ko e haha. Good points! Yung sa numbering lang ang iniisip ko pag list/points, is there a specific numbers? I noticed na laging 7 gamit mo. Or hindi, ako lang nakapansin? haha

    1. Hahaha. I get what you mean. I’ve written a bunch of long-ass blogs din that I’ll still stand by. Moving forward though, you’ll get to develop your writing more and practice everything you learned along the way. And yes, I always use 7 cause I don’t know. I just like the number. Lol😂😂

  10. You should know that I was editing some of my blog posts while reading this blog post of yours haha It is really helpful and it made me rethink my titles, word count, etc. I’m actually on the lookout for more blogging guides! I just started blogging during this quarantine and there’s so much to learn!

  11. jayneglezelle

    I agree on your list! You can only write amazing contents on things you most care about and passionate about! Also thanks to this pointers as it helps new writers for tips and and advice

  12. Out of the 7 tips, yung number 4 lang yung di ko nagagawa. I should practice using GIF na rin in the future! Agree ako dun sa may pa-clickbait! HAHA pero sometimes ko lang ginagawa

  13. Meki (Redefining Us)

    Love the inclusion of GIFs! It’s a seldom used but really engaging
    & attention-getting addition to blogs.

  14. Hazel Salcedo

    Great tips, Christian! Most of the things you shared I also do, and yes they’re really effective! ☺️ Blogging really does need a lot of work, you’re only halfway done when you finish writing…getting people to read it is the other half! So true! 😅 Right now I want to focus on Pinterest, I read it’s a magnet for eyeballs and for growing your readers. 😀

    1. Andami kong nakuhang key points here. Pinaka gusto ko ung Use your own pictures. Yes as much as possible if nagpo post ako I am using my own pictures and mas masaya kasi makita if you are using your own photos.

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