Okay, I’ll Smile Today – Thank You for the Birthday Greetings!

I guess I’m a year older, yay? As much as I would like to be 24 years old instead and just skip 2020 all together, I cannot. Just thinking about everything that transpired the past few months, I still cannot believe that this is the reality we’re all living in. These days, I’ve mostly been sulking at the dark corner of my bed, hating every bad thing that’s happening in our country and the world right now.

But since it is my birthday, I will try to brighten up and look back on the highlights of the past year. A lot of things happened and a lot of things are not happening, but through all of that, I continued writing. My blog has been with me every step of the way. Through writing these blog posts for you guys and reading your comments, you’ve inspired me to push through some really challenging times.

Even if I am a workaholic, it’s been difficult juggling a full-time job, while having weekly blog posting schedules, while obsessively figuring out  this thing called “life”. Don’t get me wrong, blogging and writing are the things I love doing the most in the world, but sometimes they can get physically and emotionally taxing. I’m just tired and I question if any of the hard work I put in was even worth it.


On such a day when I couldn’t even remember what I work so for, I received this random email from a stranger.

And I would just like to take this moment to thank all of my readers, for your patience and support. I continue to write and share the lessons I’ve learned in life for all of you, in hopes that in one way or the other, I could help even in a small way. I’m  a nobody and my platform is still small, but that won’t stop me from trying to write only the best blogs for you guys.

Thank you for your messages, comments, kind words and encouragements. They breathe life into the empty carcass that is my heart and fill it up with so much love, joy and promise. I wish I deserved all of the praises and congratulations I’ve received, but I know that I still have a long way to go. There are more goals to set for, mistakes to learn from and success to achieve.

Life still has a lot of exciting things in store for us. Even when things seem really bleak right now, we have to believe that things will get better. I hope they get better.

I’d also like to thank the friends I have, the friends I’ve made and my family for being understanding and being for there for me. I’m starting to see a world that is beyond of myself, and how I do not have to go through things alone.

I’ve learned that no, we do not have to try so hard to figure everything in life right now. The answers we’re looking for will come at the right time. For now, let’s just enjoy life and continue towards where we wanna go.

Christian Foremost birthday

Happy 23rd  birthday self and let another year with you guys begin!! It’s gonna be fun. I’ll make sure of that!

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  1. Happiest birthday sir Christian! May god bless you more! Stay positive in life ❤ we always here for you to support you no matter 😍 enjoy your special day!🥰 -rhea

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  2. I am proud so and glad to be able to connect with you on the internet. I admire how transparent you are with your blog post. 2 years old… still young. I’m 10 years older than you and looking back, I felt the same feeling… You are a very hardworking person, I know that you will have more success in life. Be patient, the right person will come at the right time:

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  3. Happy Birthday to you! With the past engagements I had with your articles, I find them really enriching and relevant during the pandemic. One way or another, we could suffer mental stress, and learning to cope is essential in moving forward.

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  4. You’re right, we should continue to work towards our goals and we don’t need to rush! What’s important is we continue move but on our own pace. Belated happy birthday! And wishing you all the happiness there is.

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  5. yep, i was just telling my son that yesterday after his chemistry class. you don’t have to know everything, no one does. let it just be an indication that you may want to look this or that one up, or totally ignore it because it’s irrelevant to you.

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  6. Happy Birthday! I agree with you that even our passions could exhaust us. Happened to me a lot of times even to the point that I almost closed my blog, which I love so much. Eventually got hold of myself after assessing my priorities. Anyway, it’s great that you have awesome support in terms of your friends and readers. I don’t have that, unfortunately, but I still carry on.

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  7. Happy birthday! I love your blog because It is so personal to the point that we readers can even relate. I wish you all the best!

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  8. Happy 23rd birthday! Knowing that you have inspired many is truly a gift in itself. May you found more purpose in life that can affect the lives of other in a positiveway. May all your wishes and goals be put to life.

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  9. Happy Birthday! Stay cool and always be yourself. Birthdays are just celebration with numbers, what important is you are happy!

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  10. Happiest birthday!!! I hope you’ll have everything figured out soon in this journey called life… but don’t stress about it much… just enjoy the ride 🙂 Cheers to another year dear!!!

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  11. I am one of those whom you inspired through this platform. To more blogs to write, for your avid readers and me! Vice versa, your thoughts breathe life to others haha.

    Always smile, not just on your birthday amid all the stuffs happening, but also do because you’re alive and you can share stories. We are June warriors hahahappy birthday. ❤️

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  12. Happy Birthday Christian! Nakakakilig kapag may nagmemessage sayo ng ganun ano? Sobrang nakaka motivate talaga. Kaya continue what you are doing, inspiring other people by telling your stories ❤️

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  13. Belated happy birthday, bestfriend! I want you to know that you inspire me write (and to start using online dating apps). Kidding aside, you are appreciated by many. We are here for you, always!

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  14. Hey there! Always proud of you and would love to see you in person and collaborate on a blog gigs soon! Keep inspiring people and writing stories, one day you won’t realize how many fans and readers you’ve got with the stories you wrote.

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