What’s the Point of Life? What’s the Point of Anything?

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Where does your mind wander off to?

You can get lost in your everyday. You get caught up in the busyness of your routine, always doing one thing after the other, fulfilling your role in life whatever that may be. On a day where someone catches you staring blankly into the open space, where did your mind go exactly?  It obviously wandered elsewhere, outside of the room you’re in or the life you’re currently living.

“What are you doing with your life?”

“What is the point of life?”

“What’s the point of anything?”

Those are very hard questions to answer and I don’t blame you for shrugging it off and going about your usual day. No time to waste. It’s time to move and there’s more work to do.

There’s no point at all, huh?

Essentially, nothing really matters, right? I sometimes feel like everything we do in this life is just a distraction from the silence, emptiness and well, nothingness of the void. Aren’t we just fooling ourselves into thinking that we actually have a purpose in the world? Aren’t our realities right now just simulations established by societal circumstances?

What's the Point of Life? What's the Point of Anything? christian foremost

We are stuck to living the life society has dictated us to. We did not choose to be born into this world, but we go to school, get a job, get married, have a family, raise kids and then we die. It seems like we live to work for money to pay for our continued existence. We are burdened by problems and worldly desires for success and contentment. We can get too greedy with our dreams. We go after one goal to the other, thinking that we’d find what we’re looking for. Is it really there though? Wasn’t the journey and the work actually more satisfying than the actual reward? Since happiness is only fleeting, isn’t it pointless to try and seek it again and again?

Do other people think this way?

Individually, we all have different lives. We care about different things. We have different goals and we’re surrounded by different people. Think of the sea of strangers passing you by when you used to commute, they were all heading in different directions. They’ve carried out their day like they were supposed to and then, they’re going home back to their families who mean something to them. Even if we don’t pay attention, each one of these strangers has a significant presence in someone else’s life. If a stranger suddenly dies, won’t the people in his life be affected? Be heartbroken?

Your life has a point. You life has more meaning than you think.

You might not think that your life has any meaning in the grand scheme of things, but it does. You are more than a statistic or a participant in society’s economy or labor force. You are more than a story to be told until you’re eventually forgotten from history. You are more than even your purpose in life that defines you. Your life is significant to the people who love you and care about you. Can that be in itself, be the meaning you’re looking for? The answers to your questions?

And as much as there’s some truth to everything I’ve said earlier, shouldn’t knowing that you matter to someone else be enough to keep you going? Love is what binds us together and saves us from ourselves. Our lives are defined by the connections and the relationships we have to the people who matter the most to us, more than anything else. You’re not alone, okay? Even if you feel that way. If you think beyond yourself, you’ll see more to life than the dark corners of your own head.

Live FOR the people you love

You’re gonna be okay. Don’t think too much about yourself or everything you’re lacking. Focus instead on the people you love or those that bring you joy. Reach out to them and break free. Don’t just live because of the people you love. Live FOR the people you love. Dedicate everything you do for them. Include them in your dreams. What can you do with you have to make them happy? What can you do with what you’re good at to make them happy? Be selfless, compassionate and understanding. Be the best version of yourself for a purpose beyond yourself.

What's the Point of Life? What's the Point of Anything? christian foremost

Let’s live FOR one another.

Yes, we’re all different people with different lives. What one person believes isn’t necessarily what the other does too. But what if we focus on what we have in common, instead of our differences? We may arrive at a common ground. You see, a problem to one person may be a solution to the other. We are all fighting our own battles in life, but won’t it be easier if we help each other?

Find your purpose in helping other people without expecting anything in return. You might not have any money or much knowledge in political issues and conflict, but you can start learning and begin by lending some of your time. You can utilize your skills and be creative in what you can do to help. Even with just the simple things, sharing your work and being there for people.

Live beyond yourself and be a part of a community that shares not only your cause but your mission. Let’s strive to make each other’s lives a little better in this inane society we’re all stuck in. And if we continue to work together, we might just make it better. If not for us, then for the next generation.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your mental health professional or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding your condition.

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What's the Point of Life? What's the Point of Anything?

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20 thoughts on “What’s the Point of Life? What’s the Point of Anything?”

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  2. bernardolaine

    Yess. Lahat tayo may purpose sa mundo kahit minsan parang wala but never give up! God is with us 💜

  3. With everything’s going on with me right now and all this heavy weight that I’m carrying, this post has lifted me up a little bit. Ang hirap maging selfless, compassionate and understanding. Whooo I’m an emotional wreck ngayon. Ugh grabe life!

  4. Indeed po! I think lahat ng makakabasa nito, mag-aagree talaga. Minsan talaga mapapaisip nalang tayo, kung ano nga ba ang silbi ng buhay natin dito sa daigdig but always remember, everything happens for a reason, lahat may dahilan all we need to do is to have faith in him, because he is the author of our lives. 😇💛💛

  5. don’t we just love reflective writings like this one? It also makes us question and reflect on our own thoughts… and make us strive to be better each time.

  6. This is timely since most of my friends are down and experiencing anxiety over the past few weeks. I will let them know of this blog post. The pandemic adds up to their sadness and loneliness which makes them more depressed and think of their life has no meaning at all. They feel like there is nothing better for their future. Thanks for this post! I am sure many of your readers will appreciate this and realize the meaning of their life.

  7. Hazel Salcedo

    Another eye-opener post!!! Kudos! Napa “oo nga” ako sa lahat ng sinabi mo. Very true especially the part where we have to live for others. That’s where true fulfillment comes in. That’s an unselfish act that many people should learn. Di puro para lang sarili nila.

  8. Kristine Gavilano VA

    Thank you for touching this subject. I believe the purpose of my existence is in glorifying my Creator, so it must show in every aspect of my life.

  9. I have asked these questions several times already in my 35 years of existence. Dumating yung point na I asked God to use someone exactly what am I here for. Pero naisip ko, paano ko naman malalaman if He’s really the one na nagsabi di ba? hehe Now, hindi ko na tinatanong, I have my son and husband and sa kanila na lang ako nagpo-focus.

  10. We have those moments where we feel the same way. Now that I have kids, I feel I have more reason to live life for them. Yes, I feel tired but I also want to give them the chance to explore life.

  11. Louder please. For some time I’ve been asking also What’s the Point of Life? What’s the Point of Anything? If we’re gonna all die in the end, and the holes dug for us in the ground are all the same size. It feels like I wanna be a kid again, that I only have to deal with little problems. But now that I aged it feels like I have to strive to thrive for everyday and provide my needs and my family’s. Parang nabubuhay na lang para mag work to earn and provide hanggang tumanda. Well, siguro ito yung point na nafifeel mo na parang existential crisis to then eventually malalampasan mo rin sa tulong ng ibang tao, makikilala mo at makakasalamuha mo na magtuturo sayo na there’s more to life aside from your regular routine. Hindi nga natin alam bakit nga ba hinihintay lang ni Juan bumagsak ang bayabas kaya nasabi na lang natin na tamad sya. Siguro dahil hinihintay nya si Juana na pipitas para sa kanya at magbibigay ng meaning sa buhay nya. Haha

  12. www.WanderWoMom.com

    lakas ng tama sakin.. for a while now.. im trying to be strong and to keep what’s supposed to be kept. pero minsan ayoko na. madalas pala ayoko na. i just try my best to live for the one person i love the most, my son. sya lang sapat na.

  13. “Live beyond yourself and be a part of a community that shares not only your cause, but your mission. Let’s strive to make each other’s lives a little better in this inane society we’re all stuck in. And if we continue to work together, we might just make it better. If not for us, then for the next generation.”—But, to preserve out brains and emotions, we must learn how to choose our battles. Goodluck and Iloveyou, bff.

  14. I can feel the emotions applied to this article, seems like a reflection of your own deep thought or propably your sad experience? Good thing you were able to use this platform to express them. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

  15. I can’t describe my admiration for your content. It’s basically a mind opener to everybody especially to those who are not appreciating the life that they have. I think some people are not living their life, they’re just existing. Existence and Living are too different things. We are here to live, to experience life the way we want it… Life is beautiful in general, we must always be grateful

  16. The generation before us seemingly has created a ready pathway for us and defined what is success for them, not knowing, the applicability to the new generation. Since the age of information, many individuals are creating their own path, against the paradigm, and finding their happiness and purpose.

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