7 Weirdest Everyday Things that I Own and Love

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I admit, I’m an impulse buyer, especially when it comes to online shopping. When I see something that I want, it only takes reading a few good reviews and then, I’ll add it in my cart and proceed to check out. Then, I wait in agony day-by-day until my package comes in the mail after a few weeks.

7 Weirdest Everyday Things that I Own and Love

I’ve bought some pretty weird things from the internet, but I have no regrets purchasing any of them like at all!! Hell, I’d even recommend all of you to go get these items for yourself. I legitimately use them every day and they’ve become a part of my mostly “maarte” lifestyle.

This week I’ll be sharing with you guys, 7 Weirdest Everyday Things that I Own and Love. I’ve also filmed a  video for this in my Youtube channel which you can watch below.

This is not a sponsored post at all. I just really wanted to share with you guys these amazing and unusual treasures that I found. I’ve hyperlinked the items as well. You can just click and be redirected to an online store if you’re thinking of buying any of them for yourself or loved ones.

7 Weirdest Everyday Things that I Own and Love

1. Stojo Collapsible Cup

You might have seen this particular cup when I Rated Starbucks’ Secret Menu from my last blog. When I used to go out to coffee shops during the weekends to write, I always make it a point to have my iced coffee served in a reusable cup.  You know, reduce disposable waste and save the earth.

stojo cup

The Stojo cup is super portable. It folds into more than half the size it’s and you can just easily pop it in and out of your bag whenever you want to use it or put it away. I mean, it even has a bendable straw which is just so cool!

I love the Stojo cup so much like even when now that I don’t go out anymore because of quarantine, I still use it every day. I enjoy my 3-in-1 powdered coffee in my Stojo cup when I start off work every day, just to have even a bit of that Starbucks or coffee shop experience. Hahaha.

2. Grafen Edge Finger

Now, I’m not sure if you’ve seen the viral ad from Facebook about this product. But the first time I saw this, I bought it right away. I thought that it was the solution to all of my problems. Well, scalp problems anyways…

So the Grafen Edge Finger has soft silicone bristles that just really get in there. It combs through the strands of your hair no matter how long it is and reaches your scalp. It’s very satisfying and relaxing the first few times that you use this product. I do honestly think that the type of shampoo or hair treatment that you use will be a huge factor in deciding whether this product is effective or not. Or if it will “solve all of your problems”. Haha.

3. Metal Tongue Scraper

Another weird thing for hygiene. So, I bought this tongue scraper because of a traumatizing video I saw from Buzzfeed. Your tongue can accumulate germs and have this thick white or yellowish covering. They also said that aside from brushing your teeth and flossing, you also have to scrape your tongue regularly.

Let me tell you, it is super satisfying to scrape your tongue. And after just a few days of scraping, you’ll be able to see that pink plush color of your tongue again. Another bonus is scraping your tongue helps prevent bad breath.

4. Ergonomic Mouse

So for those of us who are working a boring office desk job for 8 hours a day, I really think that this product will help a lot. You might notice when using a normal mouse that your wrist gets strained, especially during long hours.

An ergonomic mouse positions your hands vertically, which relieves a lot of pain or discomfort in your wrist. I’ve been using my mouse for years now and I’ve never felt that discomfort again. This also prevents developing carpal tunnel and kinda looks like you’re holding someone’s hand which is so sweet in a sad, sad way. Hahaha.

6. Bluetooth Keyboard

As I mentioned before, I used to do a lot of my writing and editing for my blog outdoors in coffeeshops. So during the days when I do not want to bring a heavy laptop inside a big bag, I bring my Bluetooth keyboard instead. It’s less bulky and could fit a significantly smaller bag. You also don’t have to constantly worry that it might get stolen while you commute.

I also always bring my keyboard even when I’m just meeting friends outside. I tend to always be exaggeratedly early, so instead of waiting for my friends,  I just whip out my keyword and get to writing. I connect it to my phone, open my One Note App or Journey: Cloud Diary and type away wherever and whenever I want. They even sell foldable ones now that can fit the tiniest bags you have. Totally worth it for my fellow bloggers out there.

6. HydroFlask

So this isn’t weird at all. I’m sure you all have this and the only weird thing is how often I drink water. I drink water whenever I possibly can, especially before in the office. If I’m bored, I drink. If I’m busy with work, I drink. I drink so much that it’s become some sort of a mannerism. Of course, so was my often trips to the bathroom.


Drinking water is good for you and yes, I always want my water cold and have that satisfying “ahhh” experience. Your hydro flask doesn’t have to be expensive or unique because well, we’re all drinking the same thing aren’t we?

7. Boyfriend Pillow

Yes, I have a boyfriend pillow. This is probably the weirdest thing that I have which l am not ashamed of. To be fair, I did not buy this for myself. But, I probably would have considering my uhmm, loneliness *ehem*. My bestie, Imee was actually the one who bought this guy for me during my 21st birthday and I’ve slept with it every day since.

Since I will never have a boyfriend and no one will ever love me and I’ll probably die alone, I think this is just what I need. It’s really comforting to sleep with this. The arm is supposed to go around your neck, but since I’m a hugger, I just hold it tight and lay my head on its chest. Sometimes when I’m in that mood and you know, crying over specific people, I just hold his hand and I know that I’ll be okay. Then, I drift away to sleep with sweet sweet dreams.

This guy has had a lot of names, but now I call him “Sarawat” from 2gether: the Series, a Thai BL drama. I mean, I’m allowed to obsess over fictional guys okay.

Soooo uhm, Thank you for reading!

So yeah at this point, I feel like I’ve maxed you guys out on the weird already. Oh, please feel free to judge. Hahaha. I definitely have an odd personality and these unusual items just complement that. They make my everyday a bit easier and a hell of a lot more fun and interesting.

So, I hope you guys enjoyed going through this list with me. It was really fun telling the stories about these weird objects and see, I do have reasonable explanations for buying them!

Did you see anything that you would like to have yourself? Which one was the weirdest item for you? Do you also have other weird or unusual things that you own and use every day? Please do share them in the comments. I might just buy them for myself.

Do I even have money left though? Nope I do not! Hahahaha.

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7 Weirdest Everyday Things that I Own and Love

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27 thoughts on “7 Weirdest Everyday Things that I Own and Love”

  1. naaliw ako sa bf pillow mo… i also have that shampoo brush but I let my son use it now (sana lang he does use it, lol).

  2. I like the Stojo Collapsible Cup. It is portable and a space saver. The weirdest is that metal tongue scraper. Better use plastic-type scraper. The design of the mouse is nice but it looks bulky.

  3. I need that stojo cup! I have always wanted to buy myself one but it is too expensive. Good thing I have saved enough naman na to buy myself one at the moment. Will let you know if i did!

  4. Hazel Salcedo

    I enjoyed watching your 1st official official vlog hahaha! You explained the items in a fun and personal way! Kudos!! 😀 I want the collapsable cup but I think it’s not based here in the Philippines… or you know a local reseller? Let me know! Also, that boyfriend pillow looks so interesting! It’s a great gift idea too! Hahaha!

  5. I don’t think they’re weird at all! They all seem quite useful and they serve their purposes well. I chuckled at that boyfriend pillow, though 😂

  6. Siyeet! Tawang-tawa ako sa boyfriend pillow. Nakakatawa yung sa YT mo. Aside sa pagbabasa ko ah. Pinakanormal na yung hydroflask, iwas heat stroke. This game me an idea na magbagraid ng sarili para malaman nilang lahat na hindi isang sako ng buhangin yung nasa loob ng bag ko. Hahaha!

  7. ADD TO CART! Hehe. I’m an impulsive buyer (well, kinda) and I also like to try interesting things that can be bought online. I wanted to get a bluetooth keyboard before but was not able to really buy one. Now I am thinking about it again. 😀

  8. www.WanderWoMom.com

    nakakatuwa mga “weird” stuff mo pero puro naman pang self care ha!!! esp yung boyfriend pillow aliw ako me mas mahaba nyan yung mga pang buntis. dapat yun buy mo para kasama dantayan!

  9. I love the collapsible cup! Very useful and handy. For the edge finger, I am tempted to try that but with my intense falling hair, I think I will be bald if I will use that. Hahah

  10. I love online shopping and I enjoy discovering new products online. I recently purchased an ipad keyboard that has LCD lights built on it. According to the manufacturer the keyboard battery will last for 5 years without charging it. The color is pink too that matches my ipad case as well. I love the bf pillow and the mouse pad as well.

  11. Ako rin! Lahat ng cute na makikita ko online binibili ko kahit di ko kailangan hahaha. Pero gusto ko talaga yung cup! Ang cute. Pero naloka ako sa boyfriend pillow! LOL

  12. Hahaha.So weird nga.I like Stojo Collapsible Cup and Metal Tongue Scraper.Sana meron sa Shopee nyan.Thank you for sharing this.

  13. Thinking to own now a bluetooth keyboard like yours. especially, there are moments outside home that writing muscles would flex unexpectedly. 100% – I am searching in Lazada or Shoppee for a good review one!

  14. Apakaarte hahaha. Well eto mga weird talaga, first yung Metal Tongue Scraper, never in my mind pumasok to find anything online to clean my tongue kasi I’m using my toothbrush also to clean it haha, and nagka idea na ko now. Second, yung Ergonomic Mouse, ngalay na din ako minsan e kaka scroll napatingin tuloy ako sa wrist ko baka I’m starting to develop carpal tunnel haha. Third, Hydro Flask, I’m just curious if mapapa “aaaahhh” rin ba ako sa paginom jan hahaha. Lastly, yung Sarawat Pillow mo, pa give away ka naman kahit Tine Pillow hahaha. Enjoyed reading this btw. Tawa lang ako ng tawa coz like I can hear you hahaha

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