List of Inspirational and Motivational Filipino Advice Podcasts on Spotify

List of the Best Inspirational and Motivational Filipino Advice Podcasts on Spotify!

Podcasts are a whole lot of fun and Filipinos are not arriving late to the party! So many Filipino creators or podcasters have been recording and releasing episodes regularly on your favorite streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, etc.  And for this blog, I wanted to share with you guys some Filipino Advice Podcasts about Inspiration, and Motivation. We will also feature podcasts with Candid Conversations, those that promote women empowerment, and also some with a comedic touch that still revolves around inspiration and motivation.

List of the Best Inspirational and Motivational Filipino Advice Podcasts on Spotify!

For this blog, we are keeping it simple and sticking to one of the most common types of podcasts there: Advice Podcasts. People give advice on all sorts of things like life, inspiration, motivation, personal development, relationships, self-love, etc. I don’t know about you, but I like it when people talk about life and share their experiences because you can get so much insight and learnings from the experiences that others go through. You may not know the podcast hosts, but there’s just something about this audio platform that makes the experience more personal and raw. Whenever I listen to advice podcasts, I feel like I’m getting to know the host as a close personal friend. I also get to absorb information better because I’m being entertained at the same time. It’s kind of far more effective than sitting through formal online courses or lectures.

Inspirational Filipino Advice Podcasts on Spotify

The Big Opening with Christian Foremost

Filipino inspirational podcast

About The Big Opening with Christian Foremost: This is an open-journal podcast about being vulnerable with our feelings and the discovery of our true selves. I’m Christian Foremost, an openly gay Filipino Blogger/Writer and mental health advocate. Listen to my podcast and join me as I try to unlock the many aspects of oneself, and unfold life lessons by asking only the hardest existential questions to my guests! By opening ourselves up and also being open to other people’s perspectives, do we have meaningful and profound conversations that inspire us to change for the better.

Yeah, I’m starting with my podcast. I’m sorry. Haha. For anyone who wants to hear raw and personal stories about my struggles with mental health and also some really profound interviews with people from different walks of life, you guys should definitely go and check out my podcast. We talk about life, personal growth, passion, online dating, finances, travel, and parenthood (WTF? I’m NBSB. LOL,). I’m really proud of it and I’m so excited to create more content, hoping that my stories and those of my guests will inspire you to get through this thing called life.

Asking For a Friend with Hannah Ty

Asking For a Friend with Hannah Ty

About Asking for a friend with Hannah Ty: “Asking for friend” is a humorous line usually used when someone wants to ask something but is shy or afraid to feel embarrassed, so they pretend to ask on behalf of another person. Hence, this podcast aims to answer questions some are usually hesitant to ask and encourage them to engage in adulting conversations. Join Hannah Ty in her solo podcast journey as she interviews inspiring people about adulthood!

Ang Batang 90’s Podcast

Ang Batang 90's Podcast

About Ang Batang 90s Podcast: It’s a podcast about managing adulthood and all of its obligations. It offers straightforward, relatable advice that can help you as you enter adulthood. Ang Batang 90s Podcast is part of the BUNK Collective.

So Odd with Scods

So Odd with Scods

About So Odd with Scods: An artist has their own world. What’s it like to be in their shoes? And how to handle life’s oddness? Meet Scods, an artist that will make you see the quirks of being creative, feel good about yourself, and ROARRRRR your inner voice!

1v5 Podcast with Emerson Cerrado

1V5 Podcast with Emerson Cerrado

About 1v5 Podcast with Emerson Cerrado: This is a Podcast Project of Emerson Cerrado (Tarapadkas with Candy, Sham & E). Where he will ask guests the same set of questions every episode. Through these 5 questions, we hope that the audience would learn something from our guests on how to navigate the peaks and valleys of life.

Hey, Sizt!

Hey, Sizt!

About Hey, Sizt!: Hey, Sizt! is a podcast of real talk, no holds barred casual conversations on thought-provoking issues about women, LGBT+, and society.

Struggles of a Twenty-Something with Marge Villaester

Struggles of a Twenty-Something with Marge Villaester

About Struggles of a Twenty-Something with Marge Villaester: One where a 20 something Libra woman blabbers about the most random things such as self-care, adulthood, lifestyle, and other things that 20 or so people are struggling with.

Empowering Mindsets Podcast

Empowering Mindsets Podcast

About Empowering Mindsets Podcast: You are looking for something to make sense of what’s happening, pero not the type na puro “survivor bias” lang at anecdotes na irrelevant sau. Join certified Master Life Coach Mix Legaspi with more than two decades of counseling experience to deliver messages that matters and bring you science-based, actionable zero-cost proven frameworks to empower you in living life by YOUR own design.

The Carl Aquino Experience Requiem

The Carl Aquino Experience Requiem

About The Carl Aquino Experience Requiem: Unhinged, unfiltered, and totally serious interview sessions conducted by Carl Aquino of The Banyo Podcast Reflushed. Uploads on the 15th and 30th of the month. Interviewing done right.

Paano Ba ‘To: The Podcast

Paano ba to podcast

About Paano Ba ‘To: The Podcast: Learn something new with every listen as Bianca Gonzalez helps find answers to your questions, speaks with inspiring individuals and shares stories about life!



About DEEPtalks: Hi, ito ang DEEPTALKS. Ang Podcast kung saan MAHALAGA KA at dahil mahalaga ka kailangan mo muna MAG PAHINGA.

Small Talk! With Alec Cuenca – Motivation & Mindset Podcast

Small Talk! With Alec Cuenca - Motivation & Mindset Podcast

About Small Talk! With Alec Cuenca: Small Talk is filled with small conversations with huge impact. This podcast brings thought-provoking talks with some of the most insightful and inspirational minds in the world. This podcast is for everyone who wants to be the best version of themselves.

It’s an Adult Thing!

it's an adult thing podcast

About It’s an Adult Thing!: Let’s figure out adult life together since it wasn’t taught in school. Join us, Nica, Carla, & Azl, as we exchange stories, questions, and sometimes expert advice on adulting, self-development, well-being, and more because IT’S AN ADULT THING!

Adulting with Joyce Pring

Adulting with Joyce Pring

About Adulting with Joyce Pring: The How-To’s of your 20’s, by a 20-something, traversing through life expectantly, and with gusto!

The 80 Percent

the 80 percent podcast

About The 80 Percent: Hi, my name is Fitz Villafuerte. I’m a Registered Financial Planner and a financial literacy advocate based in the Philippines. This podcast is about learning smart money habits and the proper mindset to achieve financial success. 


Chill talks podcast

About ChillTalks: Let’s talk about anything over a cup of coffee. Just a guy voicing ideas or sometimes asks help from guests and hopes you learn something from it.

The Huddle Room

The Huddle Room podcast

About The Huddle Room: We are Abi, Dar, and Ira. Being quarantined robbed us of the chance to have daily encounters and meaningful conversations with people and so we are bringing this kind of interaction in this podcast. A place where we give you room for connections, life realizations with laughter in-between – welcome to The Huddle Room!

Wake Up with Jim & Saab

Wake Up with Jim & Saab

About Wake Up with Jim & Saab: Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona started one of the first local podcasts back in 2018. From debates about trashy reality shows to talking about the importance of voter registration, they have cultivated quite an engaged community who have dubbed them their /podparents/. Jim and Saab may be the ones doing the talking but they definitely make their listeners feel heard. In 2020, they became one of only nine podcasts in the Philippines to become Spotify Exclusive, allowing them to provide a better listening experience and reach a wider audience through the platform.



About skypodcast: Sit back, relax and listen in. From candid conversations about life, relationships, and family to memorable misadventures in between- this is Kryz and Slater, unplugged and uncensored.

Kwentuhang Pilipina

Kwentuhang Pilipina

About Kwentuhang Pilipina: Kwentuhang Pilipina is a podcast hosted by Cleo, the founder of Hiraya Pilipina. We aim to converse with different Filipinos around the globe for their inspiring “kwentos.” In addition, it is a community that aims to be a safe space for everyone to listen and be heard. We want to engage with an audience that interacts with each other and are open to sharing their stories.

Ask Say: The Podcast

Ask say podcast

About Ask Say: The Podcast: Say Tioco shares everything life has taught her so far about life, love, sex, and relationships.

Boiling Waters PH

boiling waters ph

About Boiling Waters PH: All about purpose, pains, panliligaw, manhood, relationships, memes and humor. BW will talk about stuff na ayaw niyong pag-usapan pagdating sa relationships. 

The Eve’s Drop

the eve's drop podcast

About The Eve’s Drop: Women talk. And it gets real. There will be drama. There will be truth. There will be questions. There may be some tears and more laughs. This is what happens when women talk.

The Linya Linya Show

the linya linya show

About The Linya Linya Show: Linya-Linya founder and writer Ali Sangalang host this comedy-na-may-kabuluhan show based on the daily experiences of Filipinos. Imagine being with your own Pinoy barkada, with endless kwentuhan, kulitan, and hiritan– plus loads of laughs, tons of puns, and nuggets of wisdom. Yeah! This is the Philippines. Join the fun!

I wanted to feature Filipinos Podcasters because we have unique stories worth sharing and a creative way of storytelling. With us being bilingual, switching between English and Filipino and all. For fellow Filipinos out there, I would encourage you to listen to and support Filipino Podcasters because they have so much wisdom and are super relatable and down to Earth. I swear that you will love them!

Podcasting Has Been so Fulfilling!

I’ve listened to podcasters who have all mentioned how having a podcast has been such a fulfilling experience. I have a podcast so I can say that recording and editing episodes aren’t as easy as one might think. So much work and hours go into producing episodes, especially when you have guests, but it is so worth it!

List of the Best Inspirational and Motivational Filipino Advice Podcasts on Spotify!

As podcasters, we get to have meaningful conversations with other people that we sometimes don’t get the chance to have in a normal day-to-day setting. I’ve had breakthroughs during my podcast interviews with people and I even get surprised by the words coming out of my mouth sometimes. Each person has unique experiences that they want to share and perspectives that you can really learn a lot from if you just listen and keep an open mind.

Welcome to the World of Filipino Advice Podcasts!

Another great thing about podcasts is it’s preferable to listen to them while you’re doing something else. I personally listen to podcasts during those unbearable hours at work where I feel like my brain is shutting off.  You can try listening when you’re doing those boring tasks that require minimal brain functions while doing household chores, driving long distances, and maybe even taking a long run. It’s such a productive way to pass time that would have been wasted with your brain being idle. It keeps your brain active and weirdly makes you feel like you have company. 

List of the Best Inspirational and Motivational Filipino Advice Podcasts on Spotify!

The podcast community in the Philippines is quite small at the moment so I strongly encourage you guys to go and listen and influence your friends to start listening as well. Let’s support Filipino Podcasters and make this community boom! Let’s listen to their podcast episodes, share their content, and spread the fun of podcasting all around!

Of course aside from all of these podcasts, make sure to listen to my podcast: The Big Opening with Christian Foremost. I’m so proud of all of the episodes that I’ve put out. They’re not perfect, but I feel like I’ve improved through each episode and it has really pushed me in a lot of ways especially with my speech and quick wit as well. Stay tuned guys because the world of podcasting is oh so exciting!

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List of the Best Inspirational and Motivational Filipino Advice Podcasts on Spotify!

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