Try Baking this Christmas with these 7 Easy Treats!

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Doesn’t baking from scratch almost seem like magic? You can transform a lump of ingredients into a delicious treat that always gets all the kids excited. I think of baking as more of a science though. The ingredients you mix together will react to the heat of the oven and shape your creation. You have to be precise with all of the measurements and perform the steps properly and in order, as to what the recipe dictates. It does take a few rounds of practice and experimentation on your part until you get the recipes right.

And since Christmas season is here once again, what better time to try baking, right?

Be the star of the party and spread the holiday cheer to your friends and loved ones by letting them have a taste of your sweet creations. You will be ready for the onslaught of office parties, get-togethers with friends, family reunions and especially potlucks!

This week we’re listing down 7 Easy and Simple Treats you can try making, perfect desserts for this festive celebration! I’ll be sharing the links to the recipes gathered from several blogs that I’ve personally used a bunch of times and the pictures of how my creations turned out. They’re fit for beginners and the ingredients are also simple and inexpensive. You will be needing an oven though for all of these.

Try Baking this Christmas with these 7 Easy Treats!

1. Brownies

Click the link to open recipe from

Always start with brownies, when you’re going into baking without any prior knowledge, background or practice. They’re the easiest to make and serve. You just have to pour the batter onto a pan, put in the oven and then, slice them up when they’re done!

You can easily make a ton of batches and give them up or serve them to your family. You shouldn’t even be surprised when they’re all gone after a few minutes. They’re so good. I like this particular recipe because it actually tastes similarly to the brownies serve in KFC.

To give it more of a wist, you can also try this Cream cheese Brownies Recipe from Persnickety Plates.

cream cheese brownies

2. Butterscotch Blondies

butterscotch blondies
Check out this Recipe from Jen’s Favorite Cookies

Butterscotch is also simple, but is a treat that can be addicting. This was a bestseller when I used to sell my baked goods to my classmates in college. It can be quiet tricky to make though because you have to make sure it’s not too thick or thin. I also suggest cutting them up a bit smaller, maybe bite-sized.

3. Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate chip cookies
Check out this Recipe from All Recipes

Nope. I don’t even need to tell you guys how delicious these cookies are. You can just see that from the picture yourselves. We even used Hershey’s chocolate chips. Ugh. Cookies are best freshly baked out of the oven, but these ones are still so soft and chewy for days. Rather than buying from a store or coffee shop, just bake a batch and you’ll get more cookies for yourself. Enjoy! Hahaha

4. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

oatmeal raisin cookies
Check out this Recipe from Betty Crocker

If you want something sweet, but want to feel like you’re being healthy in some way, just eat oatmeal cookies. Most people don’t like raisins, but I loved them. Like, I would literally buy a pack and much on them while watching. These cookies are also perfect with coffee or just a quick snack to get you full right away. They also keep very well.

These are Perfect for Gifts, or Giveaways

patricia barbero

More or less, a recipe can produce a batch that is too much for one person or even a family to consume. There tends to be a lot of excess and instead of them going to waste, why not give them away as gifts to your friends or family this Christmas? Put them in boxes, plastic containers or even pouches and hand over to your friends. (We buy packaging in Chocolate Lovers in Cubao, but now you can order them online through Shopee or Lazada) These baked goods can even be a great gift of an entire family. They can all share and enjoy. Don’t forget to mention that you made it yourself. I mean sure they’ll appreciate it even more.


My specialty were cakes. I would suggest investing in at least a hand-mixer before attempting to slay this beast. Cakes are quite a challenge because you have to be patient and wait between every steps and it can’t even be eaten yet even when you’re done . They are are very time consuming and honestly exhausting. You need a lot of practice before even producing a good enough looking cake. It is really more of an art and it’s a bonus that is very delicious. The process is very satisfying and you’ll really feel proud of yourself afterwards when you look at the finished product, and get to look at your friend’s reaction after that first bite.

5. Mini Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

chocolate mini cupcakes
Check out this Recipe from All Recipes

I would suggest serving mini cupcakes during parties or gatherings because most people won’t be able to finish regular sized ones especially when they’re full by the end of the meal. By having bite-sized ones, they could just get as many as they could eat. The recipe makes very moist chocolate cupcakes and you can also put whatever flavor of icing you want.

It takes practice and a certain technique to make the perfect consistency for icing to stand on your cupcake. You’ll figure it out though and it is super fun to pipe up those crowning swirls.

You can also try these other cupcake recipes. I recommend this Vanilla Cupcake Recipe from Life, Love and Sugar for very fluffy and moist cakes, almost as soft as clouds. There’s also this recipe from All Recipes for Red Velvet Cupcakes that you should try.

6. Christmas Sock Pull-Apart Cupcakes and Santa Claus Hat Mini Cupcakes

All Recipes for Chocolate Cupcakes

Pull-Apart Cupcakes is basically a bundle of cupcakes and you spread icing across the each one. During the party, you and your friends get to tear them apart and destroy the design. This is very fun to take to a party and also more convenient and easier than baking an actual cake.

The design above was actually something I came up with myself, just a bit of inspiration from a post in Pinterest. You can let your imagination go wild and make all sorts of figures. Pinterest is a haven of ideas. You just have to dive in.

7. Chocolate Cake with Oreo Buttercream Icing

oreo buttercream chocolate cake
Check out this Recipe for Chocolate Cake from Add a Pinch and Oreo Vanilla Icing Recipe from Num’s the Word.

If you want to make a statement, do it with a cake. It is such a pain to do, but it is all so worth it. I am so proud of that particular beauty right there. It took about more than 10 cakes over time before I arrived to something that looked as decent and clean that one. It was a bit of a sugar overload, but doesn’t it just look so good to eat anyway?

If you bring a cake that you baked to a party, you better own it. I’m sure everybody would like to have a taste or a picture with your wonderful and hard-earned masterpiece.

Give it a Try Already!

Do not be intimidated. You can do it. Making mistakes, failing or creating something that is barely even edible gives you the opportunity to learn and become better. That’s also the fun part. I mean, have you watched Nailed It on Netflix? It’s hilarious! And after some time, you’ll get the hang of things and even become an expert.

Get started by picking one of these 7 Easy Treat this Christmas season. Show off you skills to your friends or ask for their opinions. I’m sure they’ll love what you made or at least, appreciate your effort even if you admit that your creations didn’t turn out as perfect as you would have hoped.

Christian’s Secret Ingredient

I do have a secret ingredient I’m willing to share that makes the baked goods extra special! Christmas can get cold when you’re still single and alone. Where will you put that love you’re just so ready to give? Don’t let it go to waste and share it! Pour generous amounts of TCL or tender loving care into your mixing bowl before popping the batter into the oven. You can also ice and sprinkle in with a little kindness and serve with a smile.

christian foremost baker

Spread your warmth and magic to your family and friends because this is a season to be thankful for them. All you need is love and a few cups of sugar. Happy Holidays!

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Try Baking this Christmas with these 7 Easy Treats!


Wendyflor Palomo
oooppppssss, rmbr your gym efforts? hahaha… that’s admirable you can bake these. i used to bake but my husband and my sons don’t eat much so i ended up eating more than i should hihihi…. but this holiday season is perfect for baking time!

Abby Sung
Wow! That’s really awesome. I really wish I can learn how to bake and I enevy your for having that talent. Keep it up!

Blair Villanueva
Yay, as much as I watch my diet, I can’t say no for these delights. But seriously, so you make and sell them? This is lucrative kaching!

hindi ako marunong mag bake hahaha pero willing to try kaso siguro di muna ngayon. btw ang sarap ng mga nasa pics, pinaka bet ko yung cream cheese brownies!

Monz Delima Melecio
Thanks for sharing! Will definitely try the brownies and butterscotch! This is perfect for the season!

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