ASUL Taga- Alog Grand Concert ft. Ambassadors Noel Cabangon, Aicelle Santos and Ben&Ben

To culminate an incredible 2019 for Ilog Pasig, Taga-Alog invited us to the ASUL Grand Concert, celebrating the success of their many projects for the promotion and rehabilitation of the river with a night of Original Pilipino Music (OPM). The grand concert featured the Taga-Alog 2019 ambassadors: Noel Cabangon, Aicelle Santos and Ben&Ben, joined by local artists such as Talahib People’s Music, Kaleidoscope Eyes, and Gloc-9. Over 4000 people attend the event last November 9, 2019 at Rizal High School in Pasig City despite the pouring rain.

Taga-Alog is a creative campaign by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), Pasig RIver Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) and Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) aimed to use several art forms to promote Ilog Pasig as a space for cultural identity and collective memory. The campaign encourages everyone to be a “taga-alog”, or shakers of the community, spreading the word, joining the movement and participating in the advocacy to bring life back to Ilog Pasig. You, your family and friends can be ambassadors of change and together, we can work to turn Ilog Pasig’s now dirty grey waters to be clean and clear enough to reflect the blue skies above it. Let’s put color back into the river and that color is “ASUL”.

Welcome to the ASUL Grand Concert!

Hosted by Pepe Herrera and Yesh Burce, the night started off with a bang! Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto stopped by, greeted everyone and showed his support for this amazing movement for the river. It was great to see so many of our youth attend the concert and join in the cheers and applause as we voiced out our love and passion for the environment, also excited for the night’s line up of amazing songs and talented musicians.

ASUL Hosts Pepe Herrera and Yesh Burce
Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto dropping by to welcome the people to the event.

Awarding of Taga-Alog Workshop Winners

From dance, to film, to children story-writing, to song-writing, film making and many more, Taga-Alog sought to unlock the creativity of Filipinos and give them a channel to voice out their support for Ilog Pasig. Through several workshops and contests this year, they were not only able to help develop the amazing talent of the Filipino youth, but also showcase their art work to the public, spreading genuine messages of hope and change for the River. The several outputs were truly remarkable. We Filipinos are truly amazing and you’ll really find yourself feeling proud of being a part of such a passionate community.

Congratulations to the Winners of the Lagaslas Write-shop, WISIK Short Film Making and TampisAwit Songwriting Workshops for Ilog Pasig.

Suzzane Samson, the grand winner of the TampisAwit Songwriting Bootcamp I also wrote about, performed her winning song “Ilog Pasig Laban” to the public for the first time.

A Night of Music

Every single performance of the night was just spectacular and I bet that everyone who attended the concert would agree with me. Jaw-dropping and amazing, the musicians gave the audience an experience with passion-filled performances and many songs carrying inspiring message of change and hope for the environment, for the country and for one’s self.

Talahib People’s Music giving us a sweet taste of contemporary folk music.
KE (Kaleidoscope Eyes) jamming our favorite songs and melting our hearts.
Gloc-9 giving us those slick rhymes. I swear, the crowd went wild with every song! I mean, how can you not?
Taga-Alog Ambassador, Aicelle Santos singing us her soulful music that hits right in the feels.
Taga-Alog Ambassadors, BEN&BEN rocking our night away.

Clapping, cheering, dancing, lifting hands up and swaying with lighted phones up in the air as we sing along, I can say that we were all moved. They ignited the fire inside us, wanting the to restore Ilog Pasig’s beauty. One day, Ilog Pasig will be clean enough for the next generation to swim in or even drink!

Let’s Be Taga-Alog Ambassadors and Do Our Part

All of us in the concert, swore our oath to become Taga-Alog Ambassadors, and River Warriors, to do our part for the environment as responsible citizens of the Philippines. We are all responsible and accountable for our wastes. There are so many ways we can do in our everyday to help save not only Ilog Pasig, but also the environment.

Taga-Alog Project Director Mr. Raul Alfonso leading the Oath, as the crowd pledges to be River Warriors and Taga-Alog Ambassadors

Incorporate Taga-Alog’s 6 R’s

Refuse, re-use, reduce, recycle, respect the environment and rehabilitate through the arts, this 6 R’s is Taga-Alog’s signature campaign, our mission as brand new ambassadors.

Everyone shared ideas on simple ways we can do to help. We can refuse single-use plastic and instead, bring our own straws, utensils and containers. We can also save more by packing lunch rather than eating out every day. When we do want fast food, we can choose to dine-in instead of taking out. We should not only throw our trash properly, but also segregate them accordingly to Bio-degradable, Non Biodegrade and Recyclable. Also instead of throwing things out, we can also considering Re-using, Reducing or Recycling them first.

There’s also so much more we can do! Be creative and think of other ways on how you lessen your waste and help save the environment. Even if these are simple things or little things, if everybody is disciplined and passionate enough to do them, then it would be such a big help to the environment and the future of our people.

Let’s continue supporting Taga-Alog and other activties for Ilog Pasig!

Thank you so much to all of Taga-Alog’s staff, organizers and partners. This is truly a great cause and we hope that you guys will continue this fight for our Ilog Pasig. Let’s encourage more and more people to join in the advocacy. This year has truly been wonderful and it’s also been an uplifting experience being there and writing about your many empowering campaigns. There is for sure so much more to come and 2020 will no doubt be amazing. Looking forward to it already. See you guys then!

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Blair Villanueva
Seems the concert became a huge success. Glad you had an awesome time and experience.

Abby Sung
Nice experience and seems you enjoyed it and the concert became a huge success.

Wendyflor Palomo
it’s good that the young mayor is showing his support for the project. mas makakaengganyo sya ng mga tao to attend and support the concert and the musicians. glad to see you happy in the event.

Monz Delima Melecio
Wow how I wish I was invited to that kind of event!

Nica Rivera
Congratulations for a successful concert! 😊

Mrs. Chubs Diary
This kind of program must be supported by our government so that our own music will still live in our hearts. Kudos to the people behind this concert!

Pasiguena here! congrats winnerS!

Erk Zek Ranoco Tolentino
wow! siguro ang saya jan that night, i love OPM and i love that the concert is for the Ilog Pasig.

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