Getting Out of Bed – The Greatest Struggle in Going to the Gym

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The greatest struggle in working out doesn’t happen in the gym, it happens in your bed: if you decide to get up and actually go. The challenging work-outs you put yourself through, you’ll push past and get better every time you do them. Getting out of bed on the other hand will always be this conundrum you have to face every single time.

Getting Out of Bed – The Greatest Struggle in Going to the Gym

The more times you snooze off your alarm and desperately try to get back to sleep though, the less likely you’ll actually get your body to get up and go. You’re just using up the time you could have been completing sets at the gym. The longer you stay laying down and scrolling through your phone, the more you’re giving up and intentionally letting yourself be lazy and unproductive. Before you know it, you have to get to work already and working out for the day is completely out of the equation. You might even carry this energy to your work and have to fight through the unwillingness of doing your tasks.

You’ll feel guilty and blame yourself for another day you skipped. You’re taking yourself further and further from your body goals, the more times you don’t show up for yourself. If you develop a habit of saying “maybe tomorrow”, the more you’re encouraging yourself to quit gym all together.

Make a Commitment with Yourself

Discipline and developing a strict daily routine is key. Whatever work-out routine you have set up for yourself will only pay-off if you get out of bed every morning and actually get to do them. We are all busy people, juggling so many things in our lives at once. I admit it can get a bit exhausting, but working out should be the opposite of that. It is your energizer and time away where you can just put your mind to rest for a while and let your body do the work. The accomplishment of getting out of bed and getting to the gym is enough to get you motivated and pumped, continuing to tackle whatever comes your way during the rest of the day.

Rise and Shine, Shine, Shine

It only takes that one swift motion of getting up to start your day right. When you hear that alarm, fight the urge to hit snooze. Don’t stall and just do it. Avoid spending the first few minutes of your waking hours, checking up on social media. Immediately get up and get out and put yourself to work. The struggle is over when you get yourself past the gym doors and onto the treadmill. Like the you’ll completely shed that heavy feeling of being lazy with every step you take and sweat that drips off your body.

Time is a luxury, so we have to be smart in managing it. Have time for the important things and cross off anything that let’s you be idle or unproductive. It’s all about actions and seeing yourself accomplish our goals with every effort you make. That doesn’t mean that you can’t rest though. Rest and recovery is important, but that should also be something you schedule appropriately.

Today is the Day. Claim it!

I guess, this isn’t entirely about working out. But in whatever goal you have in life, it starts with the decision that “Today is when I’m going to do it” and committing yourself to the steps it takes to achieve that. Discipline and sticking to the routine you created to develop a habit will stir your life in the direction you want it to go. Set yourself up or success by training yourself to choose what’s better for you every single day.

Your bed will always be there at the end of your day. And isn’t it just nice that even a good night sleep in your bed can feel so rewarding because you know that you’ve conquered another full day?

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Getting Out of Bed - The Greatest Struggle in Going to the Gym


Danica Airelle C. Marasigan
While working out is not applicable to me (hehe not a gym buff), I can relate with this in terms of procrastinating goals and things to do in my daily routine. I agree that pushing yourself is hard, specially if you feel like not doing it, but the rewards are great and results will speak for itself. 🙂

Jhelvee Cacho
Commenting as a student, I can relate with those tips especially on hitting snooze button haha. Every monday to friday, this is my problem (waking up early) huhu to attend class!

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