Trying Creative Writing Classes at Storywriting School with Dr. Joem Antonio

Can you call yourself a writer when you don’t have a college degree in Literature or Journalism? Should your talent and potential be evidenced by a piece of paper? Actually in the corporate world of resumes and job hunting that maybe be true.

I believe though that WE should define our own identity and purpose. Enrolling myself in a university for creative writing courses just to say that I’m finally reaching my dreams was super unrealistic. I had a full-time job I’d like to keep and I didn’t want to be back at school, stuck in a classroom trying to cram everything in my head, just for the sake of a numerical grade again. I so don’t want to be waiting for another graduation ceremony to tell me, “Oh now you can pursue your dream”. No. Trust me, there are so many other options out there you’d have to consider.

A man once said to me though that “a writer is one who can’t not write”. You can be good at writing, but afford not doing it. Writers need to write, the same way they need to breathe. Our minds are just brimming with ideas and our words need to flow out of us, creating worlds of our own. When Dr. Joem Antonio said those words at the start of our class, I knew that I made the right decision in attending his two-day writing workshop on Storywriting Basics: Story Design last March 2019.

You Have Options. Look Them Up!

Trying Creative Writing Classes at Storywriting School with Dr. Joem Antonio

I legit found his website, the Storywriting School in Google when I typed the words “writing classes Philippines”. After reading such excellent reviews from his Facebook page , I picked out the classes I wanted and reserved slots right away. This was at the start of the year when I finally committed to pursuing writing seriously, but wasn’t confident in my abilities at all. There was so much I struggled with and so much I didn’t know about writing techniques and creating stories.

Trying Creative Writing Classes at Storywriting School with Dr. Joem Antonio

Trying Creative Writing Classes at Storywriting School with Dr. Joem Antonio

My doubts quickly melted away when I sat down in class and listened as Dr. Joem basically solved all off the issues and answered all of the burning questions I had all of my years wanting to be a writer. I was in awe the whole time as I took in valuable lessons that for once, I was actually interested in. Oh, it was information overload and I was hanging by every word that came out of his mouth as I tried to write everything down.

He thought us about the structure of stories and various techniques and steps on how to write up our own from start to finish. The workshop itself was highly interactive. We were immediately applying all of his techniques as we slowly step by step created each of our own stories. Also, there was free flowing discussion because everybody is genuinely interested and tossed out questions and opinions of their own. We were not only learning from Dr. Joem, but we were also learning from each other.

Trying Creative Writing Classes at Storywriting School with Dr. Joem Antonio

I was surrounded by fellow creative writers of all ages and different backgrounds, but we all shared the love and passion for writing. It was the first time somebody asked about “what I was reading right now” and actually cared. I felt like I finally belonged with these group of talented people who had just brilliant minds and wild imaginations. We all chose to be there and we were just so eager to learn.

Trying Creative Writing Classes at Storywriting School with Dr. Joem Antonio

By attending the workshop, I finally saw things clearly. It gave me a brand new perspective when writing up new pieces or looking at my work again. The techniques and concepts I learned guided my writing processes without limiting my creativity. What I learned served more as a ladder with steps I needed to be mindful of to climb higher and higher. One won’t be great right away. You still have a lot to learn and a lot to work on, but as long you keep on writing, you can only improve and get better. I was so excited to finally write up series of creative pieces after that weekend workshop, and I hope I can share them some time with you.

What’s Your Passion? Look Up Classes and Sign Yourself Up!

I recommend signing up and attending workshops and classes because you’ll be excited to learn about something you’re actually into. You don’t need to commit more than a day or two of your life. And if you want, you can keep attending classes because there’s so much to choose from. Nonetheless, your money is worth it because you’ll get so much value from the knowledge and the experience you’ll be getting out of them. Don’t be afraid to learn and try out new things, because knowledge is power and the possibilities are endless.

Try Creative Writing Classes with Dr. Joem!

If you love fictional books and want to write stories of your own, and then I super recommend you to attend writhing workshops with Dr. Joem at the Storywriting School.

Storywriting School with Dr. Joem Antonio

Dr. Joem Antonio is an Eight-time Palanca Award winner and is currently teaching as a professor of Humanities, Literature and Theater Arts in the University of Asia and the Pacific.

The Storywriting School offers 12- hour (2 days) workshops on Storywriting Basics: Storytelling, and Story Design. They also offer 6-hour (1 day) courses on: Storywriting Basics: Characterization, How to Write Children Stories, Fables, Scripts for Theater, Love Stories, Sci-fi/Fantasy, Crime Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Horror.

Pick out the classes you want and schedule it on the corresponding date and venue on their website . Bring your laptops or writing tools of your choice because you will be doing a lot of work. Enjoy and see ya there classmates!

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Trying Creative Writing Classes at Storywriting School with Dr. Joem Antonio


Jean Ricamata
I really have to check this writing workshop. I do hope that it also comes in a minimal fee and flexi schedule. I have been wanting to write and attend workshops eversince thanks for this. It really inspires me.

Angelica Cortez Jose
I miss the writing classes I used to take in college. I feel like they not only help me improve my skills, they make me more observant of my environment, always looking for a story.

Cheri F. Blossoms
Continue to learn and be the very best that you can be Proud of you

Prado Arturo Navarro Bognot
Hey, I gotta say that what you learned from the writing workshop reflects on your blog, man! You do write in an engaging manner that prevents the “F reading pattern”, haha

May De Jesus-Palacpac
I’ve actually tried signing up more than twice already for Joem Antonio’s class but can’t seem to push through with it because of my kids’ busy schedule. I would really love to attend a writing class just for the fun of it, and of course, picking up new ideas.

Danica Airelle C. Marasigan
Agree that as writers, we really need to write and let it out. Good job in finding avenues to hone your skill more. Keep it up! Hope you learned a lot.

Camille Fornela
This looks exciting and fun for me! I’m always on the look out on how I can improve my craft. This is very helpful

Kathleen Navarro
That’s interesting. How much did it cost you and how’s the schedule? 🙂 is it a one day only?

Adventures with Docah
We love learning new skills! This post made us want to enroll and try this out! Love how they have other classes we can try as well. Will check it out soon!

Sherile Palmaira Guinto
I want to attend a creative writing seminar also. This is very interesting. Will check their website. Thank you for sharing.

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