S2E24: Regrets with Hideki Joseph, Dancer and Choreographer

Regrets, we all have them. Certain memories from the past haunt us to this day. If we only knew then what we know now, things would have turned out better.

For the season finale episode of the podcast, we’re talking “regrets” with my friend, Hideki Joseph, Freelance Dancer, and Choreographer. We learn more about Hideki and how he navigates regrets for Career, Love, and Life. I had such a fun time getting to know Hideki through our talk and I hope that good things are about to come our way!

We can’t turn back time, but we can move forward and learn from our experience. Use your regrets to grow, and become a wiser and stronger version of yourself. Maybe things happen for a reason and you’re exactly where you need to be.

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Hideki Joseph

6 thoughts on “S2E24: Regrets with Hideki Joseph, Dancer and Choreographer”

  1. We all have regrets, but learning to move on from them and learn from them is the most important thing. We can’t go back and change what happened, but we can do better in the future.

  2. I think most people have regrets. I believe it’s what all about learning from the mistakes we’ve made so that we don’t have regrets in the future.

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