An Overthinker’s Complete List of What to Pack When Travelling to the Beach in the Philippines

Contrary to my previous posts, there are a couple of upsides to being an overthinker, especially when it comes to traveling. You could count on us to bring everything you could possibly need on a trip or vacation. We think of everything and have already imagined every possible scenario that may happen. We’re one step ahead and prepared for any situation. Our bags may be heavy and we might have to pay for over-baggage at the airport, but you never know. We might just save the day!

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I recently went back to Siargao, my beloved beach destination and one of the ultimate surfing spots here in the Philippines. Booked for 2 weeks, I had to bring everything I could possibly need to survive on a tropical island. If you guys are planning a vacation trip to Siargao or any other beach destination here in the Philippines, I’ve got the ultimate list of what to pack. Trust me when I say that I thought of everything plus more!


Puro road trip and tourist stuff during my last couple of days in siargao. Literal na napagod ako sa daming ginawa. Will truly miss the island, but im glad to be home! #siargao #siargao2022

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I hope you guys enjoy the list. If you’re planning to go to the beach this weekend, you might pick a couple of items that you didn’t even know you needed to bring with you! I also included already links of the products in Shopee so you could immediately check out those items and have them arrive on your doorstep days before your actual trip!

An Overthinker’s Complete List of What to Pack When Travelling to the Beach


First things first! You need to protect that skin of yours. I’m sure you already have your preffered brand of sun block, both for the body and the face. Just remember to apply an ample amount every time you’re out in the sun. The heat is on another level on the island and you wouldn’t want to experince sunburns!

sunblock for the beach

Waterproof Band-Aid

If you are as adventurous as I am, you are probably going to get cut. There are also a couple of beaches that have a lot of sharp corals along the shores. In Siargao, we had so many reef cuts on our feet from surfing. It was a pain walking barefoot from then on. I would also recommend the waterproof kind of band-aid so that you could continue to enjoy swimming in the water.

Mosquito Repellant Lotion

Being out in nature, you’re exposed to mosquitoes and other kinds of bugs. I would sometimes be surprised every time I woke up and had my body covered with insect bites! Nature is beautiful and all, but it’s better to protect ourselves from the diseases or discomfort these bug bites might bring.

Mosquito Repellant Lotion

Surfing Rash Guard

You could surf with only trunks or a bathing suit, but our instructors always recommended we wear rashguards. This is so our skins won’t become red from the friction due to out repeated rubbing against the surfboards.

Surfing Rash Guard

Waterproof Phone Case

It’s almost impossible to be without our phones these days. We must bring it wherever we are. Having a waterproof case with you will not only protect your phone from getting wet and damaged, but it will also allow you to take pictures in the water or even underwater!

Dry Bag/ Waterproof Bag

At least one person from your friend group must bring a dry bag to store all of the electronics in! I totally recommend using these when you’re going out on an island hopping trip or when you’re going trekking to the falls. You can venture through waterways without worrying if your devices will get damaged from being wet.

Waterproof Belt Bag

I like this product because it’s very practical especially when you’re one of those people who don’t need to bring too much with you. I imagine you could go to a pool or beach party with this bag and not worry at all about your stuff getting wet!


You must bring a power bank because your phone will die and there are no outlets on the beach for your to charge your phone. What if a good selfie or picture opportunity arises and your phone is out of juice? With heavy-duty power banks, you wouldn’t even need to charge for days!

Beach Mat or Outdoor Picnic Mat

Laying on the sand is so uncomfortable without a blanket. Beach sand is also super hot that you’ll burn your but off if you sit directly on it. A beach mat is perfect if you want to go sunbathing or want to peacefully chill on the beach. It will also mark your territory where you guys can put your stuff on.

Towel Poncho

You need a towel to dry yourself off after a swim, but why not take it to the next level? I like these towel ponchos because you could dry yourself in fashion. It could also get quite cold when you’re coming up from the water so this also serves as a layer of warmth from the beach winds.


It’s quite a pain to have to squint your eyes as you watch the horizon. Sunglasses are a must when going to the beach especially if you’re going early morning until mid-afternoon. By sunset, take them off so you could watch the beautiful view of the sun going down.

Clip-on Sunglasses

For some of us who need to wear glasses to see, we just can’t put another pair of sunglasses on top of the ones we’re already wearing. I did that for years and I looked weird. Good thing there were already these clip-on glasses that were invented! It’s so easy to put on and so light to wear!

Portable Neck Fan – Hands-Free

I know the point of going to the beach is to get warm, but sometimes it’s too warm and we need that cool breeze. I totally adore this product because you don’t even have to hold it. It is completely hands-free and you could do whatever you want and still be cool from the head up!

Crocs or Slippers

Shoes are a no-no at the beach. You could bring any pair of slippers of your choosing, but I just love this specific pair of crocs. There were the only pair of footwear that I brought during my Siargao trip and I wore them everywhere! From walking along the shoreline, and island-hopping adventures, to going out on long scooter rides and late-night parties. Whatever I was doing, I could just trust that these crocs would be perfect for it!

Aqua Shoes

If you want to go out into the sea, you would probably step on corals that are not only uncomfortable for the feet but also painful. These aqua shoes can help you avoid reef cuts and steady your footing so you won’t slip! You always have to be careful when you’re out then in the sea. You might slip and hit your head- worst case scenario.

Beach Tote Bag with Cooler

Tote bags are the perfect kinds of bags to bring to the beach. You could quickly dump all of your things inside and then grab whatever you need out of it quickly as well. There’s just an additional feature that I like about this particular tote bag. There’s a small cooler compartment where you could store cool drinks! Imagine bringing a nice cool refreshing drink on a hot summer day at the beach!

Beach Hat for Women

Not only are these beach hats such a great piece for a nice beach pic, but they are also practical if you won’t want to wear sunglasses and just watch the beautiful shoreline!

Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are what I would recommend if you guys want to wear hats on the beach! There are even strings to make the hat fit snuggly on your head.

Mini Foldable Umbrella

I know you’re at the beach, but you could never really avoid it when it suddenly rains. I recommend still bringing your umbrella. This particular kind is nice because it’s so small that you could fit it in your pocket. It won’t take up too much space in your bag at all!

Insulated Water Bottle

You always have to stay hydrated and an insulated bottle is just perfect because you could always count that your water will be cold.

Travel First Aid Kit

Safety first and you’re really never sure when an accident may happen so it’s best to always come prepared. With a mini safety kit, you could attend immediately to injuries while waiting for help to come.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

You need music to have a nice good time at the beach. Bluetooth speakers that are loud enough for outdoors and are resistant to water and sand are the perfect kind to bring with you.

Waterproof Playing Cards

You could play so many games with cards and I suggest bringing this with you if ever you feel boredom settling in. Make it waterproof in case a big wave comes rushing in toward you and your friends.

Bottle Opener

Drinking is part of any beach trip and beer is a nice companion to a hot summer afternoon. You really couldn’t trust that anyone of your friends to bring this handy item for you. You also wouldn’t want them opening bottles with their teeth right? Best to bring a bottle opener with you just so you can drink your beers right away while they’re cold!


Anywhere you are, it’s also a good idea to bring alcohol so that you could sanitize yourself from the germs that your hands are picking up from the surfaces you touch.

Fingerprint / Keyless Padlock

Normally the place you’ll be staying at will have cabinets and there are locks on your doors, but if you’re extra paranoid like me, you’d want to bring a padlock. Locking your valuables inside a drawer or cabinet is a good idea especially if you’re spending time outside most of the day. I like a fingerprint or keyless padlock because you won’t have to worry about losing your keys. You could quickly grab your stuff whenever you need them. And, you could never forget your own finger print, right?

Portable Tripod, Selfie Stick, and Remote Control

Taking pictures is a big part of the trip and you couldn’t always rely on random strangers to pass by to take your group’s pictures for you. This is such a nice bundle because the selfie stick and the tripod also come with a remote control. You wouldn’t have to experience the hassle of setting the timer every time you want to take a picture.

Nail Cutter

I put the best for last. People don’t bring nail cutters when they’re on a trip. They never do and their fingernails grow super long and disgusting! This is a small item that would be no trouble to bring so make room for your luggage for it. You would make so many people happy by just bringing one of these. Trust me. You’re gonna be a life-saver.

I brought so many things during my 2-week beach trip to Siargao, but let me tell you that I had no regrets about stuffing everything in my luggage. I swear to God that I used everything. Some of the items on this list I’ll make sure to bring for my extended beach trips in the coming months. No need to worry about anything at all when you literally have everything with you.


Overpacking is a lifestyle pero lahat naman po nyan ginamit ko. Literal na ready for anything. Haha. Cant believe i inly have a couple of days left! #siargao #siargao2022 #whatsinyourbagchallenge

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That’s it! Everything is on this list and there’s really nothing else that you need aside from clothes. But if you are going to the beach, is there really a need to pack clothes? Go and be free my darlings! The island is waiting for you to experience all of its beauty.

Enjoy cause you absolutely deserve it!

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  1. Bedabrata Chakraborty

    A very comprehensive list. I am saving this for future use. Also consider carrying a waterproof camera or video to capture those precious moments.

  2. Sunblock goes for sure. And I laughed at the waterproof bandaid, but I can think of a couple of times where that would have surely come in handy at the beach and it doesn’t take up a bit of room!

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