Pros and Cons of Living in Texas During the Winter

Texas is an incredible state that has a long line of pros and cons year round.  In the winter, when the heat is at bay, it’s still not 100% a winner.  These are the top pros and cons of living in Texas during the winter.

Pros and Cons of Living in Texas During the Winter

Pro: Rarely Dips Below Freezing in Most of the State

Freezing weather isn’t the worst thing, but if you’re sick of snow, you’ll be glad to hear that most of Texas don’t see more than three inches of snow in the winter.  Even El Paso doesn’t get below thirty degrees often, which means you don’t have to fear several feet of snow suddenly falling any time soon.  This is great for northerners escaping the cold!

Con: Nobody Can Drive On Ice or Snow

Unfortunately, when it snows in Texas, nobody can drive.  The sight of snow or ice in this state leaves people with their own lack of practice, and there’s a sudden uptick in crashes and accidents.  These can add up quickly.  If you’re from the north and you’re not worried, saying you’re a pro at driving through snow, it’s different when other drivers on the road are making risky and dangerous decisions.  

The best thing you can do in the winter is to drive defensively and avoid driving during the top rush hours, especially if it’s actively snowing or raining on frozen roads.  

Pro: Short Winters that Make Mild Springs

The springs in Texas are usually mild and nice!  They allow you to relax and enjoy the fresh air while also getting to keep the heat at bay for a while longer.  Springs in Texas are also notoriously green, with wildlife and plants growing wildly and allowing for gorgeous surroundings anyone could enjoy. 

Con: The Power Grid Can Fail

As seen in the winter of 2021: the power grid can fail.  In 2021, over 4.5 million homes and businesses were left without power for multiple days.  At least 246 people were killed directly or indirectly by this, with some estimates going as high as 702 people.  Temperatures got far below freezing, and people had no water or heat and resorted to drastic measures to keep warm- not all of which worked.  

If you’re considering moving to Texas, it could be a good idea to invest in a backup generator for power.

Pro: Affordable Real Estate for All

If the cons are holding you back, this pro will seal the deal!  Nowhere is it as affordable as El Paso houses for sale in the winter.  These homes are affordable, spacious, and often gorgeous, built with an architecture that allows them to look like the missing puzzle piece of their neighborhood.  Although Texas has seen wild housing prices in recent years like the rest of the country has, it’s still far more affordable than many other areas.

There’s Nothing Like Texas During the Winter.

If you’re considering moving to Texas, but the winter is holding you back: don’t let it!  The winters here are mild for the most part, and the people here still get a great work-play balance through the winter.

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