Your Own Home Cinema with LUMOS RAY Projector – Review

Your Own Home Cinema with LUMOS RAY Projector - Review

Do you guys want your very own home cinema with just one push of a button? Well, you could do just that with the LUMOS RAY All-in-One projector! With streaming apps: YouTube and Netflix already built-in plus a powerful Dolby Audio speaker, you can get straight to watching your favorite shows on a screen that can go as large as 150 inches.

Your Own Home Cinema with LUMOS RAY Projector - Review

A Cinematic Experience at Home

Your Own Home Cinema with LUMOS RAY Projector - Review

Since the pandemic, we haven’t been able to enjoy movies on the big screen for a long stretch of time. Watching shows on our phones and laptops, as convenient as they may be, just doesn’t provide the same cinematic experience. I’m sure that you also miss being immersed in a film’s story, totally lost in the world of characters who are larger than life.  You’d like to have those eye-gasms from the stunning visual effects the directors meant for you to have from the big screen. Let me tell you that with the LUMOS RAY projector, you can have all those again and you wouldn’t even need to leave your home! 

Your Own Home Cinema with LUMOS RAY Projector - Review
I binged my new favorite Netflix series, Heartstopper with the LUMOS RAY Projector and it made the queer love story all the more magical!

Everything Packed in a Tiny Box

Your Own Home Cinema with LUMOS RAY Projector - Review

You wouldn’t have guessed that within its sleek and minimalist look, the LUMOS RAY packs quite a punch. It already has everything that you could ever need for any viewing experience. I was honestly surprised how all I had to do was switch it on and I could already watch whatever I wanted. There was no need to connect the device to my laptop or phone or to an external speaker. The projector connects to the WIFI itself and has its own sound system that was more than enough to fill the room. I am also not kidding when I tell you that the quality of the screen is clear as can be. The projector supports up to 1080p resolution and the 3000 lumens make the colors pop brighter than all those other projectors! 

Your Own Home Cinema with LUMOS RAY Projector - Review

Other Things that the LUMOS RAY Can Do

Your Own Home Cinema with LUMOS RAY Projector - Review

If you do want to connect the projector to your laptop, you can easily do that. An HDMI cable is also provided in the box plus adapters to connect to an external speaker for a louder sound. Aside from the remote control that’s provided, another cool feature is you can directly plug in any kind of mouse to the projector. Plugging in a mouse gives you control over a cursor which makes it easier to navigate around the projector screen. Another nice touch is the projector’s sturdy leather handle which makes it easier to carry around wherever you want!

All the Things You Could Do with the LUMOS RAY

I’ve been having so much fun with the LUMOS Projector for the last couple of weeks that I’ve had it. I’ve been more patient with watching series and movies on Netflix because I got to appreciate the visuals more from the bigger screen. My dim and cramped little room gets a complete makeover when I turn on my projector and I get to just settle in, relax and enjoy my shows. This projector would also be perfect for sleepovers or movie marathons with friends if you have them over. Imagine how intense watching a horror movie would be on this thing!

Your Own Home Cinema with LUMOS RAY Projector - Review

Another fun thing that I’ve done with the projector is using it as a second monitor when I work from home. There was one time when I had full-day training for the entire week. By the third day, nothing was entering my head anymore, so I tried connecting the laptop to the projector. The presentation of the speaker was spread across my room’s wall and the information was surprisingly easier to digest when they were laid out bigger in front of me. So yeah, for students with day-long online classes, I would recommend this for you as well!

Your Own Home Cinema with LUMOS RAY Projector - Review

One last thing that I did with this projector was to bring it to a teambuilding event I had with my workmates. There was zero hassle in transporting the projector, but I wouldn’t recommend using it in open-air areas with excessive lighting. The projector works best indoors in your room with the lights turned off. Nonetheless, it was still a great time using the projector at night watching quick music videos on YouTube, or singing along to Karaoke songs you could only find online.

Your Own Home Cinema with LUMOS RAY Projector - Review

Since its launch in the Philippines, the LUMOS brand has received many satisfied user reviews on its trusted website with hundreds of 5-star reviews. The LUMOS RAY is priced at only ₱8,999 and the RAY Smart at ₱11,999 with a 1-year local warranty. The LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector is now available for purchase directly from LUMOS Projector via their website at The company currently only ships locally in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore.

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16 thoughts on “Your Own Home Cinema with LUMOS RAY Projector – Review”

  1. galing! we had been doing projector movies na din until recently when cinemas are open again. my sons enjoyed doing movie nights at home.

  2. Blair Villanueva

    Nakakatuwa kasi ang linaw! Perfect for the family or even during sleepover parties with friends. Very handy pa.

  3. This is amazing! as in this clear talaga? or dapat sobrang dilim? I love the fact that you can esily carry it around with you anywhere! will check this on Shopee! thanks for the reco.

  4. This is a very cool project. It does have a lot of uses and it’s great that it is small and easily portable. It could be a nice addition to our entertainment area.

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