S1E17: Podcasting, Rest and Self Importance with Deep from DEEPtalks

Podcasting in the Philippines is new, but even as newbies, my guest, Deep and I already share the passion and sense of fulfillment from it. Deep in this episode shares about the birth of her podcast about rest and self-importance called DeepTALKS and how it has gotten her through these really trying times. Months of being locked-down because of the pandemic has forced us to isolate ourselves, overthink, overwork and spend too much time on social media. We have to remember that we shouldn’t push ourselves beyond our limit. Go on, take a break and take care of yourself because you deserve it!


Listen to our “Workaholic” collab episode on DEEPtalks: https://open.spotify.com/episode/7DaxPS5fV0l68h6NciG6FE?si=6e8219abf3894420

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Deep Deeptalks

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