S1E05: Let’s Talk about Sexuality with Artist/Activist, Chanel Pepino

We should all be talking about SEXuality! For this episode, we are joined by Artist, Activist, and openly bisexual woman, Chanel Pepino! Learn about what it’s like living as a queer person in a Christian-dominated country like the Philippines. We share about our closet experience growing up and our personal journey towards discovering and loving every bit of our gayness. The discussion kinda gets a bit heated, but all of words come from a place of love, love, love. Remember: whether a person is gay, straight, bi, lesbian, trans, asexual, or intersex, we all deserve to be treated with respect, be accepted into society, and be loved unconditionally.

You can check out Chanel’s artworks at https://www.facebook.com/ExhibitionByChanelPepino.

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Chanel Pepino

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