An Enjoyable Stay at Lampara Siargao – Hostel Review – JULY 2021

Disclaimer: This blog post about Siargao was written last July 2021, the information listed here may not be updated. Due to the Super Typhoon Odette that devastated the island last December of 2021, Lampara Siargao has temporarily closed. We are awaiting word as to when they will be reopened. Nonetheless, let’s encourage tourism and continuously support Siargao’s recovery.

During our 8 blissful days in Siargao last July 2021, we stayed in a beachfront boutique hostel called Lampara Siargao in General Luna. Lampara offers several choices of accommodation like Glamping Tents good for 2 pax, Mixed-Dorm good for 8 pax, and a Delux Cabin that can accommodate 4 pax. Lampara also has several facilities that guests can enjoy like the open kitchen and dining area, shared toilet and shower, upstairs hang-out area, and beachfront lounge. Lampara’s location is also ideal when staying in Siargao because it’s near Cloud 9, one of Siargao’s surfing spots, and it’s within a distance of many of the island’s best restaurants, cafés, and resorts.

lampara siargao glamping tents
Glamping Tents good for 2 pax
Lampara Siargao Mixed Dorm
Mixed Dorm good for 8 pax
lampara siargao common toilet and shower
Common Toilet and Shower

Aside from the wonderful amenities and the convenient location, what my friends and I really loved about Lampara is its charm and its people. Lampara is your home in paradise and we felt that the moment we checked in. We were welcomed with our names written on a chalkboard in several bright colors. It was a simple gesture, but it was really sweet and meant a lot to me personally. Lampara was gonna be our home for the whole week and we felt comfortable right away.

Lampara Siargao Welcome Board
Thanks Lampara for welcoming us!

We Love the Place!

We were a total of 6-pax and picked the Mixed-Dorm Room. The room was clean and has its own bathroom. They even have an incense lit up when we entered that room which is so relaxing after the stress of a flight. The bunker-bed was designed like a pod with curtains you can close if you want privacy. Each bed also has its own light and outlets for you to charge your devices. The room also has cabinets where you can store your personal belongings, but I would advise you to bring your own padlock. We had the room all to ourselves, but if you were traveling solo or with fewer pax, you might have to share the dorm room with fellow travelers.

lampara siagrao mixed dorm
Lampara’s Mixed Door Beds
lampara siargao mixed dorm bathroom
Lampara’s Mixed-Dorm Bathroom

There’s no food allowed in the rooms and eating isn’t allowed also. That’s why we are encouraged to use the open kitchen and dining area. You can store your food in the pantry selves or in the ref. As long as you label your food, no one is gonna eat them. Haha. You can also cook food here and use their complete set of kitchenware. Another cool thing about this area is they have a freezer filled with beer that you can get at any time. You just have to list your names and how many bottles you’ve gotten, and then pay when you check out.

lampara siargao open kitchen
Open Kitchen and Dining Area
lampara siargao hangout area
Upstairs Hangout Area

On top of the dining and open kitchen is their upstairs hangout area. This is where their wifi is located so this is the best place for anyone to work remotely. They have mats, cushions, and tables for you to get comfortable on. They also have some workout equipment, board games, and books because well, you could do whatever your feel like doing. My favorite spot here is the netted flooring directly on top of the dining table downstairs. Once you get past the initial reaction of being scared, you will find it kind of cozy. I like how I get twice the chicka because I could hear the conversations from both floors when I’m chilling on there.

hangout area lampara siargao
How most guys left me: Hanging, and I can’t let go. jk
work from home lampara siargao
Such a chill place to work remotely!

If you’re interested in renting scooters from Lampara, they have some available but you would need to reserve them in advance. Just remember to bring your driver’s license with you and wear your helmet and mask when you drive at all times!

We Love the People of Lampara Siargao

In Siargao, you can make friends everywhere. But in Lampara, you quickly become family with the staff and your fellow travelers. We’ve had dinners together and activities like that one bonfire by the beach on a drizzly evening. The fire barely managed to stay alive because of the rain so we were kind of drinking and talking in the dark. I might have drunk a ton that evening and was a bit too friendly with everyone. I do not recall most of the things I said that night, but I do remember handing out hotdogs and barbecues to random people. I had to crash early that night, while my friends stayed out longer and cooked the ramen that I brought with me from Manila.

beach front view lampara siargao
Beachfront view after Bonfire from the previous night
beachfront lampara siargao
Beachfront Lounge Area

We’d see the friends we made from Lampara on several instances throughout the day when we were going around the island. My friends and I would spend the whole day outside, but we know that we would always come back to Lampara and end up drinking with our mates. I even recall a random evening when my friends were resting in our room already and I came back out to apply some aloe vera on my sunburn. I ended up spending about an hour more just talking some more with my fellow Lamparans. They gave me a lot of advice about you know… being single and young. I was a rookie LGBTQ+ compared to them and I honestly learned a lot of the things I needed from that one conversation.

friends in lampara siargao drinking
Game Night with Lampara Friends

Up until this point, I think my friends and I still get separation anxiety from the friends we made in Lampara. Everyone is just so chill and fun to hang out with. That’s why I’m so thankful for Instagram stories because we can keep updated even at a distance. For our friends who haven’t left Siargao or Lampara, we can still see that they’re having the absolute best time even with the new people they meet. God, we miss Siargao. Can we come back already?

friends lampara siargao
Drinking with Friends at Mama Coco

Quick! Grab Promos for Lampara Siargao!

Lampara is very active on Instagram and they have flash promos offering up to 50% off! I recommend that you go follow them up so that you could get updated and grab the promos before they run out. Feel free to message them because they’re super accommodating. If you have questions or issues, you can directly communicate with them. Complications with reservations are also understandable because of the several lockdowns so rebooking your dates is okay.

Shout-out to Bea Vega who’s really helped us with our stay. We’ve booked with Lampara for more than a year before we actually arrived at Siargao, and she’s always been eager to help. When we were also in Siargao, she always recommended a number of excellent restaurants for us to try out. You can totally count on her. Thank you Bea!

why we love lampara siargao

It’s obvious that I love Siargao and had the absolute best time. Want to hear more about it? Well, you should check out Soul Searching in Siargao: 5 Lessons the Island Thought Me.

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An Enjoyable Stay at Lampara Siargao! - Hostel Review

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26 thoughts on “An Enjoyable Stay at Lampara Siargao – Hostel Review – JULY 2021”

  1. At my age, I’m not into hostels anymore, but this one definitely looks very nice. Simple, yet very cool. And it’s true that you meet nice people rather at hostels than 5*hotels 😉

  2. Ang ganda Naman po dyan sa lampara siargao isa talaga sa mga dream place ko po ay Ang siargao dahil Ang ganda talaga dito and nakaka relax pa ang mga view and sure na nakakawala ng stress 🥰 must visit talaga ito and perfect place to bonding with your friends or family 😍

  3. Wow! Sobrang ganda naman po dyan. Nakaka amaze po talaga ang place. Siguradong marerelax at mag eenjoy ka dito. Must visit po talaga dito sa Lampara Siargao perfect Staycation po talaga.. Thankyou for sharing this po Very recommended po talaga ito..

  4. Lizel Tejares Purcia

    Wow super ganda po ng place Truly highly recommended po talaga ang Siargao for staycation. Sulit na sulit po yong pagod sa byahe and syempre sulit na sulit yong bayad🤗😍
    Thank you very much po for sharing

  5. Wow, thisplace is stunning, love that it is so close to the beach. I like how it can accommodate a lot of people comfortably

  6. So people in America ALWAYS look at Darcee & I like we are crazy when we tell them that we stayed at a hostel. It may be because it isnt common here in the US but also because we are in our 40s! BUT I LOVE IT! There is always a sense of energy, fun, and freedom at most hostels that can easily be seen here at the Lampara Siargao near General Luna.
    Now in general, we tend to get our own private rooms in Hostels unless I am traveling solo then I dont care but we’re married so the idea of one of those Beachfront Glamping tents for 2 sounds AMAZEBALLS to me.
    Love the kitchen, dining area and the fun other areas. Was there a ebar?

    1. Siargao is the most beautiful place to visit here in the philippines 😍 Ma eenjoy mo talaga ang pag stay mo dito
      Thanks for the review hoping maka punta ako sa siargao someday 😇

  7. It seems like you had tons of fun at Lampara Siargao! The rooms look super chill and relaxed. Personally, I’m not that fussy when it comes to choosing accommodation as long as I have a clean bed and cleaner restroom.

    Stay safe!

  8. thank you for sharing this. id definitely check them out in case we fly to siargao. gustong gusto ko yung concept ng bed kasi palagi agawan sa outlet diba? hahaha!

  9. Blair villanueva

    The Lampara Siargao is pretty dope! I like its coziness and the whole chill atmosphere. Perfect talaga for the barkadas.

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