I have a podcast. OMG! Check out The Big Opening with Christian Foremost Now!

I’m so friggin’ happy to announce that yes, yes, yes I finally have a podcast. Let me tell you all about it! Okay, it’s called The Big Opening with Christian Foremost. The Big Opening is an open-journal podcast about being vulnerable with our feelings and the discovery of our true selves.

Cool, right? In every episode of the Big Opening, you can join me as I try to unlock several aspects of one’s self and find answers to life’s many questions. We are going to deep dive into the life of one Mr. Christian Foremost, as he opens up about his experiences as a frantic overthinker, a frustrated creative, a lost soul, and an ordinary human being with flaws to spare.

I have a podcast. OMG! Check out The Big Opening with Christian Foremost Now!

Life is a learning journey. Becoming better starts with acknowledging the hard truths about yourself and your situation, and then, wanting to change or improve yourself. It’s different for everybody. I just hope that sharing bits of pieces of my stories through this podcast could provide some comfort for others out there.

The Big Opening is also not only going to be about me. This podcast is a two-way street. We will also be opening our minds to the ideas and perspectives of some of the most inspirational people. Every other episode, I will also be interviewing guests from different walks of life. From lifestyle and personal development bloggers to podcasters talking about several topics of interest, influencers, colleagues, and friends, we’ll get to know each of them on a very personal level.

I’m totally excited for you guys to join me in meeting all of them. More than the meaningful conversations about life, I’m also kinda excited about just casually having fun talking, especially considering the surprise segments in the middle of the podcast episodes. That’s pretty much all I can tell you because even I don’t know what to expect. You just have to listen in and find out!

I have a podcast. OMG! Check out The Big Opening with Christian Foremost Now!

Why did I want to start a podcast?

I’ve been carrying the idea of starting a podcast ever since I created my blog almost 3 years ago. Whenever I write my blogs, I always imagine myself delivering a speech of some sort. I’m on stage in front of a crowd of hundreds of people, all eyes on me and I’ve got an inspirational message worth their attention. Maybe it’s because of the childhood trauma of getting so close to making speeches on graduation, and never getting actually becoming Valedictorian that made me crave that validation somewhere else. Anyways, my blogs were made to be spoken and this podcast is going to bring some of them to life.

I have a podcast. OMG! Check out The Big Opening with Christian Foremost Now!

It’s also exciting to finally get an excuse to talk to some of the people I idolize in the blogging and podcasting community. I am certain that we will be having so many worthwhile discussions in this podcast. I’m ready for my mind to be blown away by the wisdom all of my guests carry inside their beautiful brains. I’m just so thirsty to take everything in because I realized that at this point in my life and after all of the introspection that I do, I don’t have all of the answers. Really hoping that my guests will help shed some light on some of the areas of life that I personally find blurry or confusing. You can totally count on me to ask all of the hard questions!

I also think that this podcast would help me a great deal with my social anxiety and verbal communication skills. Finally, I’ll have other people to talk to aside from myself, right? But swear, having actual conversations with human beings is new to me, but I’m never the type of guy to back away from challenges. I hope that by posting more episodes, I’ll get to hone my radio voice, enrich my vocabulary, and improve my response to social cues. Thank you guys for allowing me to improve myself once again with this podcast!

The Big Opening podcast means a great deal to me already and I hope that it would to you as well. I admit that I am probably not the best person here to have a podcast and I may have some beginner mistakes, but the more we continue on the journey, the more we learn and get better. That’s exactly what the Big Opening with Christian Foremost is all about.

Check out the pilot episodes!

To launch The Big Opening, we have don’t just one but 2 pilot episodes for you guys to binge!

I have a podcast. OMG! Check out The Big Opening with Christian Foremost Now!

Our first official guest for the podcast is my blogger friend, Alita Pacio who you might know from her own website: Share to Inspire Blog. She writes about inspirational self-help articles aimed at empowering women and she has also written a bunch of guest articles in the blog as well.

During the episode, we get to l know a bit more about Alita as I literally fumble my way through questions aimed at learning more about how Ali sees life through her career as a blogger. She talks about migrating to Japan as an English teacher and starting her journey in self-discovery until she found her way towards blogging. It was no surprise that Ali and I had a lot of things in common, not just with the blog, but also on our perceptions about life, purpose, and success. So if you guys want a boost in your motivation and a little help on self-improvement, this episode is totally for you!

Listen to The Big Opening 1: Learning and Growing with Alita Pacio Share to Inspire Blogger

Catch New Episodes Every Wednesday!

Every Wednesday, I’ll be posting new episodes. I’ve got an amazing lineup of topics and guests so you guys have a lot to be excited about. The Big Opening Podcast with Christian Foremost is literally everywhere!

Catch it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, or here in the blog. Make sure to follow the podcast everywhere as well!

For the next episode, we’re gonna have a lengthy discussion about Online Dating with my friend and fellow writer, Marielle Michaela. Let’s me tell you we went in on it! HAHAHAHA. Stay tuned for that because it’s was a totally roller coaster ride. Here’s a sneak peek of our LIGHTS ON or LIGHT OFF segment.

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23 thoughts on “I have a podcast. OMG! Check out The Big Opening with Christian Foremost Now!”

  1. Amazing! So easy to get up and running with a podcast now and a great way to create and share content. We started ours on Anchor and now its on all the platforms and YouTube too. I wish you all the best with it!

  2. Congratulations on finally starting up on this podcast project! Isama ko ikaw sa spotify playlist ko <3

    I feel like I wanna start a podcast too with my partner, but our best convos usually happen when we're in the car, and I feel that it'll be a bit weird to set up mics when we're stuck in traffic hahahaha! baka makasuhan pa as obstruction..

  3. Congratulations to you! This is worth looking forward to. I know Alita as she is the admin of another FB group that I belong to. I find making youtube videos to be challenging but I think podcasts are a little more bearable for me. Now, I just have to think of topics to talk about.

  4. Congratulations on your podcast. I have been reading your blogs for years and I should say that you deserved to have a platform to inspire many people and share your inspirational stories.

  5. Wow, three years in the making. Congratulations on this milestone, Christian! I wish you the best in your podcast. I’ve also been pondering on making one after guesting in a friend’s podcast, but I’ve been waiting to relocate first so I can have the space I need for it.

  6. Your such an awesome, and Inspiring Person Blogger Kuya , Truly this is so Exciting and Interesting.. Super Gandang topic nito for sure at surely Giving Encouraging ang some Learning For You

  7. Lizel Tejares Purcia

    Omg.. congratulations po sana po ay maging successful po ang launch ng inyong podcast. Lagi po akong susuporta sainyo.
    Thank you din po dahil marami tala akong natututunan sa inyong mga blog. Looking forward din po sa inyong magiging mga guest every wednesday.

  8. Im so happy for you po and congratulations ..Napakaganda topic and very interesting po talaga ito 😍 Bukod sa napakaganda ng usapan madami pa tayong matututunan dito..

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