Check out Song In Focus Podcast to Learn More About Your Favorite OPM Songs!

Listening to podcasts is a great way to stimulate your brain while you’re spending hours working in front of a computer, doing chores around the house, or while patiently waiting in line for something. Hearing people talking about what they’re passionate about is super refreshing and you can gain a lot of perspective and insight about several fun topics of interest!

Now if you’re a fan of OPM or Original Pilipino Music,  I’d like to share with you one of the podcasts I’m listening to right now. It’s called Song in Focus, hosted by Denice Lao and Acel, both OPM singer-songwriters whose original compositions you might have heard on the radio or on Spotify. Every episode, Denice and Acel interview the artist/s behind some of our favorite OPM tracks and take a deep dive into the story behind the song and how it was written, recorded, and produced.

About Podcast Hosts: Denice Lao and Acel

Denice Lao debuted her first single Just Got Home last 2019 and she has released a couple more songs since like Araw at Buwan, Breathe, Umaga at Ikaw Ay Mahalaga.

Check out Song In Focus Podcast to Learn More About Your Favorite OPM Songs!

Acel was the front-woman of Moonstar 88 from 1999 to 2004 when the band produced the highly-acclaimed songs: Torete, Sulat, Sa Langit, and Fall on Me. As a solo artist, she has also released a number of songs, one of which is Alaala last 2020.

Check out Song In Focus Podcast to Learn More About Your Favorite OPM Songs!

Since Denice and Acel are from two different eras of creating music, you’ll get to hear questions and feedback from both points of view as they get to know more about the songs they feature by interviewing a line-up of really talented singer-songwriter guests. Denice and Acel really drill down on what the song means to the artist/s. They find how the song was written from the words on the page, the chosen chords of the instruments, and the overall experience of the artist/s on bringing their masterpiece to life.

Why I Think You Should Listen to Song In Focus

Check out Song In Focus Podcast to Learn More About Your Favorite OPM Songs!

As a creative, I really admire the amount of effort and thought someone puts into a piece of work. Listening to an episode of Song in Focus gives the particular song a deeper meaning and you’ll understand it in a brighter light. When you hear the songs again, you’ll get to have a fuller experience, knowing everything that went behind it. You get to learn a bit more about the music industry here in the Philippines and also notice how the hosts and the guest artists learn from each other.

Check out Song In Focus Podcast to Learn More About Your Favorite OPM Songs!

I personally love it when artists just dish on their personal heartaches and admit that the song they’ve written were from their own personal experiences. A certain person is out there who may or may not know that this particular song is about him/her. Talk about intrigue, am I right? You may have hurt this person, but he/she’s earned probably a couple of pesos from the experience. Hahaha. Learning about little details like this just makes the songs more relatable because they were created from real and genuine emotions that we all go through in life.

Check out Song In Focus Podcast to Learn More About Your Favorite OPM Songs!

Some of the songs that they’ve featured in the podcast are Jeepney By Sponge Cola, It’s Okay by Clara Benin, Hawal Kamay by Yeng Constantino, Sa’yo by Silent Sanctuary, Cook Ka Lang by Prettier Than Pink, Gusto Ko Lamang Sa Buhay by The Itchyworms, What by SB19, Hindi Na Nga by This Band and so much more! Listen to Song In Focus episodes on Spotify and of course, more episodes are going released soon. Give Song In Focus a listen because I’m sure you’re dying to find out exactly how your favorite songs were created.

Check out Song In Focus Podcast to Learn More About Your Favorite OPM Songs!

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17 thoughts on “Check out Song In Focus Podcast to Learn More About Your Favorite OPM Songs!”

  1. So I have never heard to the term Original Pilipino Music, now more commonly termed Original Pinoy Music or Original Philippine Music or OPM before. But what a cool podcast for those who have & love the genre of music. Nothing better than diving deep into a song and it’s meaning. This whole podcast by Denice & Acel kind of remind me of when we were kids and would pull out the jacket of the cassettes to read the lyrics while staring at the album cover to really dive deep into to the song.

  2. I love learning the behind-the-scenes of why a song was written or what the process was from start to finish. I will definitely be checking this out.

  3. Been looking for interesting podcasts and this will be on my list! I have been a music enthusiast since I was in High School and this can be a perfect podcast to tune in to at times I am in the mood for music stuff!

  4. This podcast isn’t familiar maybe ’cause I’m on the other side of the podcast spectrum in Spotify, more on self-help ones, but this should definitely give me a refreshing take about our own music scene here in the PH!

  5. It has been awhile since I listened to Moonstar88 – especially their ‘Popcorn’ and ‘Press to Play’ albums and seen them perform live a few times. Haven’t heard about Acel since she left in 2004 but I’m glad that she now hosts a podcast. Aww aabangan ko to!!

    ps: Excited ako sa Typecast!

  6. Hello Christian! I’m also listening to podcasts with sensible lessons in life and it’s my first time to hear this type of discussion/ interview on music artists. I love OPM songs that resonate their depth of experience about love, loss, and anything that hearing this podcast would help us understand more their journey behind the song. I’ve taught of Moira and Silent Sanctuary so often. There has to be some inspiration talaga behind every artist’s emotional piece.

  7. Wow, Moonstar 88 is a classic! I love all their songs! Anyways, I would also recommend you to listen to podcast of Leanne & Naara, a local indie duo. You’ll really love the concept of their album, “Daybreak”!

  8. Ohh wow I’m a huge fan of Moonstar88 back in the dayssss! Grabe ang old school ng mga kanta bagay pakinggan habang nageemote haha lol! And I always admire songwriters who create something beautiful out of their adversities… and earn big time out of it. Haha! Talk about good karma lol!

  9. Didn’t know that there’s this podcast in Spotify. I’ll definitely recommend it to my hubby who always listens to OPM music in his Spotify account.

  10. How very interesting! As a professional singer, I’ve always thought it’s important to know the stories behind the songs we sing…cause we do tend to interpret songs according to our own comprehension. Sometimes, people don’t even pay attention to the words. But they’re beautiful, if you read them and reflect on them. But better if you know the hearts and soul behind their creations.

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