Where to Easily Donate your Clothes, Electronics, Furniture, etc. in Metro Manila – ft. Goodwill Philippines

I didn’t know where to donate clothes in Metro Manila. For the longest time, I’ve put off donating our old items because I was clueless about the process and which organizations are open to receiving donations. Donating shouldn’t be a hassle, and it should be easier to get your items from your house to the people who need them. Luckily one of my internet friends introduced me to Goodwill Philippines, and I can’t wait to tell you guys all about them!

Where to Easily Donate your Clothes, Electronics, Furniture, etc. in Metro Manila - ft. Goodwill Philippines

The things you don’t use anymore that are only taking up space in your house can actually benefit other people in need. Instead of throwing old items or keeping them in boxes, we can consider donating them to organizations that will put them in the hands of those who need them. Imagine putting a smile on a little kid’s face when he/she receives your childhood toys that were only collecting dust in a box under your bed… And is there a more rewarding feeling than giving wholeheartedly without asking for anything in return?

Goodwill Philippines – Where to Donate in Metro Manila

Where to Easily Donate your Clothes, Electronics, Furniture, etc. in Metro Manila - ft. Goodwill Philippines

One place where to donate clothes in Metro Manila is Goodwill Philippines.

Goodwill Philippines is a non-son-stock, non-profit civic organization committed to the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities (PWDs) and the disadvantaged through skill empowerment. When you donate your new and gently used items, local Goodwill organizations sell them in stores and use the revenue generated to provide valuable employment training and job placement services for people in your community.

Where to Easily Donate your Clothes, Electronics, Furniture, etc. in Metro Manila - ft. Goodwill Philippines

Aside from helping create a livelihood for people with disabilities, Goodwill Philippines and its volunteers have also been very active in responding to the needs of the people in the community. They’re also admirable in their relief efforts, especially during some of the recent natural calamities our country has faced.

Where to Easily Donate your Clothes, Electronics, Furniture, etc. in Metro Manila - ft. Goodwill Philippines

How to Donate

Goodwill Philippines accepts a wide range of items for donations such as clothes, bags, electric and electronic items, toys, cabinets, kitchenware, and office supplies. They also accept large volume donations but please make sure that your items are clean and properly sanitized. Donations can either be dropped off at their Taguig Office or you can request your donations to be picked up straight from your doorstep.

It’s super easy to donate, you can try shooting them a message on their Facebook page or calling their landline at 02-88387170. You can also email them at von@goodwill.org.ph.

Goodwill Philippines
22 Veterans Rd,
Taguig, 1630 Metro Manila
Facebook Page

For drop-offs, you may inquire about the days and times their office is open to receive the donations. And for pick-ups, Goodwill Philippines will give you a schedule for when their van can visit your house to retrieve your donations.

My Experience Donating Clothes to Goodwill Philippines

donations for goodwill philippines

I was super thrilled to finally find an organization that was willing to accept large volume donations of such a wide variety of items. I would literally donate most things in our house, just so we can have more space. Knowing that other people may have a use for something that we almost consider junk is a great relief as someone who is trying to be more environmentally conscious. Also, it was just super satisfying to go through most of our boxes, do some cleaning and decide which items to let go of.

Donations in a suitcase

I was able to fill up an extra-large suitcase filled with clothes from when my brother and I were in elementary until finishing college. We have grown so none of them fit us anymore, and it was just a waste to keep them. We also threw in a couple of barely-worn shoes, and bags that we never use anymore. The suitcase was so filled, I was barely able to bring it down the stairs without being body-slammed. Super proud of how much we were able to donate!

I would actually suggest dropping off your donations directly to Goodwill’s main office in Taguig, if you have a car or you’re willing to pay for a courier service. When I donated, Goodwill Philippines’ pick-up schedules for the week were so full that it took a couple of days and follow-ups before they were able to pick up our donations. Still, I’m super appreciative of how responsive the Goodwill people were, and truly admire the work that they do every day.

Where to Easily Donate your Clothes, Electronics, Furniture, etc. in Metro Manila - ft. Goodwill Philippines

Another great thing about donating to Goodwill Philippines is that I could do it whenever I want! It’s not as complicated and troublesome as I initially thought. We have about a couple of mountains worth of boxing taking up space in our house, and I have to tell you how addicting donating can be! It’s super satisfying to clear out space, especially knowing that your effort helps other people even in a simple way.

Please let me know where else to donate!

This is just one of the organizations where to donate clothes in metro manila. If you guys know about any more organizations or charities that are willing to accept material donations, please let me know in the comment section!

Even if we’re not rich, we can still donate. We can help with what we have and it’s super rewarding to know that you’re spreading even a little bit of goodness in the world. Let’s do our best to help each other, okay?

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Where to Easily Donate your Clothes, Electronics, Furniture, etc. in Metro Manila - ft. Goodwill Philippines

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20 thoughts on “Where to Easily Donate your Clothes, Electronics, Furniture, etc. in Metro Manila – ft. Goodwill Philippines”

  1. Blair Villanueva

    Donating unwanted and perfectly useful items is a good and humble idea, but recently I realized that donating also causes piling up trash. In clothing donations, only 1% of donated clothes are usable and can re-sell – the rest goes to 3rd world countries like Ghana (where charity organizations sold it to merchants), then all unsold clothes will be thrown away.
    Nakakalungkot lang.

  2. So happy always to donate clothes to the one who needs the most as we always have so much stuff which is not of use because of various reasons.

  3. What a beautiful post about donation! I always love donating items to charity because it helps so many people! Wonderful job featuring the Goodwill!

  4. Isn’t that wonderful! I too give the unused or relatively new clothes kid outgrows or other stuff that’s in abundance to needy for goodwill. Such central option is amazing.

  5. Thank you for this post, this is very needed today. A little help for people who needs extra clothes, electronics and furniture.

  6. Amazing, well done for putting this post together. It is so important we give to charities and donating clothes is such an easy way for people to start giving.

  7. I always donate my clothes, its such a worth-while thing to do. Economically, socially and environmentally too. Great post, I am sure many will find useful.

  8. thank you for sharing this. im glad to know na merong ganto sa atin na hindi kailangan me nasalanta para mag donate. ill give a tip to my stepdad me isang tambak kasi sya ng pants na gamit niya noon hindi pa sya nagreretire. mag aayos din ako ng stuff ko na pwede ko idonate para makapag declutter na din.

  9. Marie Gizelle

    oh good job! One’s excesses can be a blessing to others, also helps with sustainability di ba. I hope more places like this sprout around the country.

  10. Awww… Christian! How sweet of you to donate your stuff. I recently decluttered my closet and I honestly didn’t know where to place all my clothes (and shoes) so I gave them to cousin (I don’t know where she took them) – I wish I knew about Goodwill but will definitely keep this in mind.

  11. Good idea! Donate the things you don’t need at home (but are still usable) to this organization so that others can still use them. I should call them, too, since we’re getting rid of some stuff in our house before we transfer to a new place. Thanks for this info!

  12. Malapit lang dito! Thanks for the info. Didn’t know such org exists near my place. Although di naman din sayang ang mga pinamigay namin. We’ve been giving to the neighbours lang when we do decluttering around here.

    1. Hi Christian, ang ganda nito!! I mean, clearing out space while you are able to help others is such a good way to be a blessing to others and helping yourself too. And at least they have pick up services too. I remember tuloy that I also have a huge stack of used clothes at home that I plan to donate. Thanks for sharing this.

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