Life is Made Up of Good Days and Bad Days

What day are you having today? Is it a good day or a bad day? Did you wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead, or did you hit snooze a bit many times just to squeeze in some extra minutes of sleep?

Life is Made Up of Good Days and Bad Days

I can’t blame you. Being a functioning human being in this day and age is super exhausting, given everything we do just to survive. These days, I feel like my body is nothing but a bunch of moving parts. We’ve been programmed to serve in a capitalist society and wired to equate our worth to how much money we earn. No matter how hard we work even if we literally stay up for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we can never be as wealthy as the people we work for.

Money and status aren’t everything. There’s more to life. But knowing that we are just a speck of dust in the vast empty space that is the universe, is anything even really worth it?

If you’ve gone this far and are trying to predict what I’m trying to say with this blog, I’m sorry. I got nothing. I just wanted to describe what I’ve been feeling the past couple of weeks. It’s this weird feeling like I’m floating through my days, looking for something out there to hold on to. The answers I have are suddenly irrelevant, and I’m literally out of ideas.

Life is Made Up of Good Days and Bad Days

Sadness is my default setting. I’m often surprised by good days and always expect that something incredibly wrong to happen next. It’s as if we aren’t deserving of happiness or every good thing comes at a price. The happier I am in the moment, the more dread washes over me knowing that this will end.

We go back to the lives we have, watching as more days go by day. Day by day. The same things again and again. There are good days when we feel like we did something right. Then, there are bad days when it seems like we’ve made nothing but mistakes. We seek an escape, but our problems just seem to follow us wherever we go.

Shifting my perspective a bit…

Life is Made Up of Good Days and Bad Days

These days I’ve noticed that the more time I spend outside of my head, the better I feel. Things don’t seem so bad, and life becomes somewhat enjoyable. Like when I push my body through an intense workout, I’m rewarded with a more chemically balanced brain and I’m suddenly in a better mood than I was all day. When I find a reason to get up from my bed and get moving, I can somehow get away from that sad corner of my brain. I need more ways for the overthinking to stop, for the voices to stop telling everything that’s wrong with me and the world.

It would be nice to have the freedom to enjoy the outside world with no lingering worries about our health and safety. I look forward to those days again. I want to be my friends, to feel the welcome comfort of their company. I wanna talk about things that don’t matter and completely vanish in conversations filled with teasing and laughter. Drop us off on an island far away without any signal to finally give us the chance to stop checking social media and completely turn our phones off. I wanna get to enjoy the outside world again like we are meant to and rekindle the adventurous part of life!

Life is Made Up of Good Days and Bad Days

Well until that day comes, we’d just have to find the reason to keep going. More than being happy, life is about being grateful for the little things that happen in our everyday. Appreciate how the cool wind greets you when you open the window in the morning. Look into the eye of the people you love and cherish your time together while you still have some. Instead of counting down the days waiting for your next paycheck, embrace the moment that is happening now. Let’s find the warmth in the mundane and familiar, and snuggle in the assurance that “things are going to be okay”.

What am I saying exactly? I don’t know..

As a writer, I look at life from a much wider perspective. I try to understand everything at a deeper level, but there is beauty in the answers we can’t have. I’ve learned that with hope comes pain, but to live without hope is the death of our soul. For our lives to keep having meaning, we have to take that risk to keep holding on to hope, no matter how many times we get hurt.

Life is Made Up of Good Days and Bad Days

Life continues on and our days will go by one after the other. We don’t know what’s gonna happen today or tomorrow, but we can hope for the best. Be brave and stand strong in the face of trials. Rejoice in the victories and relish in the delightful moments no matter how quickly they pass by. There will be good days, bad days, and days when you’re not even sure what to feel.

How will you decide to live your life from now on? Well, that’s completely up to you. Try to always have something specific to look forward to in the future, but also enjoy your journey as you make your way towards them. Sprinkle in some fun and spontaneity. Reward yourself with breaks from your routines as often as you can and awaken that part of yourself that is thirsty for life and the open possibilities.

Hold on, alright? I feel like it’s gonna be one bumpy ride. Let’s have some fun.

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Life is Made Up of Good Days and Bad Days

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25 thoughts on “Life is Made Up of Good Days and Bad Days”

  1. That is very true! On the bad days I find that taking some “me” time helps, whether it is doing a craft or just relaxing playing some music.

  2. What you said is very true about shifting perspectives. It might look like a bad day, but you have to shift what you see and make it more positive.

  3. This is a great read and I agree with you that it important that we have something specific to look forward to. I personally see to it that I have one something that I am excited about no matter how big or small it is. Life will never be perfect but it does not mean we should not have fun.

  4. Life is very different, it can be both fun and sad but we should at least try to focus on the positive. It’s ok to try but never let negativity consume you

  5. I know exactly what you are talking about Christian! Sometimes I wake up feeling very low, not because of anything but just a feeling that comes and sometimes it last the whole day, most of the times it’s all good but a few times I don’t know whether to be happy or sad. I guess it’s all part of life.


    We all have good and bad days. It seems everyday life can be quite exhausting but we need to find ways that work for us to help us cope. Exercise, spending time with friends and doing other things we enjoy can help elevate our mood and distract from things getting us down. Those do need to be tackled but one at a time so it isn’t overwhelming.

  7. Your powerful words helped me a lot.
    These lines have stronger meaning if anyone dives deeper
    “With hope comes pain, but living without hopes is the death of our soul”
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. yeah so exhausting na its like you dont have enough time to do everything what with joggling work and my son’s school and home chores. papano naman yung mga me time ko which includes content creation. im getting the hang of it. Makakahabol na sa rest once natapos na modules ni bagets, although today na last day. i can mentally and emotionally rest na ohmygod!

  9. This blog post is so touching. When you write your feelings and thoughts you really get a wider understanding of life. Life is not just about good days it is also made up of bad days so we can learn to be strong.

  10. The statement “the more time I spend outside my head, the more I feel better” resonated in me because it’s exactly how I feel as well. I decided to do more productive things as a way to cope up on whatever I was dealing with.

  11. Most of the time I just try to accomplish things that are needed to be done, be productive in order to distract myself. But there really are days that are tougher than the others. Before the pandemic, I hardly ever stay home but now I had to do most things in the safety of my room/home. I don’t enjoy it but eh, I’m not going to sulk and pity myself.

    I hope you’re well, Christian! Stay safe!

  12. I have a lot of mood swings and overthinking episodes before but everything changed when I started focusing on selfcare. I started working out on a regular basis, eat healthy foods and make time to do things that I really wanted to do like blogging. We all have good times and badtimes but it will all pass:)

  13. Spending more time outside your head is key! A lot of our bad days are actually rooted on us enclosing ourselves and isolating from others. At a time like this, take care of your mental health.

  14. That’s true, there are good days and there are bad days. Sometimes, bad days just come. On a lot of occasions though, we just need a shift in perspective. Personally, I exert an effort to see the good in things and situations because I can really be pessimistic when I don’t put my emotions in check.

  15. so many things have changed since pandemic. i myself struggled with my mental health. like what you said, “we just have to find a reason to keep going” and that is exactly what i am trying to do. Easier said than done but but hey! life goes on yes?

    Stay safe and yes, hold on a bit more longer. Things will be better soon.

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