A Not-So-Positive But Motivating Morning Affirmation to Start Your Day!

I believe in the power of words. Great things will happen if you put your words out in the open. If you want something out of life, go ask for it and it will come to you (given that you did the required work of course!). Attract good things into your life and manifest your dreams into reality.

A Not-So-Positive But Motivating Morning Affirmation to Start Your Day!

I wrote a sample morning affirmation for you guys. It’s actually very simple, but direct. I also tried to make it more fun, by trying to fit in rhymes. I wouldn’t consider this as a poem because the English teachers out there would cringe. These morning affirmations are only motivating statements, one after the other written in hopes that you’ll be ready for another day.

You may recite morning affirmations out loud to yourself or just in your head. Do this every morning right when you’re about start your day. You can look at yourself in front of a mirror when you recite the words or do it while in the shower. You may use the entire piece or just take a verse, or maybe a line of two that you feel like you need.

A Not-So-Positive But Motivating Morning Affirmation to Start Your Day!

A Not-So-Positive But Motivating
Morning Affirmation to Start Your Day!

Today is a brand new day
Things are going to be okay
I’m in the present moment
Thankful for every minute spent

There’s no such thing as perfect
I am not always correct
I’m only a work in progress
Mistakes are part of the learning process

Each time is a chance to do better
I will not give up no, never
I’ll let go of things out of my control
I’m already on the way towards my goal

These challenges I will overcome
Show me where strength comes from
In time, things will make sense
Success is in my presence

~Christian Foremost~

I would describe this affirmation to be motivating, more than promoting positivity. I’m not a fan of optimism, especially when we are faced with dreadful circumstances. Instead of covering the situation with flowery hopeful sentiments, I think it’s more fruitful to acknowledge the imperfections of ourselves as humans, and the unpredictability of life. More than being happy and positive, I think it is better to be strong and resilient to keep trying to rise above adversity. Things will only get better if we finally face the problem head-on, and work hard toward an actual solution. Believe that you can do it, and you’ll see yourself being capable of greater things.

What’s your Morning Affirmation?

A Not-So-Positive But Motivating Morning Affirmation to Start Your Day!

This is just a sample morning affirmation. You may recite your own or modify this one to make it more relevant to your life. Just claim success and be more patient and forgiving towards yourself. Life is hard for everybody. We are all just trying, each and every day of our lives. Hopefully, morning affirmations can be a great tool to renew our energy to survive the day ahead.

By incorporating affirmations into your morning routine, you can wire your brain to want to start each day with a can-do attitude. This will remind you of your beliefs or the truths you hold dear that you tend to easily forget as you go about your own business every day. Affirmations can allow you to focus your attention and keep yourself aligned towards your purpose, goal, or faith.

There is power in routine, and you will start seeing the words you say every morning come alive after each and every day that passes by. Are you excited? Well, better start somewhere. Now is probably the best time…

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A Not-So-Positive But Motivating Morning Affirmation to Start Your Day!

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23 thoughts on “A Not-So-Positive But Motivating Morning Affirmation to Start Your Day!”

  1. My morning routine is all about music. I need music to make my day brighter and make it a great day! Music does wonder and spreads so much positivity.

  2. I honestly find it weird that your writings usually tells how exactly what I feel at the moment. Today’s a not-so-good day and I have been through a lot in the past few days but somehow, your words has helped me to get through and survive another hell of a day. Although you’re telling here not to give up…well I have just given up something so important to me. And damn imma bout to cry hahaha im so soft

  3. I never practice affirmation. But I think it’s effective to start a day. We should practice positivity whatever hindrances come along. Thank you for this, very inspiring.

  4. I have affirmations that I have written down, I don’t say them everyday because I don’t get the time to do so but every time I say them I feel great and relieved.

  5. Jenny Labutap

    Done reading this blog talagang very inspiring and motivationg itong morning affirmation. Love this and thanks for sharing this ang ganda po ng poem nakaka inspire ang every line 🥰

  6. First, I love the things you wrote. It always inspires me to be optimistic every time.
    Whenever I wake up I pray. Saying thank you to God and telling myself that it will be a great day.

  7. I really like this. I do think it positive. I also think that it is a real affirmation. Especially for someone who overthinks and beats themself up. The part that spoke to me the most was There is no such thing as perfect. I am not always correct. I am only a work in progress, mistakes are part of the learning process. I absolutely love that.

  8. Our elders would tell us that in order to get it, we should claim it, by saying – I want to be a (what you want to achieve, etc.), because positive attitude could mean positive result. Will use this verse when there is a need.

  9. I love this poem, or mantra, affirmation. Mantras are great for rewiring our neurons and being more positive, or peaceful, or even feeling we can face the day. Wonderful post.

  10. Gifted ka Christian. You’re able to piece this poem that pretty much sums up what people may face tomorrow. I like that the poem started with being grateful and optimistic. It then progressed to pushing oneself to face challenges but at the same time being realistic sa goals (kesa naman bolahin naten sarili naten, right?). Keep it up!

  11. thank you for sharing. i wish ill be motivated enough to wake up inthe morning to be ablet o even give myself a moment to say an affirmation like this!

  12. My morning affirmations are my children. Whenever they wake up, say their good mornings and come to me for a kiss and a hug, I just know in my heart that the day is worth giving it my all.

  13. Apple Joy Camañero

    Thank you for sharing these affirmations , very helpful po tlga ito skin , para pag gising plang pray and be positive na agad sa kung anong mangyayare sa atin ng buong araw , no to nega . Super nakka.inspire po ito ❤️🤗

  14. Rochelle Jimenez

    There is power in declaration. This a good way to start the day after you have prayed (the best way). It is like conditioning yourself on what you need to do and to expect within your day. Though we know that some situations that we will face is out of our hands but to those that we are in control, our morning affirmations will make us focus and inspired to do our very best.

  15. Thank you for sharing these affirmations. I’m not one for positivity. I just like to see the reality of things and accept them for what they are.

    These motivational affirmations are really gold. I should also get into the habit of reciting them every morning. Let’s see how that goes

    1. I’m not very big on optimism either, but I love love love this post. Thank you so much for sharing, as I know this will help so many!

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