Yeah, I’m Still Writing… – Happy 2 Years Blogging!

Surprise!I haven’t stopped blogging. Hahaha. Happy 2nd Anniversary to Christian Foremost as a Blogger/Writer and your Gay Best Friend.

christian foremost 2nd anniversary cake

As exhausting as writing weekly content may sound, I actually do enjoy it very much. The extra work weirdly breathes life into the empty vessel that my human body has become. No matter how fried my brain is from a week’s worth of brutal work or how beaten up my body is from pushing myself to work-out, I will always have the time and energy to keep writing for my blog. My blog is my life and writing is when I feel most alive.

I wanted this particular blog to be a bit different than the usual blog posts I’ve been putting out. I kinda wanted a breather from trying to figure out life and always trying to derive learnings from every situation. Right now, I just wanted to see how you’re doing?

I’m doing alright at the moment. There are good days, bad days and days I barely notice have already passed. Being busy and productive is mostly how I spend most of my time, that is if I’m not sleeping. Sleeping has been a huge comfort for me. I even take naps the minute I log-off from work, if I didn’t have to workout that day. I wake up just in time for dinner and then sleep again.

I’m still quite scared of driving, even if I already have a license. Anxiety overpowers me every time I think of the idea of driving. I am more afraid for the safety of the cars around me than I am for my own well-being. Haha. I do know that when I’m in front of the wheel already, I’ll shake it off and get where we need to be. Maybe the way I’ll get to practice more is when I buy my own car. (Uhmm. Money please…)

christian foremost bil & milo's minimalist cake
Thank you Bil & Milo’s for such great work on this minimalist cake. Make sure to check out their Facebook Page if you want your face on a cake too!

Lately, I wanted to get more into reading and listening to podcasts. I haven’t really been doing those the past few months, but I think this is as great of a time as any. I have this totally odd feeling like I’m mentally running out of words to use. I feel so stupid most of the time and I think that intake of more knowledge is what I need ASAP.

The pandemic is still making it very hard to date so yes, your gay best friend is still single. I don’t think that I’m really rushing though because I kinda already know what I am looking for. I’m ready for love and a serious relationship, but I don’t think it’s something I could force no matter how delightful of a person I think I am. Lol just kidding.

I have so many ideas for new blog posts to write and projects to undertake in the future. I don’t even you guys could guess what’s coming because of how out-of-the-box they all are. Hahaha. The challenge and the possibilities are exciting, but I have this sinking feeling like I’m being too ambitious for my own good again… Do you guys ever feel like your knowledge and skillset right now don’t equate to how big your dreams are? Little by little though, I’m slowly learning and figuring things out as I go. At least, I think I do…

So yeah, just wanted to update you guys on how things are at the moment. They’re not perfect, but they’re okay. I’m looking forward to when the world gets better. Vaccinate everyone already cause I wanna party with my friends again without a care in the world! Hahahaha. 

Great things are coming, but while waiting I’ve got some stuff on my plate I’ve really got to get on doing. Things are still on the move and I can’t wait for you guys to discover what I have in store.  I don’t think I’ll even run out of things to write about so I won’t be stopping any time soon. Hahaha.

Also wanted to quickly mention how grateful I am to be a part of Feedspot’s Top 100 Gay Blogs for 2021. Christian Foremost, your Gay Best Friend is on no. 12 guys! Can you believe it? Make sure to check out Feedspot for a fast, easy, and simple way to enjoy all of your favorite blogs and website all in one place.

Happy Anniversary guys and thank you for being there! That alone is enough…

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29 thoughts on “Yeah, I’m Still Writing… – Happy 2 Years Blogging!”

  1. Blair Villanueva

    Congratulations on your 2nd year! Keep on doing what you love and eventually, you won’t realize that time flies even faster. Love that new animation look!

  2. What a cool cake! This motivates me to keep on writing on my blog too and not give up. Hopefully I’ll reach the 2 years too 😀 Congrats and happy anniversary! 🙂

  3. Happy 2nd anniversary! Wow, I am glad that you keep track of when you started blogging! how I wish I could go back on the time where I started my blog so I can celebrate my blogsary too. I love reading your post, very passionate ka tlaga sa blogging..:)m

  4. Congrats – and keep up the good work! It so shows how much you are enjoying your blogging, so keep going. I love that cake – and your sense of Corporate Design 😉

  5. Well done Christian!

    I myself have been blogging for over six and recently I have just published my first post in three months after taking a break due to work and personal commitments, so I know how you feel.

    Sometimes you need to take a step away from blogging for a short time.

    Please keep writing.

  6. Finding the desire, the motivation to write is not at all easy. Just yesterday I thought that I too started this path 5 years ago and I realized that it is constantly evolving. Best wishes!

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