Shopee Budol: Coolest Things Tiktok Made Me Buy

I’m letting you guys in on a line-up of super fascinating items I’ve bought online or am thinking of buying soon from Shopee. Most of these items I’ve discovered from Tiktok that I just had to order. If only I had all the money, right? This blog post is not at all sponsored by Tiktok, Shopee, or any of the brands I’m linking to on this blog. I just really wanted to share with you guys these Coolest Things Tiktok Made me Buy from Shopee!

11 Coolest Things Tiktok Made me Buy from Shopee!

I’m an Online Shopaholic

Yes, I’m an impulsive buyer and the monthly sales in our favorite online shopping apps like Shopee, are a trigger for me. It’s like we just have to buy something, because who would want to miss all of those big discounts, cashback, and free shipping? I love online shopping to the point that life just doesn’t feel complete if I’m not waiting for packages to arrive at my doorstep. And trust me, I’ve received a ton of packages and I’m always excited about what’s about to arrive next!

An interesting fact about my online shopping habit is I don’t just buy anything. I don’t buy generic or basic items online. I also don’t order things just because everybody else has them. It’s kinda the opposite. I buy unique things that I need that not a lot of people have even heard of before.

Tiktok is my gold mine for ideas and I literally spend hours just watching random videos! You can find various trends in Tiktok that you just have to try and there are also incredible products you just have to order for yourself. Other times, I kind of just think of ideas of items to buy and look them up online. Then just as it happens, somebody is already selling them! Isn’t that just so cool? Of course, I read reviews first and all that, but I always grow to love the items when I finally get to use them.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. As a Shopee Affiliate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

Shopee Budol: Items Tiktok Made me Buy

Room Items

Electric Rechargeable Lighter

Electric Rechargeable Lighter

Okay, I don’t smoke. There are electric lighters specifically for cigarettes, but this one isn’t it. I bought this item because it’s so frigging cool! Imagine not having to bother with matches or lighters that run out of fluid ever again. You just have to recharge this for a couple of minutes before it’s good to go.

It uses electric charges to produce the flame. Like ZAP, you have fire! Amazing, right? I’ve only used my electric lighter to light birthday cakes and also my favorite lavender-scented candles from Wicked Scents!

Sky Lamp

Sky Lamp christian foremost

Led Lights and Moon Lamps have got nothing on Sky Lamps!  This completely transforms your entire room into an open sky. It also has several settings/ moods you could choose from. These are a total trip, perfect for setting sentimental moods at night as you play soft sad songs.  I swear, it’s super satisfying. You could spend hours just staring up at your ceiling as you contemplate your life choices and low-key cry. We spend most of our lives inside our rooms now so this can be a sort of relief or escape for a lot of us!  

Sky Lamp christian foremost

Clicker / Phone Bluetooth Shutter Remote

Clicker / Phone Bluetooth Shutter Remote

This is a Bluetooth clicker for your phone so you can take pictures of yourself when you’re alone. If you’re like me who’s alone forever and got no one to help take pictures of yourself, this is a great tool for you! You won’t have to run back and forth to set your timer every time you wanna take a picture. You just gotta pose and click. Strick all the poses you want, and click away to get those Instagram-worthy pictures! Wished this worked on Tiktok tho! Haha

Fingerprint Padlock

Fingerprint Padlock

I miss fingerprint scanners on phones, so I went looking for them elsewhere. LOL. If you’re like me who’s forgetful about the most basic things in life, this is for you. Goodbye to ordinary padlocks you always lose the keys for or combination padlocks you always forget the passcode for. With this padlock, you just gotta press your finger on it, and it opens. It’s too easy and freaking futuristic. I’m definitely looking forward to using this on my luggage in the airport or on hotel closets during a vacation to protect my belongings.

Air Purifier

air purifier shopee

Living near the longest and most congested highway in the Philippines, my bedroom can get quite dusty. Also, the lack of air circulation makes the atmosphere stuffy and literally suffocating. This air purifier was a game-changer and I’ve grown heavily dependent on this handy device. I swear when I first plugged it in, it was like I had my first breath of air ever since the lockdown started. The air purifier doesn’t really produce fresh air, but a more manufactured cleaner air. They say that the true test of air quality is if you can breathe like silk. Also, having an air purifier suddenly made me aware of the air quality of a room right when I step in. Isn’t that funny? After some time though, I’m not really sure if our air purifier is still working or maybe we’ve just gotten used to having it on all the time.

It’s best to take note of the size of the room when considering which air purifier to buy. You should also go for higher-quality air purifiers with exchangeable filters. Those can be quite expensive, but it is worth the investment really. I mean, you breathe every second, right?

Wireless Keyboard Remote with Touchpad

Wireless Keyboard Remote with Touchpad shopee

Now if you’ve got a smart TV, I’m sure it’s a hassle for you to use your remote when typing out the titles of the shows and movies you want to watch on Netflix. With this device, you can not only type out the words easily on your TV screen but also use the trackpad to navigate around the screen with ease. You’ve just unlocked more ways to enjoy your TV. Totally removes the hassle by 70%! Haha.

Weighted Blankets

weighted blankets shopee

If you haven’t had the sensation of physical touch because of the isolation brought about by the lockdown, this blanket will you comfort. This blanket is filled with weights that simulate the experience of being cradled or held like a baby again. Won’t this just put you straight to sleep? Of course, I wish that it wasn’t so hot in the Philippines so that we could just use it more often, right?

LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights shopee

If you spend most of your waking hours watching videos on Tiktok, you might notice how LED lights are in every Tiktoker’s background. I get the trend because having LED lights is so much fun, especially when you got to spend all day in your dark boring room. You can switch the settings of your LED lights to a variety of bright colors and patterns depending on your mood. Personally, I placed mine around my work setup just to make the hours of working from home bearable. I mean, extra fun! I would recommend matching the color settings and patterns to the Spotify playlists you’re listening to and then, just letting your mind wander away.

Power Bank Multifunctional Hand Fan

This is not just your normal handheld fan. This particular fan comes with a detachable power bank which means it’ll last longer than any other handheld fan you probably own. I couldn’t tell you how much of a lifesaver this thing has become especially when traveling or doing errands where I have to wait in line. And if you don’t really need the fan, you could leave the piece at home and take the power bank with you, I mean we all need some extra charge, right?

Anti-Allergy UVC Mite Vacuum Cleaner

Anti-Allergic UVC Mite Vacuum Cleaner shopee

A vacuum cleaner for your bed, pillows, and cushions. Over time, our soft and fluffy beds and pillows collect dust which can lead to allergies, skin irritations, and in my case, acne. This vacuum serves as a good helper by using its quadruple mite removal system combining light, heat, beating, and suction with four wheels at the bottom that allow ease of movement. I personally use this product every time I change sheets, just to ensure that the bed I’m spending all my hours sulking on is clean. More surface for my tears to shed! Haha.

Rechargeable Emergency Light

Rechargeable Emergency Light shopee

We’ve been experiencing power outages more often now in Metro Manila. It’s super inconvenient and annoying every time this happens, especially when you’re right in the middle of working from home. This emergency light is super powerful and lasts for hours. It’s always handy to have emergency resources that you can easily whip out when needed. Total life savior when you need a source of light in these dark and tragic times.

Portable Water Heater/ Boiler

Portable Water Heater/ Boiler shopee

This has to be the strangest thing I’ve seen around Shopee, but hey it works. If you’re like me who isn’t fancy and doesn’t have his own heater installed in his shower system, this product is a great alternative. You don’t need to be rich to have a hot warm bath. It’s very easy to use. You just gotta fill a pail with water and drop the metal iron in and then, plug it in the outlet. Just a warning that you have to be very careful when you use this, alright? Don’t put your hand in while the iron is in the water because you might get burned or electrocuted. Unplug the device, and then allow some time before you remove it from the pale. Then, enjoy your hot bath!

Body Pillow

body pillow shopee

Another must-have for your bed! If you’re a side sleeper and a hugger, could you even describe a more perfect product? Now, you’ve got enough material to hug with all of your might! I would probably prefer this over cuddling with another human being because I think this is more comfortable. This won’t up and leave you for no reason. Haha.

Loft Beds

loft bed metro manila shopee

Now, this is something I am most excited about. With loft beds, you’re maximizing the space in your room by having your bed placed up high. These Loft Beds come in various designs and you could literally do anything you want to do with the space you now have underneath your bed. There are loft beds designed to have a table for a workspace. There are also some with built-in closet space. You can ask for other customizations or leave it bottom space empty and think have a living room space decorated there.

The idea of a loft bed is just so brilliant to me. I can’t wait to have this put up in my new room. Even if my room will be small, I will still be able to fit everything in from my oh-so-cluttered life. Thanks to the Loft Bed. I’ll literally have all of the things I need in my room and more space to do whatever the hell I want with it. Amazing!

Work From Home Items

Foldable Ergonomic Bluetooth Keyboard

Foldable Ergonomic Bluetooth Keyboard

Yes, this keyboard does all of that. It’s sleek, and foldable that it can even fit in your pocket. It easily connects to your Bluetooth so you can get to writing on your phone, tablet, or computer. It’s also rechargeable so you wouldn’t have to waste triple-A batteries. I’m also a fan of anything ergonomic so its vector layout makes typing for hours easier and more comfortable on my wrists.

Foldable bluetooth keyboard

As a writer, this has got to be my favorite thing in the world right now. I can’t wait to take it out on coffee shops again when the pandemic is over and just type away all afternoon while drinking coffee from my beloved Stojo Collapsible Cup.

Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones shopee

I am tired of listening with my ears, so I am choosing to listen with my bones instead! SCIENCE!! I’m the type of person who listens to music when I work and if I don’t listen to music, I do not function. Now, it doesn’t seem to be healthy at all to be listening to music on headphones for 16 hours a day. My ears would normally scream in desperation because they would hurt so bad at the end of the day. So yeah to give my ears a break, I purchased these bone-conduction headphones. I’ve had my eye on it for a long time and now that I’ve bought it, I couldn’t be happier. My ears could finally breathe and I could listen to music as long as I want. Since I’m only at home, the background noise isn’t really a bother so there isn’t a need for noise cancellation.

This product is actually marketed for athletes. I also use this when working out or lifting weights. Because it’s light, you can freely perform a wide range of motion with any part of your body. This is also perfect for joggers or bikers, who need to sense their surroundings while they go about it. With this product, they can enjoy doing cardio while listening to any kind of music on their phones. It’s also sweat-proof so you can easily wipe it down after use. Also, this is waterproof which means you can use this while swimming! These headphones are just on a whole other level, am I right? Nothing is impossible these days, it seems.

Electric Standing Desk

electric standing desk christian foremost

Electric Standing desks are a thing and I get it. Sitting on your butt all day as you slave yourself for a corporation is so not good for your back. With this product, you can work however you feel like working for that time of day, whether it be sitting or standing. Imagine even putting in a bit of workout while you do some work. How very resourceful of your time, am I right?

Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

Now, this is a lifestyle. That’s much I learned from Tiktok. The amount of money people pay to customize their own mechanical keyboards is wild. Now, I find the keycaps, RGB lights, and the ASMR sounds to be satisfying as well, but for my workspace, I only go for ergonomic. The product has to provide ease of use, even after hours and hours of usage for work. What I like about this particular mechanical keyboard is how you can split them into two so you can type with your wrists in a more comfortable position. Totally makes writing these lengthy blog posts a lot more fun as well!

Reclining Office Chair with Adjustable Headrest and Footrest

Reclining Office Chair with Adjustable Headrest and Footrest christian foremost

Now, I currently have a Gaming Chair in my workspace at home and I love it so freaking much. This chair that I found on Shopee I have to admit is much cooler. It’s super soft, and it can also recline all the way back. The major difference is it also has a retractable stool so you can put your foot up! I mean it even has a built-in massager. Overkill much? And yeah, it’s so much cheaper than a Gaming Chair as well. Totally recommend this to everybody else who works from home or has hours-long online classes. You can now sleep during meetings or classes. You’re welcome! Just kidding…

Portable External Monitor

portable external monitor metro manila shopee

I have already been conditioned to do work on at least 2 monitors. I need it, especially when doing Excel, HTML work, or creating content for my blog. If I could lunge my external monitor with me wherever I want, I would. I would take my external monitor with me on vacations or in coffee shops as I do my blog work. I can’t tho. It doesn’t fit in luggage, and it has to be plugged into an outlet to function.

But with a Portable External Monitor, I don’t have to deal with all that hassle! It’s slim, light, and compatible with almost any device. I’ve been searching for an item like this in Shopee for so long and thank God, it’s about time it actually exists. So if you’re working in a hotel room or away from work in some other location, you could still have that same level of comfort and get your work done. Problem solved!

Copy and Paste Mechanical Keyboard

Copy and Paste Mechanical Keyboard

Don’t listen to your teachers when they say, it is bad to copy and paste. I tell you that for most of your corporate work, this is most of what you’re going to be doing. I forbid plagiarism as a content creator, but copy-pasting is just a part of our lives now, close to drinking water. Especially for coding, copy-pasting just has to be easier than always having to click a total of 4 keys every time. Did you know a person uses copy and paste an average of 30 times a day? That’s why I think this product just made my life a thousand times easier! I’m sure you guys would agree as well. Kids, just remember to cite your sources when you copy and paste alright? (To set settings for your keys, download the program at https:/

Clip Bendable Table Lamp

Clip Bendable Table Lamp shopee

If you’re working remotely and have a workspace set up, a ring light is kinda a necessity. You need to look good on camera-on video meetings. I also love how this particular lamp has a flexible neck so you can twist it at particular angles that are more flattering to you. And what I’ve discovered doing virtual meetings for more than a year already is the more lights in your setup, the better you look!

Condenser Microphone

Condenser microphone shopee

I initially bought a condenser microphone for my podcast, but I kept using it during daily virtual meetings with my team. Speaking into a condenser mic kinda levels up the meeting experience for the people you’re having the calls with. Now, you just gotta practice your radio voice and even do a bit of ASMR. I got the cheapest quality microphone I could find in Shopee, but there are a lot more out there with better quality at a slightly higher price range. I’ve bought the Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand, the Mic Mount Holder, and Wind Fur Filter Cover separately just to complete the set and have the full voice recording experience.

6-in-1 USB-C HUB Adapter

6-in-1 USB-C HUB Adapter shopee

With the newer versions of laptops that are released each year, the ports they provide seem to be less and less. I don’t know if it’s because they’re trying to achieve a more sleek or modern design or are just trying to inconvenience their users by having to buy multiple adapters. For Macbook users, this is a major annoyance because they only provide you with one port. With the range of laptop accessories we need to attach to our device, this isn’t practical at all. This adapter from Baseus has everything you absolutely need to fully utilize your powerful computer. They have multiple versions of their adapter and your can chose the right one that fits your needs. I picked the adapter I need for working remotely. Mine has 3 USB slots, an HDMI port for my second monitor, an input for USB-C, and a port for an ethernet cable. Everything fits in my work setup quite perfectly!

Super Clean Slime

Super Clean Slime Shopee

Slime isn’t just for kids. It’s for cleaning as well. Getting water on your devices is risky because you might unintentionally break them. This slime gets into the crevices of your laptops, mouse, or other electronic devices on your tables and picks up the dirt, dust, and debris with ease. This product is not wet and sticky on the hands at all and you can use it as many times as you want as long as it’s not completely covered in debris already!

Heavy Duty Power Bank (Can Charge Laptop!)

Heavy duty 18w power bank shopee

If you want the ultimate power bank, this is your best bet. We bought this particular power bank for instances when we experience a sudden power outage. You can charge as many as 4 devices at the same time. It even has a USB-C slot for super-fast charging. It’s almost as big and heavy as a brick, but you’ve got enough power to go around for everyone. Perfect for road trips and traveling!

And do you know that this power bank is also strong enough to charge your laptop? We all suffer from anxiety about our laptop batteries running low, just as we’re about to finish doing our work. Electrical outlets aren’t necessarily available wherever we go. Just as long as you have a Type-C USB lightning cable, and you have a laptop that has USB Type-C charging input, you can charge it with this power bank! I’m already excited to bring this when I do my weekly coffee shop runs again to write my blogs.

Manual Paper Shredder

manual paper shredder shopee

If you have some confidential papers you want to dispose of or you want to shred papers for recycling, this is a product you’ll enjoy. It’s also weird how satisfying the act of paper shredding is. I would totally shred all of my test papers with a score that’s lower than 100! Haha. This is completely manual and you shred easy paper by turning the lever. Work those arm muscles!

Honeycomb Cooling Support Gel Cushion Seat

honeycomb Cooling Support Gel Cushion Seat shopee

If you sit on your ass for hours upon hours slaving yourself for a corporation, this product is something that you need. The honeycomb structure of the seat cushion equally distributes the weight of your body as you’re sitting so there will be less stress on your cheeks. It will also allow for airflow so it won’t be as warm down there. We all just want to be more comfortable with our setups!

Magnetic Phone Case with Cardholder Wallet

A new big feature in the iPhone 12 released last September 2020 day was Magsafe. A magnet at the back of a phone? How very innovative of Apple once again… Why buy the newest model of an iPhone when you could just buy a case with a magnet? So, that’s actually what I did. I liked the idea of sticking my phone up in metal places for when I watch series on Netflix or take Tiktok videos. A magnetic back to your phone has a lot of possibilities and I didn’t have to pay as much money for a new phone just for that functionality. Also, I got it with a cardholder wallet which is perfect now that almost all of the shops are going cashless.

Kitchen Items

Air Fryer

air fyer shopee

If you don’t have an air fryer at this point of the quarantine, well you are a survivor! Will all the air fryer recipe videos on Tiktok and exclusive deals on Shopee, we just couldn’t resist buying our own. No regrets though!

Honestly, you don’t really need an air fryer especially if you already have an oven, but it does help if you’re cooking a large amount of food for your family. I also absolutely love how we can use less oil when frying. The food doesn’t taste the exact same as it would be pan-fried in oil, but at least there are fewer calories. I just think one of the bad sides of an air fryers is that they are such a hassle to clean!

Salad Dryer

So this is a dryer for your lettuce. If you don’t like to eat wet lettuce for your salad or at-home samgyupsal, this is a total must-have! It’s a really simple tool, but wow does it do the job in such a short time! You no longer need to dry out each leaf on paper towels one by one. Give it a whirl, and you’re ready to stuff that lettuce-wrapped meat right in your mouth!

Metal Ice Cubes

metal ice cubes shopee

Another gem that came across my for you page in Tiktok. Imagine ice cubes you can use again and again that will not dilute your drink. Now, nobody can say you cannot put ice in your wine anymore. No one! I am the type of person who likes his beverages cold so this product is my go-to whenever I whip up my iced coffee for an all-nighter working on these blogs.

Insulated Mugs

insulated mug shopee

If you want to keep your beverage at your preferred temperature for much longer, this product is a must-have! For someone like me who tends to take their time finishing their drink, this is a godsend. Now, I can enjoy my drink for as long as I can while I try to finish some tedious work. No more wasted coffee and tea just because they’ve reached room temperature. It’s also amazing that even after 4 hours, the ice has barely melted. You could totally get a refill! I would totally sneak in some alcohol in this mug. Margaritas, anyone?

Insulated Tea-Infuser Tumblers

Insulated Tea-Infuser Tumblers shopee

Now, this product is perfect if you want to drink tea all day, every day. I drink tea every day, but not those that come in tea bags. I drink loose-leaf teas because of the environment and also, they have a wider variety of flavors. You just need to fill the top compartment with your tea leaves, and the tumbler with your hot or cold water and then turn it upside down to get it brewing. Would totally recommend this if you want to make cold-brew tea for the next day.

Electric Handheld Milk Frother

Electric Handheld Milk Frother

If you wanna step up your coffee game, this simple gadget can work wonders! It’s small but powerful. You can make your favorite Dalgoda coffee in seconds, faster than the manual whipping we’ve seen around Youtube tutorial videos. But, don’t limit yourself! You can go as far as making your own blends of iced coffees. You may not be able to make Starbucks quality drinks, but hey at least you’ve saved money while making great coffee for yourself!

Did you see something you like?

So, have I filled your online shopping cart with more items to check out for the next sale? I swear, some of these items, you just NEED! You have to have it too! I’m sorry if I’m not helping you at all save money. Maybe that should be my next blog. How to stick to a budget and actually save money? Hahaha. I would need a bit of help with that…

11 Coolest Things Tiktok Made me Buy from Shopee!

These items are ridiculously cool and can I just say, life-changing? I wish more people would be aware of these interesting products so they would have much fun as I am having them. Would totally let you guys in if I find other cool items.  I’ll be writing up more blogs regarding this topic and sharing my reviews with you. If you’ve got more cool Shopee online shopping finds, share them with me in the comment section. I’ll go ahead and buy them for myself. I can’t resist it! They’re probably already being shipped right now…

Ding dong! What’s that? Another package has arrived, and it’s a big one. Care to find out?

Stay tuned…

If you want more online finds, make sure to check out these Cool Gift Ideas from Instagram Your Friends/ Family will Love For Sure! I also have more fascinating items to share with you, read 7 Weirdest Everyday Things that I Own and Love!

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Coolest Things Tiktok Made me Buy from Shopee!

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26 thoughts on “Shopee Budol: Coolest Things Tiktok Made Me Buy”

  1. Lizel Tejares Purcia

    Great finds po. And surely high quality po
    Gaganda lahat at siguradong sulit na sulit dahil sa mga discounts po nito. Great thing that Shopee offers lowest price.

  2. The laptop power bank is one I would love to buy. Besides my work taking me around, power outages are still common here. So, while I have power banks for my phones, I’ve always thought it’d be nice to have one for the laptop, too.

  3. There are a lot of things you can find when you go and watch TikTok videos. Thank you for sharing with us your finds, interesting!

  4. Medyo napapabili na din ako kaya I stopped following it muna hahhahaha. But the items that they are sharing is so useful

  5. shempre yung office chair! bet! too bad i cant buy considering the space i have now. But alamo sa room ko noon, loft bed ako, built in nga lang siya. tapos shelves sa bottom! kaso dumating time tinamad ako magsleep dun kaya me kuchon hahaha! especially when i had coco na, nasa lapag lang kami, kakatakot he might fall, eh infant pa lang sya! hehE!

  6. I actually like the things you’ve got. Some items must’ve been expensive but I think they are worth it. And the loft bed? Been wanting to get my hands on them for a long time but my husband insisted that he’ll make one for me nalang instead of buying. I’m super excited. Also the powerbank for laptop. I didn’t know those existed. Na excite ako sa mga pinamili mo. I guess I shouldn’t watch tiktok often. Baka magising ang pagiging impulsive ko. Anyway, great buy.

  7. Blair Villanueva

    I like to get that night lamp coz it looks cool, and pwede pang-party vibes sa bahay. And maybe a good reclining office chair, na pwede rin sa gaming 🙂

  8. Haha! I bought something they showed on Shopee. it’s the coolest thing but it’s practically useless, haha!

    Anyway, I have to avoid Shopee on Tiktok, I’m an impulsive shopper.

    Love that reclining chair, though. Might get that once we’ve moved.

  9. Wow, I have been watching a lot of tiktok videos lately and to be honest it does not only made me buy things but it also influenced me to create vlogs. it’s really entertaining! I’m following a gurl from TikTok can’t remember her name but she always share her purchases from amazon. that’s why I have a lot of products purchased from amazon lately.. hehehe

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