Believe in Christmas by Darren Espanto, Officially Released

Written by Marga Mingoa

2020 has been a hard-hitting year and as it comes to an end, Darren Espanto reminds us to believe in Christmas with his song “Believe in Christmas” which was finally released last Friday night, Nov. 20, 2020 after being teased for about a week. The uplifting lyrics of the song, the catchy melody, and the dreamy voice of Darren Espanto, is the perfect combination to make you add this song to your favorite holiday playlist. “

It’s officially a little more than a month before the most awaited international season. For Filipinos, Christmas season can be felt as early as the first “ber” month and you can expect nothing less from Filipino artists. Darren Espanto, together with fellow well-respected industry professionals: Tiny Corpuz, Raizo Chabeldin, Lloyd Oliver Corpuz, MCA Music Inc., and their respective teams have released another inspiring tune for us to chill to during this Christmas season.

COVID-19 has made us re-evaluate our priorities. As we all struggle to find new ways on how to live our lives, one of the interesting things we see nowadays are artists producing their own content. Darren Espanto has been in Canada since March 2020 and this pandemic has made a director out of him as he directed the music video for his single, “Believe in Christmas.”

According to Darren, “This year, there’s no other way to celebrate Christmas but to be grateful for the simple things that life has to offer amid trying, challenging times… More than ever, this gives us a chance to strengthen our faith and love for one another, and protect the family and loved ones whose lives matter more than anything else in this world. This Christmas is different from what we’ve been accustomed to for sure, but I’m positive that we’ll emerge stronger, better individuals after this crisis unfolds. For as long as we have each other, no grueling situation can hold us down.”

Listen to Darren Espanto’s message in “Believe in Christmas”:

(Link went live on November 13, midnight)

Watch on Youtube:

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  1. Blair villanueva

    I find Filipino Christmas song got more feelings than other Christmas songs. Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

  2. “There’s no other way to celebrate Christmas but to be grateful for the simple things!” I totally agree with him. I always see Darren on ABS CBN Christmas Station ID songs. I didn’t know he made an album for Christmas. Kudos!

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