List of 2020 Filipino BL Online Series to Watch Right Now

Do you know what’s better than one handsome leading man? Two handsome leading men falling in love with each other! BL series or Boys’ Love series made its way to the Philippines and we couldn’t be any happier! Like, for real! In my opinion, the romance between two men just hit twice as much as the normal hetero-romance we usually see on screen. Who agrees with me?

This week I’m listing down all of the Pinot BL series you can watch online. Most of these shows are readily available on Youtube so there’s no stopping you from getting straight to watching.

List of Filipino BL Online Series Everybody Should Start Watching Already! - 2020

Boys Love Series Made it’s Way to the Philippines

The unparalleled success of the Thai BL phenomenon: 2gether: the Series starting Win Metawin and Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree, the love of my life (yes, he’s my boyfriend even if he doesn’t know it) has opened up the Philippines’ market for more BL or queer-centered series this 2020.

And do believe me when I tell you that Filipino BL series stand on their own. Thai BLs usually have simple plots. They’re light and easy with lots of cutesy scenes. Filipino BLs are also a lot of fun, but they can be straightforward, a bit intense, and also address certain issues in the LGBTQA+ community.

I was honestly surprised by the rawness of the scripts, the quality of production, and the unique way of storytelling these Filipino BL series have presented. I can even say that they surpass most Filipino nightly telenovelas we used to watch on TV. Filipino BLs also have a massive fanbase not only in our country but all over the world. More Pinoy BL series have actually been produced. Read my blogs to check out the List of 2021 Pinoy BL Series and the List of 2022 Pinoy BL Series.

2020 Pinoy BL Online Series You Should Start Watching Already!

2020 Pinoy BL Online Series


Live-stream gamer Cairo (Elijah Canlas) was suddenly challenged to an online game by a fan and secret admirer with a username of Angel2000, Gavreel (Kokoy De Santos). Set during the 2020 pandemic when the Philippines was under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), Gameboys conveys the narrative literally online. Through video calls, chat messages, and social media apps, we’re able to watch Cairo and Gavreel’s story unfold and their love blossom despite the distance and restrictions of being lockdown inside their own homes.

Cast: Kokoy De Santos, Elijah Canlas, Adrianna So, Kyle Velino

Produced by: Idea First Company

gameboys review

This is the first Filipino BL that I’ve watched and I couldn’t be more proud of the Idea First Company for producing it. This series was filmed during the ECQ providing livelihood to the cast and crew who were all able to work from home. This level of creativity and innovation is something we’ve never seen anywhere else. Gameboys deserve the global recognition that it’s earned. I would truly recommend this series to anyone in a long-distance relationship or those who met online or through dating apps.

The story of Cairo and Gavreel’s relationship continues with Gameboys the Movie and I event wrote a review about it.

Pearl Next Door – GAMEBOYS Spinoff

Pearl Next Door, which is a Gameboys spin-off series featuring Gavreel’s best friend, Pearl (Adrianna So). Pearl Next Door is the Philippines ‘ first GL or Girls’ Love series featuring a bisexual character. It will have the same story-telling format as Gameboys but through a vlogger’s perspective.

Cast: Adrianna So, Iana Bernardez, Rachel Coates, Cedrick Juan and Phillip Hernandez a.k.a. Davao Conyo

Produced by: Idea First Company

pearl next door

Like everybody, I worship and adore Pearl for always being supportive of both Cairo and Gavreel. This time, it is now Pearl’s turn to find love in the middle of the quarantine, as she’s torn between several love interests. I identify with Pearl’s over-the-top energy and her being such a hopeless romantic. It also surprised me that even as a gay guy, girls can still make me giddy or kilig. I have to say that the lesbians are on a whole other playing field, and I was totally hooked and game for more. I finished this series, and I have to tell you that I loved every bit of it. Such brilliant writing! I swear I had to give Pearl a standing ovation by the end of the series! Which of the two girls did Pearl end up with? Well, you’d have to watch and find out for yourself!

Gaya sa Pelikula (Like in the Movies)

This highly anticipated BL series written by Juan Miguel Severo (Filipino Actor and Spoken Word Artist) is rightfully the best BL series I’ve watched so far. The story revolves around Karl (Paolo Pangilinan), an architecture student and freelance writer with a heart for the movies. After a client runs away without paying, he is forced to take in a cocky stranger named Vlad (Ian Pangilinan) and pretend to be his boyfriend to cover the month’s rent.

Cast: Paolo Pangilinan, Ian Pangilinan, Adrienne Vergara, Yesh Bruce

Produced by: Globe Studios

gaya sa relikula review

I have so much love for Gaya Sa Pelikula that my heart hurts. As a Filipino gay man, I strongly identified with the dynamic between the two characters, the beautifully written story, and the truthfully-brutal dialogue. The series also gives nods to a bunch of classic and beloved films and showcases several killer Original Pilipino Music (OPM) in its official soundtrack. 

Honestly, I had a difficult time finishing every episode of Gaya sa Pelikula because I kept hitting pause. I hit pause when the scenes were too cute. I hit pause when the lines were too real. I hit pause when what I was seeing on the screen brought up some memories of what it was like to love. There are so many emotions wrapped up in each episode that it can almost be too much to handle. I’ve never felt as seen on screen as I had while watching the show. Everything hit too close to home and I could only feel thankful for a series like Gaya sa Pelikula to exist.

Hello Stranger

When Mico organizes an online quiz night with his barkada, he is surprised when the school’s popular basketball player, Xavier, joins in and insults them. Little does Mico know that this won’t be the last time he’ll be seeing Xavier.

Cast: Tony Labrusca, JC Alcantara, Vivoree Esclito, Patrick Quiroz, Gillian Vicencio, Miguel Almendras

Network: Black Sheep

hello stranger

Hello Stranger hits a little differently than the first two BLs I’ve listed but in a good way. Set during the pandemic, the setup for Hello Stranger is also virtual, but unlike GAMEBOYS, it seamlessly transitions from the world of social media and video chats to cinematic visuals of the outside world. The more episodes you watch, the simple plot deepens as you get to fall in love with the characters and realize how poetic the story really is. I also love the strong bond Mico has with his friends and how they’re always there for one another. Also, the chemistry between Tony Labrusca and JC Alcantara is undeniable. The story actually continues onto a movie and let me tell you guys that I had all the feels. I even wrote a review of Hello Stranger The Movie.

Meet Me Outside

Two young men, alone for the holidays for different reasons, gravitate towards each other on the day before Christmas after a conversation through the Blued app.

Cast: Genesis Redido, Kaloy Tingcungco

Produced by: Blued App

meet me outside review

Also written by Juan Miguel Severo and directed by JP Habac from Gaya sa Pelikula, Meet Me Outside is a short, but sweet series. With only 6 episodes, most of which are 10 minutes long, I was left wanting more of the story and the two characters. Super impressed by the actors as well on how they carried such delicate scenes and intimate moments. Like, isn’t meeting a cute stranger during a vacation just a part of every guy’s dream? Haha.

Win Jaime’s Heart

A young vlogger goes to the extent of finding a guy for his broken-hearted friend to boost his channel only to find himself entangled in a web of romance he never dreamed of.

Cast: Allison Asistio, Matthew Fransciso, Gio Emprese, Ramona Vega

Produced by: Sanny Istudyo

win jaime's heart review

Now, this series blew my mind away. I did not expect this to be so well-made and have such well-written dialogue. I also like the plot of the series, but with only 6 episodes, I don’t think it was fully explored. The acting could have been improved, but the sexual tension between the actors completely makes up for it. I swear you guys will really feel it. If you’re like me who doesn’t mind eye candy, (in this case, a lot of eye candy) this series is for you. Really hoping for season two for this one!

Here’s More 2020 Filipino BL Series for you guys!

Those I’ve already mentioned are most of the BLs or Queer-centered web series that I’ve watched so far, but there’s a lot more available online. They’re all in my line-up of series to watch. I’ve listed them all down here as well so you could browse through them, and get a head start.

Quaranthings: The Series

Lockdown. Those who could went home. All four housemates of Judah and Rocky did. To each other’s surprise, they who’ve never even had a real conversation were left behind.

Cast: Kyo Quijano, Royce Cabrera

quaranthings the series

Oh, Mando!

Charming but timid college student Mando is your typical hopeless romantic. He meets Barry, an out-and-proud basketball star who is practically a prince from a fairytale. The only thing spoiling Mando’s happy ending is the fact that Barry already has a boyfriend. To move on, Mando goes out with liberated architecture student Krisha and the two become lovers. One fateful day, Barry walks back into Mando’s life. Now, he needs to choose — will it be mind over heart or heart over mind?

Cast: Alex Diaz, Kokoy de Santos, Barbie Imperial, Z Mejia, Sam Cafranca, Dionne Monsanto

Oh mando bl series

Boys’ Lockdown

Love in the time of a pandemic. While it’s certainly not the best time to go out, meet someone and fall in love, Key and Chen find each other in the middle of the enhanced community quarantine and connect in ways that surprise them both.

Cast: Ali King, Alec Kevin

boys lockdown

Lakan Series

It is about a man who wants to escape the reality of his life where he can rest from the hardships of the city and feel the simplicity of life and a man from the province who has a great responsibility to their tribe.

Cast: John Kennedy Nakar, Paul Cervantes

lakan the series

Ben x Jim

Benjamin is given an ultimatum to become financially self-reliant or move to America to live with his family. He learns that his old neighbor and childhood friend, Jimson, is moving back home to spend Enhanced Quarantine with his family.

Cast: Teejay Marquez, Jerome Ponce

Produced by: Regal Entertainment Inc.

ben x jim

#MyDay: the Series

A young, determined culinary intern named Sky making his way into a multi-billion-dollar food company. Find out how he survives the challenges (in the kitchen and elsewhere) and wins the heart of his wicked boss Ace.

Cast: Aki Torres, Miko Gallardo

my day the series

In Between

The most important part in a relationship is not the hello or the goodbye but the In Between. This is about the boys’ love (BL) story of Taurus and Otep.

Cast: Genesis Redido, Migs Villasis

in between bl

Why Love Why

Two straight men named Benjo and Emil were assigned to be thesis partners by their professor. Emil, being not financially capable to do online research reluctantly agreed to stay in Benjo’s affluent penthouse unit. When a couple turned positive to COVID-19, the building where Benjo’s penthouse was situated was locked down for a month, paving the way for Benjo and Emil’s sexual awakening. (Source: MyDramaList)

Cast: Carl Adaron, Johnrey Rivas, Yesh Burce

Produced by: Philstagers Films

Why Love Why bl series

Better Days

Better Days tells the story of two childhood friends who use their talents as a vlogger and chef to revive the restaurant their parents built.

Cast: Chester Chua, Benedix Ramos

better days bl

BoyBand Love: The Series

A Pinoy boyband composed of Aiden, Danny, Jamie, and Rico who have one goal in mind – stardom! However, their journey won’t be easy as their personalities clash, and their personal vendettas get in the way.

Cast: Arkin Del Rosario, Gus Villa

boyband love the series

My Extraordinary

This follows the colorful story of two college students, Shake and Ken, and how they try to express themselves despite the society’s many expectations.

Cast: Enzo Santiago, Darwin Yu

Produced by: AsterisK Digital Entertainment

my extraordinary bl

90 Days: The Series

This tells the story of Axel and Greg, two best friends with disparate beliefs, religions, personalities, and life stories, who fell in love with one another.

Cast: Brian Cuballes, Aejhay Espinosa

90 days the series


Wade and Jose Manuel, two people who magically meet although they are living in different periods – one in 1974, one in 2020. Jose Manuel is grounded after his military father learned of his relationship with Luis, an activist. Wade, on the other hand, is recovering from a recent break up with Eric and while on vacation is caught up in the Quarantine because of the COVID 19 Pandemic. After the super moon, an opportunity opens for these two heartbroken souls to connect across time and find love once again.

Cast: Kiko Ipapo, Jovani Manansala, Shu Calleja

Happenstance bl series

Your Home

Imagine a world where boys’ love is normal. You don’t have to prove yourself more just because you’re gay or different. No judgy stares and harsh whispers from strangers or even from family. Our story is about the coming of age of two boys that are feeling alone and their adventures to find a place they can call home.

Cast: Kurt Mendoza, Renz Kieser, Marc David, Angelica Radaza, Eurwin Canzana

Your Home BL series


CHEAT is a new boys’ love (BL) series made in the Philippines which breaks the mold of conventional BL stories; gone is the shock value of two boys falling in love — that’s a fact that has been a reality since humans first populated the earth. CHEAT accepts this as part of normal life, and instead has created a serial story that deals with the themes of stolen innocence, jealousy, lust, betrayal, and under the genre of psychological thriller, CHEAT delves into the maelstrom of intimate relationships within a tightly knit family –- all of this with an underlying backdrop of witchcraft and the supernatural — a theme so very popular with Filipino audiences.

Cast: Daryll Rodriguez, VR Relosa, Migo De Vera, Allora Alcantara, Iyo Canlas

cheat the series pinoy bl

The Shore

It is a story of David, a lost/stranded guy on an island who finds Simon, a companion, and they fall in love with each other despite their differences in principles about life. But when the real partner of the David came to rescue him they got separated and they discover the guy whom he fell in love with on the island. (Source: Star Image Artist Management)

Cast: John Dabid Schon, Kyle Verches, Miguel Ching

the shore bl series

Swap Test

The love story of a brokenhearted male nurse and a struggling college student amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines is roughly tested when they swapped situations, plans, and principles as they face their haunting past.

Cast: Gerome Palparan, Ely Cellan

swap test bl series

Truly Very Yours

This is a story of how a young guy named Mark, a wannabe scriptwriter, turned his boring hours, days, weeks and months of quarantine life into quaranflinging. Trying to be creative with the script he is writing, what he thought would be fun brought him back to a time in his life that never had closure. Wait, what?! How? Why?

Cast: Marky Erasga, Wex Andre

truly very yours bl series


Two college dorm mates (Joey and Jimmy) tried to hide a baby inside the boys dormitory. While studying, they both decided to secretly take care of the baby, but also became secretly in love with each other. When they got caught about their secret, the question of “Who is the real father?” spread to the entire school rapidly, and the revelation changed their lives and the people around them.

Cast: Drei Aria, Erwin Buenaventura, Ivan Sarte, French Solano, Jule Indiola, Petite Brockovitch

amore bl series

Hook Up

This series will look at the possibility of finding love through Findr, a dating app.

Cast: Marky Erasga, JC Lopez

hook up bl series

Even After

This series is not just about the commotion on BL series trend but it will serve as an acceptance and an eye opener to LGBT issues and topics. Love doesn’t focus on gender but it focuses on two people. During this quarantine period, we are having our own ways to distract ourselves. But what could be more fitting than finding a true love — in social media? Watch the journey of Zig and Zag and how they will conquer their love together.

Cast: Kristoffer Molina, Kelly Fontanilla

even after bl series

Safe Haven

Safe Haven is a romantic comedy series that revolves around the unexpected love between Dave and Terrence that started from a petty fight on the famous social media platform Twitter.

Cast: EJ Reuven Arcega, Leo Roferos, Tala Arnaiz

Safe Heaven bl series


Unguarded will show what actually happened after Hook Up and what took place before One Night Stand, in preparation for the actual Oe Night Stand series. But for this series, the focus will be on Mark Lee and Lukas.

Cast: Marky Erasga, Niko Badayos

unguarded bl series


Rooted from the harsh society, and the indifferences we’re facing at this age. A blossom of love and awakening is set to make a footprint. We are made to celebrate and recognize truth and diversity. Because love knows no judgment and everyone deserves it. In love, all of us are equal.

Cast: Chollo Sotiangco, Leon Eustaquio, Kevin Martinez

influencers bl series

To view a complete list of Filipino BL’s released during 2020, you may check out this webpage: Pinoy Bl Series Since 2020 by My Drama List!

That’s it! I hope that you guys enjoyed going through this BL series list and listening to me going on about how much I love them. Did you find a BL or Boys’ Love series you liked? Well, you can go ahead and start binging! They’re all online and they’re totally free so nothing is stopping you. Enjoy!

BL and GL Series are for Everyone!

BL and queer-centered series are not only for the girls, the gays, and the rest of the LGBTQ+ community. They’re for everyone. Yes, you can also have a crush on a gay character, even if you’re a heterosexual human being. Yes, you can cheer and support romance between two people of the same sex, even if you personally prefer the opposite sex. Supporting and appreciating queer media and advocacies doesn’t make you gay if you’re not gay. It makes you an Ally. Love is love, and it’s such a beautiful thing to be a part of it.

LGBTQA+ representation in media matters, regardless if it’s currently trending or not. People from different minority groups in our country need to be seen on TV.  Our stories need to be heard so that people will see from our perspective, open their minds, understand, and be more sensitive to our needs. LGBTQA+ people are humans too who’s voices need to be heard now. We deserve equal rights, and having rights for the members of the LGBTQ+ doesn’t mean fewer rights for others.

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List of 2020 Filipino BL Online Series Everybody Should Start Watching Already!

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  3. Grabe d talaga pahuli si Philippines at may BL series narin. Honestly d talaga ako fan ng bl, kapatid ko yung palong palo dito 😅. Pero gusto ko mapanood yung benxjim. I was able to watched the trailer of that movie and parang kinilig ako ng very very light hahahah.

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  7. I’ve been into yaoi lately but I think #Myday the series is the best one from your list for me to start being into BL stories. For some reason at first glance, the characters remind me of cardcaptor sakura’s brother and his “friend” who coincidentally are actually a whole BL side story of their own 😅😊

  8. ang dami na palang BL dito satin.. havent tried watching one.. hindi pa din kasi ako nagkakatime manood pero im so interested about it. especially my sis is part of one BL film that will come out soonest.. “the boy fortold by the stars” ill let you know anout it when it finally comes out:)

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  11. this is a really good list, i particularly think gaya sa pelikula, gameboys and hell stranger are the big three (holy trinity) of filipino bl series and next to them would be (in no order)

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    for now i look forward to cheat series, your home series and happenstance for the third wave to reach soon on december. Hope the production value of new series goes up too

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