7 Super Fun Reality TV Shows to Watch in Netflix this Pandemic

Our reality right now ultimately sucks. I don’t know about you guys, but I would really like a nice dose excitement right about this second. Take me as far away from this house I’ve been stuck in for months and drop me in a middle of an adrenaline-filled competition or a heartwarming journey of self-love in a country other than my own. Gimme more than staring at the chipping white paint of my bedroom ceiling as I contemplate the meaninglessness of my existence.

7 Super Fun Reality TV Shows to Watch in Netflix this Pandemic

Before we get carried away, this week I wanted to share with you guys 7 Super Fun Reality TV Shows to Watch in Netflix this Pandemic. I’ve consumed most sitcoms and cartoons in Netflix already so we’re moving on to reality tv shows. I’ve been totally into reality tv lately because even if they do have structured formats, each episode is sure to bring you excitement and this deniable sense of amazement.

Some shows are super high-stakes like competition shows with thousand dollar prizes. Some are even tearjerkers as you see a person’s life change before your eyes while a couple are just well… They’re kind of just plain stupid and fun. All shows are also hyperlinked so you can go ahead and click the titles. Then, you can get right to watching! Let’s get into it shall we?

7 Super Fun Reality TV Shows to Watch in Netflix this Pandemic

1.Nailed It!

nailed it netflix

What a super fun show to watch with your friends and even family! This show will have you laughing your socks off while some of the world’s admittedly-bad bakers attempt to recreate the most complex baked creations ever. Their output? Well, their creations always turn into quite disasters, appearance and flavor-wise. I’ve seen some hilariously ungodly treats from this show and it’s always exciting to see more chaos unfold! And at the end of the day, someone still has to win!

2. Sugar Rush

A baking show where time is key. Skilled bakers compete in pairs for 3 rounds of baking: cupcakes, confections and then cakes. Every episode has a fun theme and it is up to the bakers to interpret their vision. Not only do they have to make sure their baked goods look incredible, but the flavors have to be on point as well. And, they have to do all of this in so little of a time.

sugar rush netflix

I’ve had experience with baking and this show is just a fun to watch because it’s fascinating to hear about the bakers’ creative ideas, watch them work and then, see their vision come to life at the end. Pretty impressive! It’s high-stakes, fast-paced, intense and super rewarding.  All bakers who participated in this show are super unique and talented. Sometimes, both final cakes are super amazing that even you’re not sure who’s gonna win!

3. Floor is Lava

In the Philippines, we call this game “Langit Lupa”. You’re out if you touch the ground. This show gives you that sense of nostalgia, but also amps up the game with rooms filled with actual raging lava! Every episode shows a different themed room where 3 groups of 3 people try to get from the entrance to the exit of the room. There are several routes to attempt.  They can climb, make long jumps, or slide to get one point to the other. The team with the most people across in the least amount of time, wins. Also, they can’t touch the floor because the floor is lava!

floor is lava netflix

I had too much fun watching this show to be honest. It’s always fun to watch someone slip or fall on their face. The show also makes it appear that the contestants actually burn and disappear when they fall into the lava. (Don’t worry, they’re alive. It’s fake lava). What’s more impressive though is when you see a full team get across the obstacles. That’s what you call strategy and team work!

4. Too Hot to Handle

Okay, so this is a really stupid show, but in a not-so-bad way. Explaining the show will be quite ridiculous, but let’s try. Basically, super attractive people who have commitment issues are stuck in paradise together and the only thing they have to do to win the $100,000 grand prize is to not have sex with each other. Face palm, am I right? Any form of sexual activity will cost thousands of dollars to be deducted from their prize money.

too hot to handle netflix

I’ll first tell you that yes, these people are gorgeous eye candy. You might like a guy or a girl from the cast or even all of them. It’s fine, completely understandable. But, it’s just so crazy how much money they’ve spent just because they couldn’t get their hands off each other. It was a fun dumb show and I was surprised that there was even a bit of self-love lessons in there. Who could have guessed?

5. Rupaul’s Drag Race

Rupaul’s Drag Race changed my life and introduced me to so many drag queens I now love and admire. All 12 seasons and 2 of the 4 All Stars seasons (where former queens come back to compete) are available in Netflix. And yup, yup, yup, I’ve watched them all!!

rupaul's drag race netflix

Drag queens for me, are one of the most-beautiful creatures in the world. Each week, there are challenges that test the queens’ Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent, a themed runway and finally, a lip-sync for your life where the losing queen goes home. Each season, only one drag queen will be the next drag super star and win $100 000. And, let me tell you all of these queens want it and they’re out for blood.

This show is the biggest stage in the world where you’ll witness big personalities and the most beautiful and jaw-dropping fashion creations ever. Perfection? Yes, I’ve seen it. May the best woman win!

6. Tiny House Nation

tiny house nation netflix

Tiny House!! Interior Design is hard enough on a regular-sized room, but what about in a tiny house? I’ve thrown away my definition of impossible after watching this series because Host, John Weisbarth and tiny expert, Zack Giffin seem to just blow my mind every time. Even if you’re living in a tiny house, you can still live in luxury and have everything you need. You really don’t need all that space and you can still live grand! This show is super satisfying and you’ll kind of want a tiny house of your own after. I’ll probably have a tiny house in the future. Maybe at the backyard of my mansion? Hahaha.

7. Queer Eye

queer eye netflix

Last but certainly not the least, Queer Eye is I’m sure, close to everyone’s heart. And yes, 5 gay guys can change your whole life for the better. Our kind is kinda of amazing, you know? And you are too!

This is not only a makeover show, but the Fab 5 composed of Antoni Porowski, food and wine expert; Tan France, fashion expert; Karamo Brown, culture expert; Bobby Berk, design expert; and Jonathan Van Ness, grooming expert also help the Heros (nominees) gain more confidence and know that self-care is essential. It’s really heartwarming to see compassion go a long way. When you open yourself up for people to help you and you’re willing to be better, it’s just magical.

That’s it. Yay, we’ve gone through 7 Super Fun Reality TV Shows to Watch in Netflix. I hope you guys enjoyed reading through them with me. Which show do you think you’ll like? Would you like a tiny house of your own or be visited by the Fab 5? If you were in one of those competition shows, how well will you do? I would totally love to be in Rupaul’s Drag Race as my drag persona, Mikayla Boss. Won’t she just slay her way to the crown?

These reality shows are just about the only “reality” I can deal with right now. Oh, how I wish that the pandemic will end already. Don’t you?

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7 Super Fun Reality TV Shows to Watch in Netflix this Pandemic

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21 thoughts on “7 Super Fun Reality TV Shows to Watch in Netflix this Pandemic”

  1. Thanks for your recommendations! I’ve ran out of new shows to watch (except for the new season of Lucifer). I’m familiar with the last 3 via social media but haven’t watched them. Have you seen Twogether? 🙂

  2. blair villanueva

    From this list, I will definitely watch Tiny House Nation coz it is more relatable and I like home renovations for a better lifestyle. Too Hot to Handle is just alright as well.

  3. Even if madaming drama ang nangyayare, Ru Paul’s Drag Race is my favorite reality show to watch! Sobrang tawa ako ng tawa and nakakagood vibes talaga ‘to. Anyway, I’m interested to watch the Floor is Lava and Tiny House Nation from this list! 🙂

  4. Even if madaming drama ang nangyayare, Ru Paul’s Drag Race is my favorite reality show to watch! Sobrang tawa ako ng tawa and nakakagood vibes talaga ‘to. Anyway, I’m interested to watch the Floor is Lava and Tiny House Nation! 🙂

  5. Yung Tiny House show lang yung napanood ko from this list. 😀 Dahil super obsessed ako sa mga interior design shows and it’s the same kind of show din that I keep on streaming sa Youtube. But no, I never dreamed of being an architect hahaha ang satisfying lang panoorin! Thank you for this list of suggestions, Christian!

  6. OMG! I love reality TV shows! I watch Queer Eye because there’s a lot of lessons that comes with it. Plus the Fab 5 are so fun to watch! Honestly!

  7. I haven’t seen any of these shows you’ve listed. I’m not into reality tv shows that much, except the Twogether travel series I’ve watched recently hahaha! Pero i think i’ll check out Tiny House Nation! Not sure pero parang napanood ko na isang episode before sa cable and I remember I enjoyed it. 😂

  8. We have the SAME LIST (well, except for Too Hot to Handle, haha)! I have been bingeing on ALL Nailed It episodes (US, Germany, Mexico, etc.) and it’s a hilarious show! Sugar Rush is a favorite and I’d also like to suggest you to watch Zumbo’s Just Desserts! If you liked SR, you’ll love this one too. RPDR is super iconic and the Floor is Lava is a real kicker. 🙂

  9. Nicole San Miguel

    I’m also watching the floor is lava! It’s very entertaining to watch especially when someone falls. Haha! Parang totoo yung lava no? Galing!

  10. I am not much of a tv show lover, but this list is really worth sharing to the people close to me who are big fans of Netflix. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  11. i havent watched any of this. mas ma kdrama din kasi ako or pinoy flicks. pero i think ill love nailed it and sugar rush, especially na im trying to bake. pero i think ill love best yung tiny house kasooooo baka mag las las ako na i cant have it. char lang. thanks for the reco. will try watching some.

  12. I’m currently binge-watching American and Spanish series, but I was actually looking for more recommended shows on Netflix. Thanks for the interesting suggestions, nasa List ko na silang lahat!

  13. Bukod sa k-dramas, Korean variety show/reality show lang kasi pinapanuod ko at ayaw ko muna magdagdag ng iba. But, I’ll share this list to my sister and some friends na mahilig manuod sa netflix. Feeling ko magugustuhan nila or baka nga napanuod na nila ang iba sa mga yan.

  14. My sister keeps on telling me to watch Sugar Rush as I am also a passionate baker! That’s on my list to watch next. Btw, have you also watched Next in Fashion? I super love that than Project Runway.

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