Trying Yoga Jump-Started My Fitness Journey

Throughout the past year, we’ve tried so many fitness activities such as indoor cycling and boxing on top off the regular visits to the gym, but can you guys guess what actually started my excitement about fitness? Yoga, obviously. Doesn’t that just sound like a typical gay guy in his 20’s?

Trying Yoga for the First Time

Anyways, I never thought that I would be the type of person who would actually like going to the gym. It was just super out of character for me then. Being this big nerd who loved books and trips all of a sudden for no reason whatsoever, my only form of exercise was walking. That was barely even the required 10K steps a day. Come on, the idea itself already felt exhausting. There was not an athletic bone in my body, and I never had any willingness to get active. Yoga proved to be the entry point and it was what has gotten me started in even remotely using the limbs.

christian foremost yoga

I signed up for Beginner’s Yoga one time and grew to love the journey my body and mind went through in just a hour. Being flexible was already a given, but yoga proved to surprise me. Who actually knew it can put you through such a sweat? Sweat was literally dripping from my forehead down the mat like an open faucet while I was trying to hold a plank position. I could have filled a bucket! Haha.

Yoga: Open Your Body and Mind

Yoga isn’t sleeping and it is more than just stretching on a mat. Yoga puts your body through an experience with your breathing as your rhythm leading your mind in a state of peace and calmness. You’ll feel the sensation of every stretch in the different muscles of your body, as you activate them or release the tension.

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Once you familiarize yourself with the movements and the poses, you’ll notice how your body will just instinctively move to the instructor’s voice. The movement is flowing through your body as if you’re doing a dance. I would be kidding if I said it was easy, because it is harder than it looks. You just have to remind yourself that you have to breathe through it.


I attended Intermediate Yoga sessions once a week for what was almost an entire year. It was very challenging. Every session is always a test on how you can push your limit further and stretch wider. I always loved the end of every session where we literally just cradling our bodies like fresh new babies after sets and sets of holding our poses, forms and stretches. You’ll just really get that sense of zen or having such an empty, clear and sound mind as a well-earned reward. I felt so good after every weekly session and yoga was something I always looked forward to. Whenever I missed a session, my body felt heavy and knotted for the next few days like it craved that release of energy again.

Yoga Gave Me Confidence

It was honestly thanks to the weekly yoga that helped me have a sense of ownership of my body and movements. My body used to embody awkwardness which limited it to small and shy movements. There wasn’t any confidence in my body language and I moved like a malfunctioning robot who may shut down at any moment.

Yoga sets your body free and allows you to release energy outward into the world. It also lets your mind surrender control and you have to trust your body, allowing it to take charge. I had to let go of my shyness and insecurity of what I looked like because you can only get the best stretches with the biggest movements. While doing yoga, I noticed how I was standing taller with better posture. I also had more certainty in my movements and actions. Those are such huge improvements especially in presenting yourself in front of other people, and in appearing more approachable and not stiff.

You Should Give Yoga A Try!

If fitness was never your thing, but you find yourself curious about fitness and exercising, why not try yoga as a start? I super recommend this because you will not only put your body through a workout, but relax your mind as well. It is super effective in taking away any stress and worries caused by your everyday problems. You’ll definitely refreshed and energized afterwards, ready for the day ahead.

christian foremost yoga

Try the ClassPass App (Apple / Android)

You can sign up for yoga classes around your area. The ClassPass app allows you to book any fitness classes you’d like within your proximity and during the schedule when which you’re available. They just charge a monthly membership fee of Php. 1379 – Php. 4199 depending on the number of credits you’d like. They have a promo for first-timers where you have Php. 1500 worth of credits. Just keep in mind that once you use them, your card will automatically be charged for the monthly membership fee.

You Can Also Try Yoga at Home

The good thing about yoga is you can also do it at home if you have space and a yoga mat. Check out yoga videos on Youtube and just follow along. I suggest asking someone to help your out for the first few times. With home workouts, you just need a lot more discipline and really just have to incorporate it inside your schedule or daily routine.

Don’t give up on something new until you’ve at least, given it two tries. Of course the first time is already going to be hard because your body is taking everything as a surprise. By the second time, you’ll probably do better than you did the first time and find yourself enjoying it. Through time with discipline, and just a little practice, you’ll eventually get better and stronger. Let’s start your fitness journey okay? It’s going to be tough, but also a lot of fun.

And after some time, if you feel you’re your body is seeking more, and then you can try other fun physical activities like boxing, indoor cycling and if you’re really committed, signing up for a gym membership. Good luck. We can do this!

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Khryz Cementina
Congrats on improving and learning more about yourself by practicing yoga. I’ve had a bit of experience but I wasn’t able to continue it.

Hazy Wanders
I want to try yoga again! Because of your post, i’m inspired to check yoga videos on Youtube! Hahaha anything you can recommend? 🙂

May De Jesus-Palacpac
I would love to sign up for gym membership, kaya lang their terms are much too constricting.

Marycor Valencia
Wow, you look so flexible while doing the yoga. Tried this with my friends and it’s not that easy.

Nicole San Miguel
Tagal ko na din gusto i try mag Yoga!! Na inspire ako lalo bec of this post. Hehe! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Prado Arturo Navarro Bognot
Yoga is indeed a good type of exercise for mobility and joint strengthening! Glad to see that you are now attending intermediate yoga sessions. I think the readers would also love the know your favorite yoga poses and what kind of benefits you received from them. 😀

Wendyflor Palomo
i had been trying yoga but I’m beginners level everytime, hahaha… Din na umangat kasi pahinto hinto. Congrats to you! Keep it up!

Dawn Lyndelle Fernando Paragas
Grabeh I remembered the first time I did yoga. It was with my sister and I honestly was so challenged. At least I know na hindi siya pa ra sa akin hehe.. (unless I think I lose more weight muna) hehe

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