What is Christmas Really All About?

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Another year is coming to an end, and guess what? It’s Christmas once again. That exciting time when the same Christmas carols play on a loop wherever you go. Everywhere you look, there will be Christmas decorations brightening up the atmosphere and of course, a ton of advertisements from every business or establishment persuading you to spend that extra cash from your 13th-month pay. Have you bought the perfect gifts for your loved ones already? Not yet? Me either.

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Let’s spread love and the holiday cheer by going all out for the coming wave of Christmas parties and reunions. Isn’t it exciting to see your friends again who’s been just a bit busy the past few months? Relatives who you only see once every year will still be surprised by how much you’ve grown! We aren’t kids anymore, but we do hope they’d still give us just some of that Christmas cash. Everybody needs a little extra, I’m sure!

A Happy Kid on Christmas

When I was a kid, I thought Christmas Day was this magical day where presents would come pouring in. There’ll be all of this delicious food I’d stuff in my mouth. I didn’t have to worry about my diet yet because I was a growing boy.

We’d also force ourselves to perform song or dance numbers in front of everyone just to earn from our very generous uncles and aunties. Maybe those simple performances we did during Christmas gave me that “kapal ng mukha” or misplaced confidence to be on stage in front of a lot of people even when I clearly lacked the talent for singing or dancing. It was as fun as it was totally embarrassing.


Christmas is Just a Normal Day

In reality though, like every holiday in the calendar, Christmas is just a normal day. You could actually miss it if you lock yourself up in your home and overload yourself with work instead. And, Christmas can get a bit lonely when you’re away from your family, or obsess about the fact that you’re still single. You may have finished up your Christmas bonus because there were so much on SALE that you went a little crazy. Yes, the same problems that piled up throughout the year will greet you once again after the holidays. The world is ending, people are dying and injustice is prevalent in our society. Why would we still celebrate, right? Why should we be infected by this so-called Holiday Spirit?

What is Christmas Really About?

If we remove the decorations and quiet down the carols for a minute, can we remember what Christmas is really all about? Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day and He died to save us from our sins. It’s a birthday party that everyone is welcome to attend. If you’re a Christian, take some in the magical day to go to Church or maybe say a little prayer wishing Jesus a Happy Birthday.

Christmas is also a time to take a break and spend time with the people who mean the most to you. It’s not about the material things like the food, money, presents or even holiday plans. This is the time to be thankful. Wish everyone a “Merry Christmas” and give, give more than you receive.

Not everyone is blessed to enjoy the Christmas season though. And yes, we can’t cover up all of the world’s problems even with the tallest Christmas tree. We can help though, in any way we can. Let’s gift what our heart is willing to share. Let’s spread the Christmas spirit to reach more than just our family and friends. Let’s help those in need because it’s doesn’t have to be hard as we might think it is.

Help the Less-Fortunate Filipino Kids through UNICEF

Let’s say when you donate P25.00 pesos a day, which some will just spend to pay for extra rice or transportation could help support 3 children finish their studies. Access to education can open up opportunities for them to rise out of poverty and achieve their dreams.

UNICEF works to promote and protect the rights of every Filipino child, with a particular focus on those who are most vulnerable and disadvantaged. They have several programs on Child Survival, Education, Child Safety, and Social Policy and governance.

“By supporting UNICEF, you are helping not just one child but generations of children to come. Your support enables UNICEF to continue its work to give children access to education, clean water, health care, and protection against violence, abuse, and exploitation–whether this means working on the ground with communities or influencing laws and policies that protect children’s rights.”

There are a lot of children you can help with how much you’re willing to give. You can donate any amount one-time or on a monthly basis to UNICEF Philippines. You can make your donation today by clicking this link. Learn more about UNICEF by checking out their website: UNICEF Philippines and you can also Like their Facebook page for the latest news and updates.

Take some time to listen to the children and offer what you can to help. Maybe you’ll not just make their Christmas special but help give them a brighter future that they deserve. Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Homebound Mom
Thank you for sharing this. Christmas is really about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. It is just sad that people are now focused on material things. 🙁 Will check out UNICEF’s website.

May De Jesus-Palacpac
So glad to know someone who remembers what Christmas is truly all about. It’s a struggle, at times, to get to this season. Too many parties, too many expenses, too many demands — we forget about Jesus and the reasons for his birth.

that’s why we have slowed down more this year. We’ve only said yes to two parties- both for our kids – a teens one for our high schooler, and one with other younger homeschoolers for our two younger kids- then one with the people we minister to. We want to spend more time on devotions as a family, and we are going to use some of our money to give to those that need it this season.

Wendyflor Palomo
We always come home for the holidays so it’s pretty hectic. This time, I told my dad to lessen the activities for us so we can enjoy time as a family. It’s good, so far. I like where this post led… For the children and help for the UNICEF. thanks for reminding us through your blog post.

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