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First of all, Happy Birthday to me! I’m 22 years old and officially have the right to sing “22” by Taylor Swift whenever somebody asks for my age. Starting this year though, I decided to no longer celebrate my birthday by having a big party or gathering with friends. Aside from the obvious fact that I am broke and should probably manage my finances better, I also realized how my birthday isn’t just for people to celebrate my continued existence here on earth. This is the time for me to be grateful for every single person who came into my life because they helped me get this far. So before people start greeting me with “Happy Birthday”‘s, let’s me first say “Thank You!”

Nobody Talks to me at Parties

When you’ve felt like an outsider for the longest time, it’s easy to think that people hate you and don’t want anything to do with you. You’ve closed yourself off from other people and developed this defense of never giving yourself away. Even when people try so hard to connect with you, you instantly reject them. What was the point right? They don’t really care about you and you don’t need them anyway. You’re fine being alone. You’re used to it.

Aside from the paranoia of people finding out, these were mostly the thoughts that were running through my head during every social event I had to get through while I was in the closet. I wasn’t shy at all. My social anxiety then, was just fueled by some instinctive thought that people don’t like me and I couldn’t trust anyone. And it was cruel and totally unfair for me to immediately judge people to be homophobic or prejudiced. I assumed the worst in people because I only assumed the worst in myself. Every person is different and you only get to know that when you put in an effort to get to know them.

My Friends are the Best People on Earth

I never would have grown so much the past few years if my friends weren’t patient with me. I put my trust in the right people and even when I felt scared and totally vulnerable, it was clear that they were there to help. They cared. It was the first time I felt genuinely happy. I was loved and accepted and I made a home with the people I belonged with. I would do everything for my friends, anything in the world for each and every one of them. Even when we don’t see much of each other anymore, I know that they are always there for me like I am always there for them.

People are Sooooo Fun.

It was through slowly opening up more of myself to different people that I realized how freaking amazing human beings are. People are fascinating and no matter how weird you are, there will always be other weirdos out there who have the same interests as you. It’s also touching to learn about everybody’s stories because we are all going through something. All of us have problems, and even if you can literally do nothing to help, listening is enough.

Appreciate the People in your Life

You have to recognize that there are people around you. People you see every day, relatives and friends you only see once in a while and strangers you may just happen to meet once or twice. Being nice and kind can go a long way. Don’t save up all of your concern and attention for only a chosen set of people. Be free to spread love and positivity around because you never know who might need them. Be willing to lend a hand to people without expecting anything in return. Don’t treat helping out as a burden. It is a blessing you share with people so they can also share it with others.

Sewer Love for Everyone. Thank you!

I also want to take this opportunity to say “Thank you so freaking very much” to everyone who took the time to read my blogs and reached out to give very encouraging and just heart-warming feedback. Ugh, I love you. I really appreciate your support and I hope I was able to put smiles on your beautiful and handsome faces.

By sharing my journey with you, I am able to dig deeper into myself and always try to learn from literally every experience I’m having. I’m still an imperfect person with so much more to learn and grow, but my excitement is sky high. I really wish that I can continue to write with my heart burger and offer it up to you guys with a side of playful fries. Until next time!


Monz Melecio
Happy Birthday! You’re still young explore and enjoy! Anne Happy Birthday the sewerrant! Don’t you feel alone, I am a wallflower too during parties. <3

Appreciating people around us also gives us joy. it’s healthy to do that often. Happy birthday, Christian!

Dareut Tech
First happy birthday, and I agreed with this and be willing to lend a hand to people without expecting anything in return and don’t expect anything

Jhoanne Que
Appreciating people in our lives will never be difficult once we appreciate ourselves even more. I am indeed inspired with this. Happy 22nd Dear!

Happiest birthday to you!!! That’s what i felt on my 22nd birthday too… sing Taylor’s 22! Haha!

I couldn’t agree more! The quality of people in your life (no matter how small) is much more important than mere quantity Camille Happy Birthday! Thanks for spreading positive and grateful vibes with your website. Keep inspiring, Christian!

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