Sometimes, Things Happen for No Reason At All

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Were there times in your life when you were just so desperate that you wished you could just have the power to turn back time? If you could just go back to the day before and did things differently, you wouldn’t be in the mess you’re currently in. If you had just known then what you know now, you wouldn’t have acted the way that you did. Regret and feeling so stupid is an emotion that really sticks with you. It’s persistent in blaming you for the problem you created that you now have no choice but to face.

Lately, I’ve had quite a string of bad luck and the occurrence of random accidents was just so frequent. I really think that the universe is really trying to mess with me. Like you can only deal with so many problems, right? Why do you have to be so clumsy as to mess up and create an issue that you were just living well enough without?

I Flushed my Glasses Down the Toilet, Okay! *crying*

What led me to think like this was because I flushed my favorite pair of glasses down the toilet one morning. Like, what the hell? Why would someone just do that? I wasn’t drunk or trying to pull a joke. My glasses just slipped from my hands while the toilet was still flushing. Even when I tried to catch it, it still fell to the bowl. I thought “that’s alright, I can get it. I had no issue putting my hand down the toilet”. But then, it was freaking sucked along with the current of the toilet bowl. It was just the weirdest thing. It just really happened so fast and I was left staring blankly, shocked as it was happening before my blurry eyes. I couldn’t believe how something as random as that would happen on a normal working day.

It was my favorite pair of glasses because it was the type that was super light that I couldn’t feel even when I had it on. I had a lot of glasses the past year and I was always switching, getting new ones. This was the one, the perfect one that I was going to use forever. But, like a snap of a finger, it was just gone? Like if only I could go back to the last 30 seconds, I could still have it. If I wasn’t so lazy and gone to the gym like I was supposed to, I could have still had the glasses that I loved so much here with me.

Why would something just disappear without even much of a fight when you planned almost forever with it? If trying to fix your mistake proves to be impossible, there’s no other option but just live the rest of yourself with that huge hole in your heart.

I Didn’t Mean for it to Happen, it Just Did!

Could you blame yourself for an accident that no one wanted to happen? It already happened and you’d have to live that. Even if you learned from one, accidents will give you no signal when they’re gonna happen next. You can’t say that you’re prepared for anything because we never really are. You just have to accept and face the reality that you can’t turn back time. This is your life now. It also sucks that I now, have a trauma of flushing toilets and I’d have to remember what happened that morning every time I sit down on one. I mean, diba?

Goodbye and See You in the Sewers, My Love!

My glasses is now resting in fishy toilet bowl heaven, down the sewers. And maybe when the day comes that trash like me also ends up in the sewer, I’ll find it. And then, we’ll be together and I can see clearly again without the heavy feeling of guilt on my chest and on my face. Hahaha.

What a fun and completely random story right? The conclusion is well, I’m stupid and clumsy. Anyone know any voodoo to get rid of all of the bad luck that pretty much makes up my entire body? Please do hit me up.

Sometimes, Things Happen for No Reason At All

And if these random accidents like this one happen to you, no matter the magnitude of it to your life, just remember, it’s not your fault. They say everything happens for a reason. Well sometimes, things happen for no reason at all too. They just do. And whatever you decide to do afterwards is up to you. Rise above it and continue to live your life strong enough to get up even after every huge hit you take from life on those really unlucky days.

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Karla Obispo
I’m loving all the honesty in this post, and oh, the memes too!

Wendy Flor

I love how you blended with the little girl in the wall. And it’s so apt with your story. I appreciate how you made the accident relevant to life lessons. On a less serious tone, I want to change my glasses. naghihinayang lang ako sa presyo.

It may be just a pair of glasses, but it’s not just about the glasses. Love it! Love how your posts are always so relatable!

Monz Melecio
Oh a sad story but worth reading.. Things happen for a reason, it’s just a matter of how you deal with the situation.

Ouch. That, in totality is really a sad story. My glasses is also missing and I don’t know where it was, even if I already turned our house upside down. Jellybeans “Things may seem like a string of bad luck but, really, what matters is what you do about them. So… are you gonna get new glasses?

For me ha, lahat ng nangyayari sa atin ay may dahilan, about don sa glasses mo naniniwala ako na may reason yan pwedeng hindi mo lang nakita o napansin pero meron yan,

May Palacpac
Awww…goodbye glasses. Mahal pa naman ng salamin ngayon, but to answer your question, yes, during my emo moments, I would think of many things in my past that I regret – mostly in relationships. Just recently, I’ve wished to have kept the friendship I had with some people instead of deciding to give up and move away

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