4 Remarkable Benefits of Taking a Social Media Break

In the single second that you look up from your phone, what do you see around you? Just more people looking down their phones right? It’s like we are pay more attention to the tiny screens on our hands than the world around us.

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A Social Media Break is disconnecting from social media applications for a certain time period to reconnect with the world around you. Taking some time away from Social Media even for a short while can do so much good for your mental health, self-esteem, productivity and usage of it moving forward.

4 Benefits of Taking a Social Media Break

1. Lessening Attachment or Addiction to Social Media

Social Media can take you to very a dark place in your mind and you feel compelled to go back every single time. It’s addicting. There’s this constant itch to check your phone and see if you have any new notifications or messages. You feel obligated to check feed or timeline because it’s become some sort of reflex or defense mechanism. No matter where you are or what you’re supposedly doing, you’re still scrolling through your phone.

Nobody will bother you. You can fill the awkward silences during a meal when you act like you’re busy on your phone. It’s become a place you always come back to because you want to escape where you presently are. But isn’t that just sad how so much of your life is being taken over?

Does that still sound healthy? We feed our bodies every single day to move and go out into the world. We aren’t made to be virtual beings in the first place to lounge around the net constantly seeking something to pass the time. We need to get away from that. If you see beyond the edges of your screen and then, you’ll be able to shed some actual light into your life. Your head won’t ache as much and you’ll start to notice how great it can feel to be fully present in the moment.

It’s freeing to know that you really don’t have to check on your feed. You don’t have to take a picture of everything to post later on. You can just admire the beauty for the time that it’s there. Your photos will always be similar to everybody else’s, but what you might have felt during those specific times is something that you will have all on your own.

When you set your phone down and look around where you are, you can enjoy the little moments that are happening right now. You need to reignite your fascination on things in real life because they are worth so much more than just making a cool picture.

2. Shake Off Toxic Energy You’ve Absorbed from Social Media

You may think that Social Media defines your worth as a human being, but it really doesn’t. We can start being greedy for attention and admiration to the extent of putting out false images of ourselves online. Can we still recognize ourselves, looking at our pictures or do we recognize how fake and manufactured we’ve become? Why do we constantly seek validation from online followers, thinking their opinions matter? No matter how many they are, these people are just strangers and their words shouldn’t deeply affect us. The only opinions that matter are from those that really care about us.

But yes, even your own friends can cause unintentional hurt or pain. Since it is easier to reach each other, you might think they will answer to your every plea or call. Have you ever been left at seen-zone or been frustrated at how long it takes your friend to reply when you see that he’s clearly online? Why is it also so easy to be offended when someone accidentally sends you a “like” instead of a written out message? You can quickly think that maybe you’re becoming a bother to them because you’re demanding too much of their time and attention.

It’s not like that at all though because in reality, every person has a different habit in using social media. Maybe they’re less engaged as you are or they’re taking a social media break as well?

There’s so much more to be concerned about social media and it can all just get too much. Social Media is this vast sea made up by billions of different people all over world with conflicting thoughts and opinions. We need to take some time away from all of that noise. It’s honestly an overload of unneeded information we’re constantly consuming. Our brains have no use for it and we should direct our focus on things that will serve purpose moving forward in our lives. We shouldn’t wait for it to always come to us, we have to learn how to pursue or look for it ourselves.

3. Focus More of Your Time and Energy to Actual Goals

When you lie in your bed and scroll through your phone for hours, what satisfaction do you actually get? You see pictures of these beautiful people in beautiful places doing beautiful things and you grow more jealous than impressed. You can inwardly feel bad about yourself or your life. Why do you torture yourself, constantly comparing your life with that of other people’s?

You’re not them and you can never be like them. That only means that you have to be your own person. How do you do that though, when you’re actively wasting your time on social media. You’re procrastinating, distracting yourself from pursuing the goals you want to achieve. Do you even have goals or a plan of action in the first place?

By getting away and taking some time to yourself, you have other things to do, other areas to focus your attention and energy on. You can finally figure out what you want to do with your life and determine steps on how to do just that. It’s not going to be easy, and it might take a longer time, but you have to start now. Social media is just preventing you from doing that.

Once you have the idea though, and then you can incorporate it in your mindset and in the activities you do in your daily routine. And over time, it will build progress and one by one, you’re crossing out milestones on your road to success. And maybe you actually need social media to pursue those goals and that is totally fine. You just need to learn how to use it properly.

4. Developing a Healthier Relationship with Social Media Moving Forward

Social Media is not entirely the enemy. You just need to learn how to properly use it. You can take advantage of all of its benefits: following content that fuels your knowledge and drive, connecting to the right people and using it as a platform for your growth.

It’s Social Media Break, so you’re supposed to come back. You have to come back though with the discipline that your world doesn’t revolve around social media. It is merely just an everyday tool much like a glass when you need water to drink from. Don’t use Social Media because you need to. Use social media for a certain purpose whether that is for entertainment, connectivity or promoting yourself. When you’re done though, go do something else or go somewhere else. There’re better things out there to fill in your time.

Click this link to find out the a few options to choose from for your Social Media Cleanse: 7 Ways to Disconnect to Reconnect.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your mental health professional or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding your condition.

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0 thoughts on “4 Remarkable Benefits of Taking a Social Media Break”

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  3. so true! i feel guilty of this and sometimes I feel unproductive. so i just really need to turn off my sns to breathe and disconnect once in a while.

  4. jayne glezelle de leon

    Totally agree! We need to disconnect once in a while specially when we are actually fave to face with our friends.

  5. Blair Villanueva

    Social media-free is the kind of lifestyle i do recently, especially when my bf is around. Proper time management is needed in order to finished all my blog posts, schedule them and enjoy the social media-free life.

  6. Renz Simpao Jr.

    I’m actually planning to this but its kinda hard especially we’re bloggers and social media is part of us. But anyway thanks for sharing this and it gives me more strength to this soon. 🙂

  7. This is so true. Sad REALITY 🥺 kung ano ano nalang pinopost puro away kung hinde away puro kabastusan 😪

  8. I only have social media break every vacation since my parents are disallowing me to use my gadgets (but only at night haha) I am hoping that I could survive a week-long break but I think I can’t, the good thing is I want to try especially social media platforms now are becoming toxic and have big impacts to us!Thank you for this well-written blog post!

  9. Believe it or not, I spend two hours a day without checking my social media. It’s just two hours but it really helps me to be more productive.

  10. Mikhaela Javier

    I usually do this once in a while. I enjoy unplugging myself to social media and connecting with the people around me. Sometimes, if social media gets too it seems like it swallows our system.

  11. At this point, I don’t think I cant live without it na, it’s my way of connecting to my friends and loved ones easily. The good thing is that it doesnt consume me that much and I still find balance with it and real social interactions

  12. Angelica Cortez Jose

    Agree, sometimes we need to unplug and go back to the connections that really matter to us.

  13. Kathleene Grace Mascariña

    I used to be hooked on social media as well, but not anymore. As you grow older, you’ll realize the necessity of “disconnecting” once in a while.

  14. Lalaki at Kamera

    Hindi ko na din alam kung pano nagsimula ka toxican sa social media buti na lang din talaga at may ibang bagay akong napagkakaabalahanan pag sawa na ako sa nababasa ko sa mga social media accounts ko.

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