S2E22: Finding the One with Grace Rubis from Love University Podcast

How do we find what’s meant for us? When will our desires be satisfied and our wishes fulfilled? Do we even know what we want in the first place?

May it be CAREER, LOVE, or LIFE, we’re all yearning for THE ONE. Our biggest dream, our deepest desire, or the one thing we want to experience before we die. Will destiny be kind enough to give us what’s meant to be ours?

Grace Rubis from Love University graces us with her presence as we discuss finding the one. How does perfect look in her eyes and what tips can she give those longing for something? Grace talks about her journey from mistakes she had in the past to be grateful to be where she is right now.

Patience, my dear. It will all make sense in time. Continue on your path and let yourself be surprised along the way.

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