S2E15: Introvert and Ambivert vs Social Situations with Scods from So Odds with Scods

Let’s talk about talking to people. As an introvert with circumstantial social anxiety and limited social knowledge, it was a true learning experience getting perspective from an ambivert and discussing how the modern world is changing the way we humans interact with each other.

Joining me in this episode is Scods from So Odds with Scods, an animator who identifies as an ambivert and an ENFJ. She describes what her life is like being an ambivert – both enjoying her alone time reading books, and also being in the field communicating with different people. She also shared valuable communication tips and perspectives you guys wouldn’t want to miss!

Everyone has their own preference in terms of social interactions. Some people’s social battery run out faster than others. Also, we choose our friends based on our common interests, compatibility, wavelength, and whatever else. Despite all of this, it’s still important to remember to treat everybody with respect, compassion, and empathy.

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10 thoughts on “S2E15: Introvert and Ambivert vs Social Situations with Scods from So Odds with Scods”

  1. Love this podcast! Actually need talaga malaman yan special pag natitrigger din ng stress if may mga social situations na ayaw ng intro, extra or even ambivert.

  2. Blair Villanueva

    I’m an introvert and I have no issues for being alone and enjoy my own company. Most of the time, I didn’t realized that the clock run so fast, gabi na pala!
    Of course my socials are quite extrovert.

  3. Hmmm…I’m an introvert. I wonder if I also have social anxiety. I mean, I feel it but I’m not officially diagnosed. And yes that some people’s batteries run out quicker than others — that is sooo me.

  4. Such an awesome article to read and the podcast is so informative and detailed! This gives everyone a great perspective about people on the condition! A mindset that we all need to establish! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  5. I’m glad that you’re tackling issues like this! They’re really important to mental health, especially as people start to feel heard and understood. Kudos to you for doing so!

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