S2E09: Writing & Publishing Books in the Philippines with Multi-Award Winning Author, Teresa Dumadag

My one dream in life is to write a book. Ms. Teresa Dumadag has published over 10 books already in the Philippines. She’s written a book from every stage of her life and even won a couple of awards for them. From self-help to spirituality, to parenting, to working from home, and even a couple of children’s books, Ms. Teresa used her diverse background, experiences, and interests to help fellow Filipinos follow their hearts.
In this episode of the podcast, we talked about how we publish books here in the Philippines, the process of writing books, and also the story behind Teresa’s several book-writing journeys.

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Teresa Dumadag

10 thoughts on “S2E09: Writing & Publishing Books in the Philippines with Multi-Award Winning Author, Teresa Dumadag”

  1. I guess, most of us bloggers wish to write our own book one day. Your podcast is helpful for all of us who aspire to be published and your guest is an inspiration.

  2. Whoa! Publishing a book was once a dream too. I became a blogger instead! 😀 Fate really has its own ways to make dreams come true even though it wasn’t how you imagine it would be. I’m interested about her work from home book. Do you know where I can find it? Does she sell it on digital copies ba?

  3. Blair Villanueva

    Writing a book is one of my dreams! Hope I could realize it before I hit 60yrs old!
    BTW, what are the titles of the children’s books she had published?

  4. Probably the best thing about publishing books in the modern, high- tech era is that there are so many more options than in the past. Teresa Dumadag has some excellent tips for making one’s dreams a reality.

  5. This a good episode, thanks for sharing it! Awesome she has had ten books published already, I wish her many more to come.

  6. One thing I have learnt about writing and publishing a book is that they are both very different things. There are so many things to learn to be a successful publisher. Thank you for sharing.

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