S2E07: Behind the Scenes – Life of a Radio DJ with DJ Ryan from NEO RETRO

They say never meet your idols, but I say if given a chance, go ahead and do just that.

I’m so honored to have DJ Ryan as our guest for this episode. I’ve been a huge fan of his podcasts like the Intrapersonal Podcast and As Far as I Know. I also tune in when he’s on air at NEO RETRO 105.9 during weekdays.

In this episode, we get to know the person behind the radio voice I fell in love with. DJ Ryan shares about his life inside and outside of the recording studio and loads of wisdom from his own personal growth journey. This episode is definitely an item off my bucket list and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did!
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DJ Ryan Joseph

11 thoughts on “S2E07: Behind the Scenes – Life of a Radio DJ with DJ Ryan from NEO RETRO”

  1. congratulations on having your idol on your podcast. galing. love his voice (kaya nga DJ sya, ano?). DJs are very witty and you need to have a different kind of intelligence to be spontaneous and witty so that’s admirable.

  2. Blair Villanueva

    Being a DJ is a skill, everything is impromptu just like stand-up comedy. A DJ should be charismatic to their listeners kahit na hindi natin sila nakikita.

  3. Same ako, go out na walang pera. Kasi makikitawag lang ako or text tapos magpapasundo hahaha! And that travel back in time-may mga gusto rin ako gawin at ayusin- one of which is manalo sa lotto hahaha charrrr

  4. I actually applaud them kasi art din mag salita ng magsalita on air lalo na sa mga impromptu parts. Tapos dapat careful din kasi mahirap na ibalik yung mga nasabi na

  5. Hahaha, I have the same question — how much muna ang TF ng pag smile para makapagdecide kung iiyak na lang muna ako ng ginto, haha. Mamaya mababang gold pa pala ang lalabas sa iyak, hindi pawnable, hahaha!

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