List of Open Restaurants in Siargao as of July 2022 – Best Places to Eat!

More than 6 months after the devastation brought by Typhoon Odette, we see Siargao slowly but surely recovering. Numerous establishments that have been damaged by the storm have been rebuilt and have their doors opened for tourists again. Siargao is welcoming back people from the city and all over the world to once again wander the island and enjoy everything it has to offer!

List of Open Restaurants in Siargao as of July 2022 - Best Places to Eat!

One of the many things I enjoyed from my trip to Siargao last year was restaurant hopping. My friends and I ate out from breakfast to past cocktail hour! And I’ve got to tell you guys that the money spent on food in Siargao is so worth it. Delicious food from a variety of international cuisines with hefty servings! Your tummy will thank you for the glorious experience of eating good food.  

Unfortunately, a number of restaurants in Siargao from my Masterlist blog post from 2021 have been permanently closed or have not yet re-opened. During my visit this year, July 2022, I made sure to tour the length of Siargao’s Tourism Road to share with you guys which of your favorite restaurants, cafes and bars have opened their doors. 

You can also watch this Food Diary vlog featuring a couple of my favorite restaurants in Siargao:


So many good places to eat in Siargao! Wanted to share all of food vids. Dining in siargao was truly an experience! #siargao#siargao2022

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List of Open Restaurants in Siargao as of July 2022 – Best Places to Eat!

A total of 50 restaurants have opened since my visit to Siargao last July 2022. These are the restaurants you will see along Tourism Road and you got a wide array of cuisines to choose from. This is a complete list that you and your friends can browse through when you’re contemplating where to eat when you visit Siargao. I’ve put checks (✓) on the restaurants I’ve tried already. I’ve also put stars (★) on the restaurants that I highly recommend and the specific dishes that I ordered. Trust me when I say that they will make your tummy happy!

Breakfast and/or Cofee

  • White Beard ★ – Eggs Benedict with Sausage
  • Greenwaves cafe ★ – Bacon Silog
  • Ronaldo’s 
  • Coco Frio ★ – Coffee and Coconut Freeze
  • Ice & Roll Baby 
  • Lunares Cafe ★ – Iced Americano
  • Beach Baby Cafe 
  • Halika Gelato 
  • Siargao Corner Cafe ★ – Iced Vietnamese Latte
  • Tom n Toms ✓
  • Siram by bake siargao 
  • Bake Siargao 
  • Spotted Pig 
  • Arka Hayahay 
  • Sundays by Villa Cali
  • Kawayan Gourmand ★ – Croissant
  • Greenhouse 
  • Shaka ✓
  • Catangnan Pares ✓

Lunch and Dinner

  • JM’s Barbeque 
  • The Smoking Joint
  • Bebie’s Barbeque 
  • Tuna Road Caferendia 
  • Suzi’s Pastillan 
  • Barrel ★ – Jack Daniel’s Burget
  • Isla Cusina 
  • Kurvada ★ – Vegan Patties, Spring Rolls, Grilled Skewers
  • Bliss 
  • Goodlife Siargao 
  • Homemade Taste restaurant 
  • Cashey’s
  • Karen Siargao 
  • Bulaloan sa Barkerohan ★ – Spicy Beef Bulalo
  • Kanin Baboy ★ – Spicy Roast Pork
  • Sidargo ★ – Sushi
  • Lucas ✓
  • Big Belly Burgers 
  • Noods Wok Bar ✓
  • Kim’s Restaurant 
  • Gen Luna Barbeque and Chicken 
  • Andoks ✓
  • Balay Yuhom 
  • Yassi’s Siargao ✓
  • The Food Truck 
  • Island wrap  + Lemonade Stand ✓
  • Catangnan Barbeque ✓
  • Haole ★ – Scallops and Sisig

Resort and Restaurant

  • Kermit ★ – Pizza and Pasta
  • Siago ★ – Motulenos
  • Bravo ✓
  • Vivo Siargao 
  • Malayah 
  • Warung – Siargao Island Villas ✓
  • Lexias ✓
  • The Reef Beach Bar 
  • Daluyong 
  • Harana ✓
  • Tarzan’s house 
  • Manu ✓

Cocktails and Parties

  • Fayeyeh bar Siargao 
  • Banhaw ✓
  • Hola Bar ✓
  • Mama Coco ✓
  • Tipsy parrot 
  • Chest Tattoo Art and Gallery 
  • Sibol ✓
  • El Lobo ✓
  • Siargao Bed and Brewery ✓
  • Villa Calli ✓
  • Apsaras 
  • Surfing Temple

Let’s Dine in Siargao Again!

Yes, some coconut trees were bent or bald. A couple of houses were destroyed and some establishments were abandoned with roofs collapsed in on themselves. But among all of these, there is still hope in the people of Siargao and the island is undoubtedly alive! 

It’s my second time visiting Siargao and I stayed longer-for 2 weeks this time around. I would say that the charm of the island I fell in love with is still there. The people of Siargao are working hard to get back on their feet and I hope all of you guys will one day experience Siargao with all of its glory. Together, let’s revive Siargao by encouraging tourism and boosting their economy by supporting local businesses, eating at their restaurants, and just enjoying our time on the island.  

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9 thoughts on “List of Open Restaurants in Siargao as of July 2022 – Best Places to Eat!”

  1. It takes time and resilience to come back from a natural disaster. It will happen eventually and it sounds like these restaurants are leading the way.

  2. I hope to visit Siargao soon. I always enjoyed watching your travel videos and stories. Would love to visit and try these great restaurants myself.

  3. I’m so glad that so many restaurants have opened back up. That’s one of the big things I missed here in the States when everything was locked down.

  4. I’m glad businesses are repairing, recovering, and reopening. I remember when Hurricane Harvey hit here (Houston) and it took a long time for recovery as well.

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