Should I give up on my dreams?

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This isn’t working. This isn’t working and I don’t know what to do anymore. Ladies and gentlemen, it seems like we’ve gotten a bit lost. Also, we’ve run out of fuel and the train is slowly coming to a halt.

Should I give up on my dreams?

The journey started a couple of years ago and truly, we’ve come a long way! In my head, I could still picture our destination clear as day. I thought I knew how to get there, but maybe I was fooling myself when I thought I had it all figured out. Apparently, I don’t have what it takes. I’m just not “it” and maybe that’s something I should just accept at this point?

The Reality of the World We Live In

In a society ruled by social media where your worth is based on what thousands of strangers on the internet think about you, I sometimes feel like everything I put out is a waste. Nobody cares what I write about. Nobody cares about what I say. Hell, I’m sure most people don’t even know that I exist. So what if I’ve never stopped posting blogs every week for years and years? Nobody asked me to do that so I’m sure nobody would even notice if one of these days, I suddenly decide to ditch the whole thing…

Should I give up on my dreams?

For the right people, things seem to come naturally and easy even. They just have to show their pretty faces and then fame, money, and good fortune just get handed to them. I know I shouldn’t be comparing myself to other people, but I just feel frustrated and defeated. It sucks to feel like the hard work and energy you put in doing something you love, amounts to nothing in the eyes of the world.

That’s the harsh reality we live in and I hate that I arrived at a place when I can no longer deny it. Life is tricky because you keep hoping for things to get better and with time, they do. But at the same time, life challenges us with more and more problems. Things get harder, especially as an adult. Like, why is our freaking survival largely dependent on how much money we earn?

In this capitalist society of ours, the only people who are truly free are the rich. The rich have the privilege to not only live comfortably but also go after their passion or whatever dream they have, may it be a profession or a business venture. They only get richer while it’s almost impossible for the people in the low to medium class to rise above no matter how hard they work in their corporate jobs. You might suggest starting your own business to get rich, but only a handful of lucky people make it big and actually become successful. 

Should I just give up?

Trust me when I say that I tried everything I can every single minute of my waking hours here on earth. From the moment I started, I never stopped moving and trying to think outside the box. If I don’t know how to do something, I pick it up even if I have to start from scratch. I consistently try to improve, but as more time passes by, I feel like the more mistakes I make. I also fit more and more tasks into my routine until I hardly have time to breathe and relax. I can’t allow myself that luxury of time. More, more and more. Always more and more and more, but why is none of it even amounting to enough?

Should I give up on my dreams?

These might all sound like complaints to you and I’m sorry. I needed to get these things out of my system to truly figure out what I’m feeling. The only person thinking these things is probably just me. I do know that people read my work and a couple of them have reached out over the years with sweet messages of gratitude. I truly appreciate those messages and I also thank you for allowing me to understand myself in front of you guys, even if I don’t have any advice to offer most of the time.  I’m sure a lot of you can relate to how we just put a lot of pressure on ourselves. It’s unfair and we should really need to be more patient and understanding. Like, it’s probably obvious to you guys that I just need a break.

What I’m choosing to do instead….

So I what am I choosing to do about this? Will I stop in my tracks and quit while I’m ahead?

And the answer is “Hell No!”.  I’m exhausted and burnt out sure, but I am not quitting. As much as I’ve complained about the struggle, I have also grown attached to it in a weird and twisted way. Like, the challenge forces me to keep pushing. I just had to recalibrate my perspective about what I want for my blog, what I’m doing, and where it’s heading.

Why did I start in the first place?

Should I give up on my dreams?

I’m sick and tired of trying to fit into this mold and be successful by society’s standards. So what if I’m in debt and don’t earn money from what I do? So what if I post something on social media and get 0 views?  So what if I write hundreds and hundreds of blogs, and not one person reads them? Why should I let that bother me?  If I try to look back and think of why started this whole thing, what I truly wanted was to have a place to write. And up until this day, I still have that. As long as I still get to write, I’ll be alright. Screw the numbers and algorithms of the internet. I don’t have to try so hard to be relevant or be what the internet needs me to be. My blog and everything I write is purely ME and that’s all I really need to be.

Whenever the dark thoughts come saying “Nobody reads your blog anyway”, I’ll just shift my perspective. I’ll use it as an advantage. Like if nobody cares and then, I can write whatever the hell I want to write about and say what I want to say. I can be genuinely me and keep working on my own personal growth journey, without thinking about what other people will say. Of course, you guys will always be welcome to come along. We don’t need the train to be cramped full to enjoy the ride, right?

Cutting out the Excess

Should I give up on my dreams?

Another thing to do is to trim down and cut out all of the unnecessary tasks from my daily routines that prove no value to me or hold no significance in my vision whatsoever. I’ve noticed that I sort of do a lot of things. I have a lot of interests that keep growing outward. I want to learn everything and I want to be everything. But no human is capable of all of that so I’ll be narrowing them down. I have to learn how to say “No”, even to my overly-excited self.

I’m letting go of the things that I’m not good at and focusing on the strengths that I can continuously improve on. Nobody is a perfect person so we have to accept that we have weaknesses. I used to try and patch up everything, working on my weaknesses until they become my strengths. So far, I have realized that I can’t keep trying to force myself to be everything I need to be. So now I’m thinking of sticking to what I know best and improving on those so I can finally be the best.

When Stars Align

Should I give up on my dreams?

I was scrolling through Tiktok for hours one afternoon as one does in quarantine while quietly blaming himself for everything that’s bad in the world. This is what the girl in the video said:

“This is how you’ll know that something is not meant for you. It will not be easy. Not in the sense of being scared of a bit of hard work or feeling like you just have to put in a little more effort than you’d like to. But in the sense of being energetically blocked every single time you try to move forward towards it.

If something is meant for you, things just seem to click together. Doors just spontaneously open. Things feel good. They feel serendipitous. It feels preplanned even though it’s spontaneous.

When something’s difficult, it feels like you’re moving upstream. Like you’re pushing against this resistance energy. Trying to make something work that just is not working from any direction. Your job in these moments is to surrender and allow the surrender to move you downstream.

Stop fighting against currents that are too hard. You’ll realize how futile that was when you find what’s truly meant for you. “

@haleyhoffmansmith on Tiktok

stop fighting against currents that are too strong ? #meantforyou #destiny

♬ Repeat Until Death – Novo Amor

I feel like most of the time, I’m like that. I’m also forcing things to happen because I’m so focused on the goals that I want for myself. But in life, you have to go with the flow and swim with the current. Then when the timing is right, things will happen in your life one after the other. And, I’m looking forward to those moments when the stars align. I’ll just be doing my own thing, going with the flow, and enjoy this sweet ride. I wonder where this will take me? I think it’s gonna be great.

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Should I give up on my dreams?

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18 thoughts on “Should I give up on my dreams?”

  1. This article speaks to me and I thank you for sharing. Sometimes, giving up seems to be the easiest solution but it’s not.

  2. Reading on, I can say your blog really hits reality. Yeah, just go with the flow as there is always time for us to shine. I believe in that. We’re of the same mindset when to let go of the things we’re not good at and better focus on improving our strengths. That’s one great tip anyone should consider.
    I salute you for not giving up sir. I know your passion will take you to something great. Something which is all worth it. We’re always here to support you sir. I congratulate you for being that strong enough and keeping that open-mind in life’s reality. Let us all keep on going. Remember that winners never quit, and quitters never win. ❤️

  3. There are people out there who read your content. I know this because I am one of them! You’ve been through a lot and you’ve to this so far, don’t give up just yet!

  4. Whatever it takes you ,I’m here for you,you may not know me personally,but I’m into you. I do believe in what endeavours you have right now and in the future

  5. Don’t give up! Your contents are really good to read. You know, there are times that we wanted to give up and just leave everything behind. But whenever that thinking comes up I also think about how it all started and how far I’ve been through. Then I’ll be fine again. Maybe you’ll do some rest for a few days or vacation. No SNS! JUst have fun and go out!

  6. Your will to move forward and try and try again will surely take you to good places! It’s really fine not to force it and just go with the flow sometimes. If there’s one thing I learned about creativity is it comes out in the most unexpected ways. You know when you’re just doing something and poof, you got it. Unlike when you’re thinking too hard, it just gets more blocked? Idk if that makes sense. 😀 I haven’t been writing and blogging the way I used to before. It frustrated me before but now I’m just happy to write when I really feel like it, not because I have to ‘create for content’. Things really work out differently for everyone. I hope we find our place in this huge and overwhelming world – both online and offline. <3333

  7. Nooo! dont give up!! what you should do is do plan b..c..d..e..f..g..h… malamang you are doing something wrong that is why it isnt working. kapit ka lang!!! if you are passionate about it, they you know you are on the right track. strategize na lang!

  8. Never give up! 🙂 I’ve asked myself that same question before and madaming nang-yayari to really hinder our dreams but in the end wag ka ma-pressure. Take a small step at a time daparating ka din sa pinaka goal mo unti unti. 🙂

  9. No, don’t give up on your dreams. I almost gave up on my dream of being a writer. Well, I couldn’t get an opportunity so I made one for myself through blogging. Then again, it wasn’t an easy journey. I started in my 20s and it’s just in the last 3 years that things in blogging have been good for me (I’m almost 40). The point is, your time will come if you hold on to your dreams.

  10. You know what I learned in life? Let God handle it. Like you I used to plan all the things ahead, but if it’s not God’s will, it will never happen. So in times like this ask God “Lord, is this your will? If not please take it away from me”. It will help a lot.

  11. Never give up.
    You should only give up on toxic relationships, vices (if any), but never on your dreams (there are many ways or avenues), or even from life.
    Never give up, Christian.

  12. Jursalyn Lhar Beatingo

    Just believe in yourself po and trust God because he will never failed to give you what you really deserved.
    Everything happens po for a reason. Sometimes we encountered failure but it will make us more stronger to face all the challenges that we encountered.

  13. I relate to this article on so many levels. Maybe it’s really a season of life to go through uncertainties, especially in our careers. It was comforting to find this article, I felt like I wasn’t alone.

  14. Joaquin Eli Bacod

    Madalas nararanasan ko dn ung ganito . Kung itutuluy ko pa ba or stop na . But i always pray na alam ko makakaya ko ang lahat lalo na para sa mga anak ko . Laban lang po hanggat marami po kaming sumusuporta at laging anjan si god magpatuloy lang po tayo,hanggang sa makamit na natin ang mga pangarap natin 😍❤️

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