Visvis Logistics Services Got All Your Cargo Needs Covered!

Delivery, courier, and transport services are so in-demand now more than ever. We receive and send out deliveries almost every day. No matter the need and the time of day, we rely on courier and transport services to handle our packages properly and get the job done.

Visvis Logistics Services offers premier cargo delivery services that cater to Door to Door delivery to any point in the Philippines. They have a selection of fleets/vehicles available for hire, capable of fitting cargos of various sizes, weights, or volumes at a very affordable price.

Visvis Logistics Services courier van for hire manila

Whether you’re moving inventory for your online business or clearing out furniture to move into your new home, Visvis Logistics Services has the right vehicle available just for you!

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Available Fleets for Hire:

  • SEDAN – capacity: 5 Seater, length: 4420 mmm, width: 1730 mmm, height: 1495 mmm
  • H100 – capacity: 1335 kg, length: 4850 mmm, width: 1740 mmm, height: 1970 mmm
  • 4W CLOSED VAN – capacity: 4.5 tons, length: 10FT, width: 6 FT, height: 6 FT
  • 6W WING VAN OPEN TOP – 7000 kg, length: 18FT, width: 6 FT, height: 7 FT, volume: 21 M3
  • 6W WING VAN – 7000 kg, length: 18FT, width: 6 FT, height: 7 FT, volume: 21 M3

For me, we actually have a ton of boxes full of old books and bags of clothes we wish to donate so the 4W fleet looks like the perfect option for us. I can’t wait to have these things shipped and taken care of to make allow more space into our home! The secret is half our house is taken up by boxes, so we probably need a bigger van and several trips back and forth from the house. No worries though because I bet that Visvis Logistics Services can handle it!

Visvis Logistics Services also caters to transportation services for people like families who want to attend gatherings in distant places or companies wanting to send their employees to seminars, workshops, or company outings.

Visvis Logistics Services courier van for hire manila

Customers who have availed of their services were all left satisfied by how responsive and accommodating Visvis is. No matter the need of the customer, Visvis Logistics Services got there and got the job done.

Visvis Logistics Services courier van for hire manila

Courier and transport services are the new norm. Even if we stay within the comfort and safety of our home, we can still be mobile and we can totally trust Visvis Logistics Services to have our business done for us. Our packages no matter how big will be handled properly until they safely arrive on our doorstep or whoever’s doorstep we want to send the items to. You can count on that!

If you wanna avail of Visvis Logistics Services, you may reach them via their Facebook page. Surprise!. For my beloved readers, you guys can also avail of the promo code: VISVISxCHRISTIAN on your first delivery.

Visvis Logistics Services courier van for hire manila

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11 thoughts on “Visvis Logistics Services Got All Your Cargo Needs Covered!”

  1. Blair Villanueva

    I might be needing their services soon when we get back to the Philippines and transfer my household stuff to its new home. Thanks for giving us this tip!

  2. This is great ang gandang business concept nito! Btw, Kailangan namin to soon kaya will make this as my reference. Thanks

  3. Blair Villanueva

    Thanks for this update, Christina! I reckon I’ll be needing this when I get back to Manila and transfer my heaps of stuff to the province.

  4. What are their service prices? We’ll be needing one for hakot bahay soon and we’re looking for movers to do this for us kasi medyo challenging ang current location namin.

  5. Transpo and delivery service will always be a profitable business anywhere in the world. During this crisis, they played an important part in our society and yet these people are not being appreciated. How I wish I could have my own transportation business someday

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