Watch Hello Stranger The Movie Right Now – Here’s Why! (REVIEW)

Did you know how thrilled I was when I learned that one of my favorite Pinoy BL series was getting a movie? I was heaving with excitement! Hello Stranger the Movie came out of nowhere, but it for sure was a pleasant surprise, especially for us single peeps this Valentines season!!

Watch Hello Stranger The Movie Right Now - Here's Why! (REVIEW)

If you haven’t watched Hello Stranger yet, here’s a short description of what it’s about. Hello Stranger is  set during the 2020 quarantine where Mico (JC Alcantara), a top student gets partnered-up with Xavier (Tony Labrusca), a school varsity basketball player for a project for their online class. This was not part of Mico’s fool-proof plan for the future, but Mico’s gotta do what he’s gotta do. He’s for sure not going to let a cocky stranger ruin his grades! There’s more to the story, but that’s all I’m telling you. You guys have to watch all 8 episodes yourself, and I’m suggesting you do that now before watching the movie. Here’s the link to Hello Stranger episode 1! You won’t even notice the time pass by.

Hello Stranger The Movie is a continuation of Mico and Xavier’s story a year later, post-pandemic. The kids are going to a literature retreat called “PanitiCamp” on a resort by the beach. But for some unknown reason, Mico and Xavier did not end up together. Being stuck as bunk-mates, Mico and Xavier have to go back to being just friends and survive the rest of the retreat pushing their feelings down. But, what exactly happened after meeting face-to-face at the end of the series? What’s Mico and Xavier going to do about the obvious truth that they still clearly love each other? The movie will give you answers so watch it right now as well!!

Here’s the trailer of Hello Stranger the Movie you should definitely check out!

Review: Hello Stranger the Movie

Alright, I’ll tell you exactly why I liked Hello Stranger The Movie. First off, the production quality and cinematography was impeccable! If you recall, Hello Stranger was set during quarantine so Hello Stranger The Movie was like the weekend getaway retreat we all deserve to have with our friends again after this pandemic is over. You’ll feel the breath of fresh air from the gorgeous shots of the beach, and the vibrant summer palate! It’s also so nice to finally see the characters in motion in the real world, outside of their computer screens! Everything came alive and all the elements were very well put-together.

Watch Hello Stranger The Movie Right Now - Here's Why! (REVIEW)

The script and writing of the movie was also perfect. The theme of the retreat was “finding your truth” and it allowed us to unlock more layers beneath each character. There was clearly something more to the Mico and Xavier’s story as well as the other characters in the series like Crystal, Xavier’s girlfriend and the movie explored that. The movie was like a season 2 because of how thick and meaty the story was. All loose ends were tied and we were given perfect ending we could only wish for.  It also had very notable little moments that were so witty, you’ll be laughing your ass off!

Watch Hello Stranger The Movie Right Now - Here's Why! (REVIEW)
Mico’s Friends: Seph (Patrick Quiroz), Kookai (Vivoree Esclito) and Junjun (Miguel Almendres)

I would also like to applaud JC Alcantara’s acting in this movie. He’s literally cute in every scene and his portrayal of emotions and delivery of every line were top-notch. I would give him a standing ovation if I wasn’t laying in my bed, hugging my pillow for comfort. His chemistry with Tony Labrusca was also super compelling. I had to look away because of how intensely they were always starting at each other. Watching movies like Hello Stranger The Movie really feeds my unrealistic expectations of love and well, I have no regrets. I want what both Xavier and Mico have, and I not settling for less! Neither should you guys! Hahaha.

So if it still isn’t as clear as day, I loved Hello Stranger The Movie and would recommend you guys to watch it this instant! I wrote this review literally 1 minute after finishing the movie because I needed some place to store all of my feelings and appreciation. Hello Stranger The Movie is worth so much more than it’s Php. 200 price. I only hate the fact that I wasn’t able to watch it in a cinema, full-screen because of the stinking pandemic! Would have been such a nice Valentine’s Date idea for my fellow LGBTQAI+ brothers and sisters out there! You don’t even need a partner or date. You could watch this movie by yourself, and still feel all the love!

The movie is freaking perfect and I’m sure all of the fans all over the world loved it as much as I did! Click here to get tickets and check your email to get to watching!

Watch Hello Stranger The Movie Right Now - Here's Why! (REVIEW)

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Watch Hello Stranger The Movie Right Now - Here's Why! (REVIEW)

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22 thoughts on “Watch Hello Stranger The Movie Right Now – Here’s Why! (REVIEW)”

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  2. I enjoyed this movie and seeing what happened to the characters from the series after the series ended. There were moments in this film, however, that I hate, hate, hated. What was the reason for the “jellyfish” scene on the beach? It looked like it was just wedged into the film like a dirty joke to provide a few seconds of a titillating image (and the fact is, it could have been integrated into the story and contribute to the plot). Xavier’s reaction to Mico’s explanation for passing on their first kiss was a complete throwaway
    (at least when relying on the English subtitles), Mico’s birthday flashback was sad and ridiculous, sitting there in that goofy hat, and finally, I thought the drunken seduction attempt was really hard to watch. Oh yeah…what was the deal with Mico getting drunk (in flashback ) and getting hit by a car?

  3. my wife is an avid fan of toni labrusca,,will definitely watch this one,,but I’m not sure wich media access were gonna use…

  4. Wuiii… Nood kayo. Maganda talaga sya. Hindi over rated at maopen kayo sa realities and experiences of people with gender preferences different from yours. Naisip ko rin panoorin tuloy ang ibang movies ni Tony Labrusca. He is really good.

  5. I have never heard of this movie but it sure sounds like a great one to check out. Thank you for sharing this during the season of love! It is so nice to watch romantic movies.

  6. I haven’t watched it yet but I will as soon I have the time from my busy sched. The storyline is really good… considering the fact that the Philippines is a conservative country. I love that we’re starting to be more open on these kind of movies! Must watch!

  7. Hang Around The World

    I love watching movies and this one is new for me, first time I read about it. I don’t think it is available in my language so I should watch it in original language. Thanks for sharing it. Added in my list. – Paolo

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