The Boy Foretold by the Stars – Movie Review

The Boy Foretold by the Stars revolves around two high-school boys who find each other at an optional retreat called Journey with the Lord.

The Boy Foretold by the Stars - Movie Review

Dominic (Adrian Lindayag) is an effeminate gay man who goes to a fortune teller with his friends where it is predicted that he’ll soon meet his soulmate. Luke (Keann Johnson) is a straight man who recently got broken up with by his girlfriend. To escape his reality, Luke decides to go to Journey where he meets Dominic, one of the organizers. As the two boys get closer to each other, Dominic starts seeing signs and believing that the fortune must be true. Luke on the other hand, is confused about how he feels about Dominic. Will destiny give them all the answers they’re looking for?

Movie Review

First of all, I would like to say that I am so proud of The Boy Foretold By the Stars because it is the first BL (Boys Love) movie made in the Philippines, and even got an official entry in the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF 2020). Not only that, this is the first BL that features a effeminate gay man as its lead character which most of the Pinoy BL’s released this year were missing. I would also like to commend the actors for a brilliant job portraying their roles, and the director (Dolly Dulu) for such visually-satisfying storytelling. The choice of color pallet and the stunning cinematography took every scene to a whole other level.  The movie was truly made for the big screen, and it’s such a shame that the pandemic has temporarily closed down our cinemas!

The Boy Foretold by the Stars is your typical feel-good romantic comedy, except with two boys which makes it more fun! The story is light and easy. I also personally found the setting interesting. Despite being set in an all-boys Catholic school, they taught lessons of inclusion and acceptance for the LGBTQAI+ community as God’s children which was just heartwarming to see.

The Boy Foretold by the Stars - Movie Review

I identified a lot with Dominic’s character as a hopeless romantic and a certified tanga (dumb dumb) when it comes to love. I mean, we’ve all been there right? The scenes between him and Luke were so cute and sweet. I even tried to stop myself smiling from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie. I’m just super bitter when it comes to love at the moment. A part of me wishes I still believed in destiny and puppy love.

Luke on the other hand, is a good person who can kind of be frustrating at times. He’s charming, but really needs to be more decisive. Nothing’s going to happen if we all just leave things to destiny. Am I right?

The Boy Foretold by the Stars - Movie Review

I liked The Boy Foretold by the Stars so I recommend you and your friends to watch it! Pinoy BL’s are not only for the gays, but they’re for everybody! After this movie, I’m hoping that more BL movies and series will be shown in the future. There’s so much more stories to tell about the LGBTQIA+ community here in the Philippines. I’m already counting on a sequel for The Boy Foretold by the Stars, because they owe us one anyway. Haha.

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The Boy Foretold by the Stars - Movie Review

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13 thoughts on “The Boy Foretold by the Stars – Movie Review”

  1. Looks like an interesting movie to watch. I love watching a romantic-comedy movie. I will take note of this so I can add it to my “movie to watch later”.

  2. Thank you Christian for this review! It is the first BL that I watched. I actually didnt know that Id be interested with the plot, not only because I know the people in it. haha! More on siguro love eh, it has no boundaries, love is love diba. kaya siguro makarelate din talaga lahat. i just hope madami pa makapanood nito para mas marami pa ang mapasaya at mapakilig nito.

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